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Best cooling mattress for Hot Sleepers
Best cooling mattress for Hot Sleepers

Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers

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Picture this. It’s late and you’re aching to sleep, but you’re hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable – with clammy sheets and burning skin. For some of you, this is something you occasionally experience. For others, this is an almost daily reality. If you’ve started looking at different mattresses, you will find that most companies have woven cooling technology into their marketing, which doesn’t help if you truly need a mattress for cool sleeping. We’ve combed the brands to find the coolest mattress to sleep on – one less thing to think about as you shop for your next bed.

The best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers


Quick overview

If you suffer with hot flashes and night sweats, for example, you’re probably on the hunt for the coolest sleeping mattress.  After researching 114 mattress brands, these are the ones that really stand out. We found that the below mattress brands deliver on their promise of keeping sleepers cooler at night. 

Editor’s Pick

  • The Aurora is very well-priced for a bed of this quality, making it an affordable choice for a cooling mattress.
  • The range of firmness levels means a greater chance of finding the right firmness for your sleeping preferences.
  • The Aurora is suitable for all weight categories.
  • It has a really accommodating feel, which means most people will enjoy it.
  • 120-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty.

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Best for Side Sleepers

  • It has a totally unique feel.
  • Their signature Purple Grid offers incredible pressure relief and responsiveness.
  • Available in two options. Choose between the Purple Grid layer in different thicknesses for extra pressure relief or firmness if you need it.
  • 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty.

Best for Stomach Sleepers

  • It has pain-relieving properties.
  • It is double-sided, with dual firmness options to choose from.
  • If you are a light sleeper worried about motion transfer, the Layla Hybrid offers excellent motion isolation.
  • If you like memory foam, the copper gel memory foam is both cooling and comfortable.
  • 120-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty.

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Best for Back Sleepers

  • It comes with free white-glove delivery if you are worried about setup of your new mattress and old mattress removal.
  • It’s got a really comfortable pillowtop that won’t heat you up.
  • You can choose the firmness level that suits you between three options.
  • It has an organic cotton cover with an organic anti-microbial treatment.
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty.

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Best for Athletes

  • It has a Celliant cover which is FDA-approved to assist with recuperation and circulation.
  • It offers great value for money.
  • It combines Celliant with cooling gel foam
  • Its hybrid construction is good for breathability – and creates a combination of support and pressure relief.
  • 100-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty.

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Best for Heavyweight Sleepers

  • It has been specifically designed and built for heavy people.
  • It offers luxury at an affordable price.
  • It has a zoned latex layer, offering amazing support where it matters with a responsive feel (great if you want to look after your back while you sleep).
  • It has been tested for durability.
  • It has a Tencal cover for cooling.
  • 120-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty.

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Best Luxury

  • It combines phase change material and breathable materials to keep you cool. You could sleep up to 8° cooler on their mattresses.
  • Choose between different cooling and firmness levels.
  • If you like memory foam.
  • 90-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty.

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Best Organic and Natural

  • They are reasonably priced natural and organic mattresses.
  • They meet many green and ethical standards.
  • Avocado is suitable for sleepers of all shapes and sizes.
  • They offer natural hypoallergenic properties.
  • One-year sleep trial, 25-year warranty.

Best Memory Foam

  • It incorporates cooling gel and other technologies into memory foam.
  • Impressive edge support and responsiveness makes the GhostBed Luxe a good choice for couples.
  • It has a really accommodating feel, memory foam enough to live up to the expectations of fans and responsive enough to be something different if you aren’t usually into foam.
  • If you are after a slightly firmer mattress, the GhostBed Luxe will be experienced as a medium by most sleepers.
  • 101-night sleep trial, 25-year warranty.

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Best Inner Spring

  • It has an exceptionally comfortable pillowtop with a Tencal cover for cooling.
  • It has zoned lumbar support – great for back sleepers!
  • It is both supportive and pressure-relieving.
  • It has a responsive memory foam feel.
  • 100-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty.

