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Best Mattresses for Heavy People
Best Mattresses for Heavy People

Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers

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Review by Claire
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The feel of any mattress differs from person to person, primarily because of weight. Large people usually find mattresses softer than the firmness stated on the box – only one consideration in your mattress search. Ultimately, the best investment is getting specially-made beds for heavy people. On this page, we let you in on our selection of beds for bigger figures, which serves as a guide if you are around 230lbs and above looking for your next bed.

The best mattress for heavy sleepers


Quick overview of the top 8 mattresses for heavy people

Editor’s Pick

  • It has a pressure-relieving Euro top
  • It’s affordably priced for a mattress of its quality
  • It offers zoned construction for support
  • It provides extra durability
  • It accommodates heavy people who weigh in excess of 300lbs
  • 120-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty, 50% off lifetime replacement warranty

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$200 Off – Code: SLEEP200

Most Accommodating

  • It offers impressive durability
  • It meets with approval across different sleep preferences
  • It is breathable and temperature neutral
  • It provides extra durability
  • It is a great value buy
  • 100-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

Best for Stomach Sleepers

  • It is supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers
  • It offers superb value for money
  • It is robust enough to be one of the best mattresses for overweight couples
  • It provides extra durability
  • It is a fantastic firm mattress for all body types
  • 120-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty

Best Luxury

  • You get free white glove delivery and mattress setup
  • It has zoned support
  • The Talaylay latex layer is pressure relieving
  • It offers impressive durability
  • It works for people across most sleep preferences
  • 180-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty

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$200 Off

Best Budget

  • You get a choice of additional cooling and latex options
  • It’s firm enough to offer real support for back and stomach sleepers
  • It’s effective at isolating motion for light sleepers
  • It’s extremely durable – especially considering price
  • 120-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty

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20% Off

Best Organic

  • You get fantastic customizable options
  • It’s eco-friendly and organic
  • It’s one of the more reasonably priced latex mattresses on the market
  • It has pain relieving properties
  • 100-night sleep trial, 25-year warranty

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$1200 Off

Best Ultra-Firm

  • It’s got a unique feel
  • It offers extra support for people with bigger figures
  • It’s breathable, which contributes to cooling
  • It comes with a machine washable cover and layers are easy to clean
  • 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty

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Best for Side Sleepers

  • It offers something very different to the rest of the mattress market
  • You can choose a thickness and firmness option to suit your needs
  • It offers superlative pressure relief
  • It works for couples with different body types
  • 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty

The best mattresses for heavy sleepers reviewed

1. Editor’s Pick – Winkbeds

Who is the Winkbeds good for:
  • Plus size couples and individuals
  • Value shoppers
  • Anyone worried about durability
  • Sleepers who want a combination of pressure relief and support
  • Obese people (203lbs and above)
WinkBeds make beds of incredible quality – and their WinkBed Plus gets our enthusiastic endorsement for merging luxury with an attainable price for plus-sized mattress shoppers out there. Many people in heavier weight categories struggle to find a mattress that offers sufficient support. Those that do come with the risk of not being particularly pressure relieving. The WinkBed Plus has struck a great balance – with a soothing, comfortable Euro top and targeted support through the zoned design of heavy duty coils. That Euro top also combines a Tencal cover and gel foam to keep the temperature within a comfortable range during the night. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.
  • Generous company policies
  • Focus on longevity (including lifetime 50% replacement policy)
  • It has pain relieving properties
  • It is a luxury bed without a luxury price
  • It is accommodating across most of the weight spectrum
  • It is heavy to lift and move
  • It is not a budget bed


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2. Most Accommodating Mattress for Heavy People – Helix Sleep

Who is the Helix Sleep good for:
  • Value shoppers
  • Couples sharing a smaller sized bed
  • Anyone looking for a long-lasting mattress
  • Anyone worried about sleeping hot
  • All sleeping preferences
Helix have added a true superstar to their range with the Helix Plus. Its amazing durability and quality is reasonably priced and is designed primarily around long-term comfort. Comfort can mean different things to different people, which is where the Helix Plus has a few perks. It is a mattress with the kind of feel most sleepers love – great if you are a plus size couple with different needs. It’s also made with a combination of notably dense foams and taller coils for durability, contouring, and support. These layers all contribute to the medium firmness of the bed, which is not too hard and not too soft – just right for most sleepers. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Strong edge support
  • Ultra accommodating feel
  • Not expensive for its level of quality
  • You can use the Helix sleep quiz to get the right fit
  • Breathable, with a Tencal cover, for temperature regulation
  • It’s not a true soft or true firm for anyone with special needs around support and pressure relief


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3. Best Mattress for Heavy Stomach Sleepers – Big fig