The best cooling mattresses for hot sleepers reviewed

We’ve had a look at our top ten best mattresses for hot sleepers and the reasons to buy them. To help you narrow down your selection, we’ve rooted out the pros and cons with each and matched them to sleeping preferences.

1. Editor’s Pick – Brooklyn Bedding

Who is the Brooklyn Bedding good for:
  • Anyone who likes a responsive mattress with a neutral foam feeling.
  • Its hybrid construction makes it a viable option for all body types.
  • Anyone who would like to shop one mattress model with a variety of firmness options.
  • The softness and pressure relief on offer makes this one of the best cooling mattresses for side sleepers.
  • Sleepers across all sleeping positions should find a comfortable match between the options.
When it comes to temperature regulation, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a specialist mattress we recommend highly for comfort and cooling. Its construction has a number of active cooling features including a cooling cover, copper-infused foam, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, and the natural breathability of coils. All-in-all, at the price you pay, it is really affordable. Its almost latex-like foam gives this mattress a particular responsiveness and pressure relieving ability, which makes this a great mattress for hot side sleepers.
  • Supportive and pressure relieving
  • Quality-crafted and durable
  • Great value for money
  • Myriad cooling features
  • Not ideal for anyone looking for a firm mattress – or stomach and back sleepers needing special support
  • While it is affordable, it is not cheap


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2. Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Side Sleepers – Purple

Who is the Purple good for:
  • People across all weight categories
  • Anyone who likes a responsive mattress
  • Couples
Purple mattresses are controversial – but in the best way. Purple has a sturdy fan base of people who have fallen for their hyper-elastic polymer proprietary material or ‘Purple Grid’. Those who don’t like Purple usually can’t get accustomed to the very different feel they have in comparison with other mattress materials – and this is totally understandable. It definitely colors outside the lines in comparison with typical memory foam and hybrid beds out there. In our opinion, the outstanding pressure relief from the Purple Grid makes this the best mattress for hot side sleepers.
  • You get two firmness levels to choose from
  • Its responsiveness makes it easy to change positions if you are a combination sleeper and for sex
  • It combines support and pressure relief to a tee
  • It’s something completely different (which is exciting!)
  • It comes with a slightly higher price tag
  • It’s so ‘out there’ that giving it a chance is a bit of a gamble


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3. Best Cooling Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – Layla

Who is the Layla good for:
  • People of all body types
  • All sleeping positions
  • People who like memory foam
  • Light sleepers
If you like the idea of a mattress with two firmness options in one mattress, the Layla Hybrid could just be for you. This flippable mattress has a soft side and a firm side – perfect for anyone who loves the luxury of choice. Stomach sleepers will probably prefer the firm side for support and spinal alignment when lying on their bellies – and the copper-infused foam and breathability of the coils work to keep you cool at the same time. While it may not be the right fit for every stomach sleeper, we think most people will love its combination of comfort and support.
  • Versatility of the two firmness levels
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Easy to clean
  • A good choice for anyone who suffers with aches and pains
  • It’s not the most responsive mattress, which can be a disadvantage to some people
  • Not great for budget shoppers


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4. Best Cooling Mattress for Back Sleepers – Saatva

Who is the Saatva good for:
  • All body types and sleeping positions
  • Anyone who is worried about their mattress setup – and enjoys generous company policies
  • Anyone who wants a choice of firmness levels
  • Anyone looking for a luxury bed on a budget
Rarely does luxury come with such a great price tag. This hybrid mattress gives loads of support, with a snug European pillowtop which is one of the factors giving the bed its premium feel. The Saatva Classic comes in a range of firmness levels, with comfort that is pain-relieving for back sleepers. Across the three firmness options, there is a Saatva Classic for every sleeper. If you are a back sleeper, the Firm is your best bet for support – and sleeping on top of the mattress plays a role in cooling too. The cotton cover and great airflow through the coils makes it sleep medium cool and gives you all the support without the sweat.
  • It’s reasonably priced for the premium quality you receive
  • Most people will find a match between the options
  • Free white-glove delivery removes the hassle of old mattress removal and the setup of your new mattress
  • Excellent motion transfer for those disturbed by movement during the night
  • This may not be the best option for couples with a combined weight over 500lbs
  • There have been some reports of sagging from heavier individuals
  • Returns are not 100% free


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5. Best Cooling Mattress for Athletes – Bear

Who is the Bear good for:
  • Athletes, active people, or anyone concerned with wellness
  • All body types
  • All sleeping positions
  • Value shoppers
  • Anyone who likes a responsive foam feel
  • If you like to support companies who do good
If you live an active lifestyle, you will know the value of rest and recuperation between sessions – and why shouldn’t your mattress play a role in this? In the mattress world, we have seen Celliant emerge as the buzzword in wellness. Clinical trials have shown that FDA-approved Celliant boosts circulation and speeds up recovery from activity. The combination of a Celliant cover, properties for cooling, and an overall high-quality mattress makes the Bear Hybrid one of the best hybrid mattresses for athletes who sleep hot during the night (or anyone who could do with an extra boost from their beds while they sleep).
  • Durable
  • Offers good value for money
  • Effectively isolates motion for light sleepers
  • Soft gel foam and coils is cool and comfortable
  • Certified to meet eco and chemical standards
  • May not be the best choice for side sleepers who need a truly soft mattress


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6. Best Cooling Mattress for Heavyweight Sleepers – Winkbeds

Who is the Winkbeds good for:
  • Plus-size people (and people of all shapes and sizes)
  • Anyone who shops for value
  • Anyone worried about long-term durability of their mattress
  • Anyone who likes a responsive, supportive mattress
If you have a heavy stature, you will need a mattress which is durable enough to last and which will support you while you sleep. Our choice is the WinkBed Plus. Every WinkBed is wonderful, with plenty about each bed pushing them into the realms of real luxury – but the WinkBed Plus has been specifically designed to meet the needs of weightier folk. It’s cool in so many ways. The Tencal cover, quilted pillowtop cover with gel-infused foam, and ventilated pocketed coils are just a few. Ultimately, the WinkBed offers amazing comfort, balanced with superlative support. With the Plus version, this is true no matter your size.
  • It comes with an outstanding lifetime warranty
  • They also offer a Lifetime 50% off comfort replacement option
  • It is very reasonably priced for its standard of luxury
  • Ultra-comfortable European pillowtop
  • The WinkBed Plus is a heavy beast, which is something to keep in mind if you plan on moving in future
  • While it offers great value, it isn’t great for budget shoppers
  • If you love memory foam, it doesn’t have that traditional foam feel


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7. Best Luxury Mattress for Hot Sleepers – Tempur-Pedic

Who is the Tempur-Pedic good for:
  • Luxury shoppers with big budgets
  • Anyone with truly special needs for active cooling mattresses
  • All body types and sleeping positions
  • If you like a memory foam feel
A mattress which can help you sleep up to 8° cooler? You’ve got our attention. If you’re a hot sleeper and you’re looking for a mattress which is truly built to cool, this is one of them. With the Tempur-Breeze stable, you have three models to choose from – with differing firmness levels and cooling capabilities. It has a phase-change cover with PureCool gel, as well as gel-infused foam in the body of the mattress for cooling. The luxury of the bed comes from this level of R&D, but also from its very construction. So many different elements go into making this a premium mattress (and, as TermpurPedic’s most expensive mattress, it comes with a luxury price tag too).
  • Extremely effective at cooling (this could be the coolest mattress to sleep on)
  • Free white-glove delivery
  • You get what you pay for: a truly premium mattress
  • It’s a really pricy bed
  • There is a fee if you decide to return it


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8. Best Organic and Natural Cooling Mattress – Avocado

Who is the Avocado good for:
  • Eco-shoppers who are worried about cooling
  • People across all sleeping positions and body types
  • People with allergies
  • Anyone who prefers a firm mattress that’s responsive
People the world over are giving real thought to what goes into their mattresses and what this does to our overall wellness. Organic and latex materials are renowned for their natural cooling properties but, in our opinion, Avocado wins by a nose when it comes to temperature regulation and natural, organic construction.
  • Certified organic, made from high-quality natural materials, and kind to the planet
  • Their 25-year warranty and one-year sleep trial is very generous
  • Provides an excellent level of motion isolation in relation to responsiveness
  • Fans of memory foam won’t like the responsiveness of the mattress
  • It’s a little on the expensive side