Who is the Big fig good for:
  • Plus-size couples and individuals
  • Anyone shopping for a mattress for the long haul
  • Couples with a combined weight of 1100lbs
  • Sleepers who need the support of a firm mattress
  • Value shoppers
If heavyweight sleepers get the rough end of the deal when it comes to durability, this should capture your attention. Big Fig has done independent tests, stating that their mattresses last up to 20 years. Across the mattress industry, that is a phenomenal finding. The focus of construction on longevity is met with real functionality for people in heavier weight brackets. This includes dense foams, strong coils, and the ability of this bed to support couples with a combined weight of 1100lbs. Firm enough to support back and stomach sleepers, it also offers adequate pressure relief to heavier side and combination sleepers. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and King Cal.
  • It gets extra marks for durability
  • You get a free, sturdy foundation
  • It is truly supportive for back and stomach sleepers
  • It sleeps about a medium-cool thanks to perforated gel foam and coils
  • Edge support is very good for couples in smaller beds or anyone who dislikes that roll-off feeling along the edges
  • It’s not going to be the best choice for some side sleepers or anyone who likes a soft bed
  • It’s not in a budget price range


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4. Best Luxury Mattress for Heavy Sleepers – Saatva

Who is the Saatva good for:
  • Big and tall people and couples
  • Luxury shoppers
  • Shoppers on the hunt for a long-lasting mattress
  • People across all sleep positions
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to set up their own new bed
If you can afford it, the Saatva HD gives you every reason to splash out on a little bit of luxury. This is hands down the best luxury bed for heavier people – but it is as durable as it is indulgent. The Saatva HD is specifically made for people between 300 and 500lbs and this top mattress manufacturer claims that their coils outlast the industry standard by 25%. This extra support means it is suitable for stomach and back sleepers, while the pressure relieving properties of the latex layer make it an exceptionally good mattress for heavy side sleepers. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It provides zoned support
  • Its extra edge support is great for couples and anyone who likes a sturdy feel when they’re getting out of bed
  • It balances pressure relief and support well for all sleep types
  • It sleeps cooler than many other mattresses because of latex, coils, and its breathable organic cotton cover
  • Setup and old mattress removal is free
  • Depending on your weight, it’s not a true firm or true soft
  • Returns are not free


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5. Best Budget Mattress for Heavy Sleepers – , Titan

Who is the , Titan good for:
  • Budget shoppers
  • Anyone who wants options around cooling and feel
  • Back and stomach sleepers who need support
  • Anyone easily disturbed by movement at night
  • Heavy people
When you’re shopping on a budget, a principal concern usually lies with durability. Brooklyn Bedding have counteracted this worry with an affordable, hardy mattress which has been made specifically for heavy people. It combines coils and their proprietary foam to be a good, firm bed – one of the best mattresses for heavy stomach sleepers and back sleepers. You also get additional extras depending on your pocket. This includes an optional cooling cover for anyone worried about sleeping hot – and you can also get a Talaylay latex topper for anyone who needs a boost of pressure relief. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Cal King.
  • Hot sleepers can add a cooling cover
  • It’s extremely firm, so the option of the Talaylay topper is a good one if you need pressure relief
  • Even if you don’t go for the cooling option, it is temperature neutral
  • It is durably made for years of use – and its price is truly nice
  • It has strong edge support for getting in and out of bed or sharing smaller models
  • It’s not the best mattress for overweight side sleepers or anyone who wants pressure relief while they sleep


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6. Best Organic Mattress for Heavy People – PlushBeds

Who is the PlushBeds good for:
  • Ethical shoppers
  • Shoppers who appreciate the luxury of choice
  • Sleepers who need a pressure relieving bed
  • Anyone who wants the pain relieving and health advantages of natural materials
  • Side sleepers
From the ground up, the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is an eco-shopper’s dream. This full-latex mattress is certified organic and sustainable, which has myriad health benefits and keeps you feeling warm and fuzzy around the ethics of your purchase. It’s also customizable – with a choice between Medium and Firm (with the Firm option better for many bigger figures) and three height profiles to choose from, with the higher options offering a reduced chance of bottoming out. If you are sharing a bed with a partner with different sleep preferences or a smaller stature, the split option is popular to cater for divergent tastes. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Queen, Split King, and Split Cal King.
  • PlushBeds have great social and environmental initiatives on the go
  • The higher height profile reduces the chance of that ‘bottoming out’ feeling
  • It is certified organic and sustainable
  • It is one of the more affordable latex options available on the market
  • You can choose between two firmness options, with a split option available in Queen models and above
  • It’s not supportive enough for many heavy stomach and back sleepers
  • It’s not the most effective mattress for motion isolation


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7. Best Ultra-Firm Mattress for Heavy People – Airweave