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9. Best Memory Foam Cooling Mattress – GhostBed

Who is the GhostBed good for:
  • Petite and medium-sized people
  • All sleeping positions
  • Anyone shopping by price
The GhostBed Luxe features seven layers dedicated to cooling and it could well be the best cooling memory foam mattress. Ghost Ice technology uses cooling fiber and gel and, according to GhostBed, this alters the sleeping environment as soon as heat is detected on the mattress. This well-ventilated mattress also brings a little something different in terms of feel. While it isn’t different enough to be a gamble, it has just enough of their proprietary, latex-like foam to make this a responsive mattress most people will find comfortable. GhostBed calls the Luxe ‘the coolest bed in the world’ and, while there are others who will rank beside it, it is definitely a top contender.
  • It’s really accommodating, so even couples with different sleeping preferences stand a higher chance of finding the one in GhostBed Luxe
  • Its responsiveness makes it a good choice for sex
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • It comes with an above-average 25-year warranty
  • Its all-foam construction means it isn’t the best choice for heavy individuals
  • At medium firmness, it may not meet the needs of side sleepers who need extra pressure relief or back or stomach sleepers who need extra support


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10. Best Inner Spring Cooling Mattress – Helix Sleep

Who is the Helix Sleep good for:
  • Anyone who needs extra lumbar support or who suffers from back pain
  • If you don’t know which mattress to choose, Helix offers a useful quiz to match you with the perfect bed
  • If you like a neutral foam feel, with a little added responsiveness
While there are many fantastic all-foam mattresses out there, in my opinion, a hybrid can be more supportive, more durable, and more accommodating to different body types than all-foam beds. One of the first things many people think about when it comes to mattresses is back support – and the zoned lumbar support of the Helix Midnight Luxe is a stellar performer on this front. It also has a plush, quilted pillowtop with a breathable Tencal cover and Gel Visco foam to keep the degrees down while you sleep. Its combination of foam and zoned support makes it an exceptionally good choice for a different sleepers.
  • Pain relief and support through zoned construction
  • Pressure relief from cooling memory foam layers
  • Ultra-comfortable pillowtop with breathable Tencal cover
  • Durable
  • It may not be soft enough for some side sleepers who need extra cushioning for shoulders and hips (although most side sleepers will find it adequately pressure relieving)


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Mattress buying guide for hot sleepers

While your mattress is one consideration, sleep temperature comes down to a range of different factors. Some people – those who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats, for instance – have medical needs around cooling technologies for sleep. However, climate and season also play a role – as does bedroom location, sheets, air-conditioning, and other atmospheric considerations.

If you sleep hot, here are a few things to think about:

  • Your mattress material – and topper – can make a difference
  • What pillow are you using? If your head is hot, the rest of your body will usually follow. Pillow materials and cases should enter your thinking in your quest for a cool night’s sleep.
  • What clothes are you wearing? Loose, lightweight pajamas are the best choice to keep you cool. While some sleepers swear by organic cotton, some sleepwear in synthetic materials wicks moisture and helps your body to naturally regulate temperature.
  • Choose sheets which don’t trap heat and which promote airflow.
  • Cool your room to cool your bed. Keep curtains drawn or blinds closed to keep the temperature of your bedroom down during the day. Fans and air conditioners can help to keep air moving and the mercury down.

What to look for before buying a mattress

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help in your quest to find the perfect mattress:

How much can you spend?

While price may be no object for some shoppers, most will be working towards some kind of budget. Many mattress companies offer great value for money so, more often than not, you will get a little bit more for your buck. If you can afford it, we always encourage people to spend that little bit more to invest in great sleep.

Do you want a foam mattress or springs?

There are pros and cons attached to both, but this will narrow the search if you know what you like. If you are heavy, it is worth considering a hybrid first for support and durability.

Are you after particular materials?

For some, latex and organic materials can be the big decider when searching for a mattress. Some companies also offer proprietary foams and designs which may hold extra appeal.

Do you want some special features?

Special covers, flippable mattresses, split designs, and zoned construction can make an easy checklist as you comb the online mattress world for your next bed.

Do you sleep hot?

Cooling claims are a dime a dozen in the online mattress world. While many mattresses won’t heat you up at night, rooting out true active cooling features will make shopping a little less daunting.

Are you an edge hanger?

Edge support matters if you are sharing a full-size mattress (less so in a queen size) – or if you sleep on the edge of the bed. Reinforced edge support will be a big differentiator for you as you shop.

What are the company policies?

Take the time to really understand company policies around delivery, sleep trial periods, returns, and warranties to ensure you’re dealing with the right company from the outset. This also helps to avoid unpleasant surprises if things don’t go according to plan.

What do people say?

Once you’ve narrowed down the selection, find customer reviews and read through what people like – and don’t like – about the different mattress brands you are considering.

Ultimately, these elements, as well as online reviews and finding company policies that work for you, will shape your final decision.

What is the best type of mattress for hot sleepers?

If you are on the market for a cooling mattress, many different factors are going to come into play. For many, the first thought will be price. Apart from some bespoke, luxury options, most of the mattresses covered here offer incredible value for the level of craftsmanship and performance. That said, while almost all mattress companies have something to say about cooling when it comes to their mattress features, you can expect to pay for the top performers and beds with truly specialist technologies around cooling.

The materials used in mattresses will also affect temperature. All-foam mattresses are – generally speaking – warmer than hybrid and inner spring beds. The mattress cover can also make a difference to cooling. Tencal and phase-change covers do a great job at cooling but, at the very least, it is a good idea to ensure the cover allows movement of air through the mattress.

The firmness of the mattress you choose comes down to sleep preference. Back and stomach sleepers tend towards more supportive firm models, while side sleepers go softer for pressure relief on shoulders and hips. Firmness is experienced differently according to weight. Sleeping on top of a mattress rather than sinking down into the materials also reduces the surface area of skin against the mattress materials – and so helps with cooling.

Covers and cooling

Does your cover help to keep you cool? We’ve got you covered. The cover of your mattress can make a big difference to temperature in boosting the cooling features of the mattress materials below it. Non-quilted covers tend to perform better here, with phase change materials and organic cotton and breathable covers the gold standard in aeration and cooling.

Latex is such a cool kid

In general, latex has an incredible ability to help with cooling. It outperforms most foams in terms of temperature, but is also helped along by being responsive.

Memory foam: hot or not?

Largely speaking, memory foam has got a bad reputation for sleeping hot. This is mainly a historic observation, but memory foams are often hot because of their contouring qualities and the tendency of foam to trap heat from the sleeper’s body heat. Limited airflow can be another problem with memory foam. The clever designers working with mattress brands out there have included advancements such as gel memory foam mattresses, special covers, and open-cell designs to make breathable, cooler memory foam beds.


What is the best type of mattress to keep you cool?

We would recommend latex for its cooling properties. Latex hybrids combine natural cooling with ventilation to keep you cool.

How do you cool down a hot mattress?

Keeping the room cool in the first place is the best way to reduce the temperature of a hot bed. Make sure you are using the right sheets too.

Do gel mattresses keep you cool?

Yes. Gel is an effective conductor of heat, moving it away from your body during the night.

How can I keep my bed cool at night?

Keep the atmospheric temperature of your room cool first and your bed will usually follow. An air conditioner or fan is the best first step.

Is memory foam good for hot sleepers?

While there have been amazing advances in memory foams for temperature, it is traditionally warmer than other materials.

Why am I such a hot sleeper?

If you do not have a medical condition which results in hot flashes or night sweats, your choice of mattress, sheets, or pajamas – as well as atmospheric temperature – can make you sleep hot at night.

Are cooling mattresses worth it?

If you have a true need for active cooling, paying top dollar for high-performance will be worth every penny.