Who is the Airweave good for:
  • Shoppers looking for sustainability
  • Sleepers who need support (think back and stomach sleepers)
  • Heavyweight people
  • Anyone interested in deep cleaning their mattress
  • Sleepers keen to try a bed with a completely unique feel
Japanese precision has gone into making this ultra-firm mattress, which is something completely different for the mattress market. The firm feel has all the durability and support of the denser support layers one would expect to find as a foundation on many other beds. This is made from Airweave’s signature material called Airfiber and the different layers combine to be extremely firm, with a fair amount of responsiveness and contouring for comfort. It’s best suited to back and stomach sleepers, with an optional pillowtop add-on available. Made from sustainable materials, this bed is both an eco buy and a product with a high-quality construction which should last. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Exceptionally supportive to keep the body aligned
  • Materials do not retain heat and are breathable, so keeps most sleepers temperature neutral
  • It’s sustainably produced, so you do good by sleeping
  • It’s easily one of the easiest mattresses to clean we have come across
  • You get the option of
  • You can expect to pay a little extra for signature materials
  • It’s a no-no for most side sleepers (unless you’re willing to invest in the pillowtop)


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8. Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers – Purple

Who is the Purple good for:
  • All body types
  • Especially side sleepers (although it works across different sleep positions in different weight categories)
  • Couples
  • Anyone willing to experiment with the feel of their bed
  • Anyone who benefits from pressure relief
  • Heavy people looking to buy a mattress in a box
The key to a great bed for side sleepers is pressure relief – with softer models winning the day for cushioning shoulders and hips in this sleeping position. Purple’s proprietary hyper-elastic polymer is becoming increasingly renowned for its pressure relieving properties. This ‘collapsible’ Purple Grid gives way under pressure, making it one of the best mattresses for overweight (and all) side sleepers. The Purple Hybrid Premier also comes in 3 inch and 4 inch thickness options for extra pressure relief if you’d like it. The coils of this hybrid construction mean you get both pressure relief and support, with the firmer option being more on the mark the heavier you are. Available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King.
  • You get an option of firmness levels, with the firmer option working better for higher weights
  • You get an option of heights, with many heavy people opting for the higher option
  • Hyper-elastic polymer doesn’t retain heat, so most people sleep at a comfortable temperature
  • Fans of the Purple feel can consider themselves converted for life
  • Its signature feel comes with a slightly elevated price
  • It’s not accommodating. You’re either going to love it or hate it – and it could take some getting used to


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Mattress buying guide for heavy sleepers

If you are in a heavy weight bracket, shopping for a mattress comes with a few challenges. This is mainly because the bulk of the mattresses you peruse are likely not made specifically for the needs of people with large frames. That makes a little guidance around made-to-fit mattresses for weightier folks a good policy for shoppers. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with bigger figure brands and their features ups your chances of matching your sleeping preferences to the right mattress. Together with our expert advice, recommendations, and a few basic rules, use this guide as a starting point as you shop for your next bed.

Where to start: mattress materials

We do not recommend a memory foam mattress for a heavy person. While there are some incredibly strong memory foam brands out there which work for high-weight sleepers, our experience is that they simply do not offer the support and durability of hybrid alternatives. Your best bet will almost certainly incorporate coils. The made-for-weight hybrid mattresses on the market feature heavy-duty coils for extra strength, which gives you both support and extended years out of the bed.

High-quality (and sometimes high-density) foams should be on your radar as you shop. Foams can sag and lose their shape over time, so this makes a difference to durability if you weigh in on the heavy side.

How heavy people experience firmness and support

The more you weigh, the softer a mattress feels. Conversely, the less you weigh, the firmer it feels. This means that firmer mattresses tend to meet the needs of heavy sleepers more than softer models. This is because the mattress materials retain their shape, keeping the body aligned and supported. This is key to long-term comfort and to keep pain at bay from poor sleeping positions.

If you are a heavy back or stomach sleeper, this has special importance. Luckily, as you will see from this guide, there are a range of firm (and ultra-firm) options available, which does well to keep your spine aligned and your body supported – even in very high weight categories. Ultimately, a combination of your sleep preference and weight dictates your final choice – with firmness a central consideration as the needle on the scale goes up.

Why mattress thickness matters to heavy sleepers

Mattress thickness is especially important if you opt to go for a memory foam model, but it is a critical consideration when it comes to hybrid beds too. At some time in your life as a heavy person, you have probably had a bed ‘bottom out’ when you lie on it (your weight seems to sink right through to the support layers). This is where mattress thickness or height really matters. There is no ideal height here – this depends on you (although we would recommend mattresses taller than 12 inches wherever possible). However, opting for a higher profile mattress is a good idea to get optimal comfort from your new bed.

Heavy sleepers and mattress cooling

We have come across regular complaints of heavy (fat) people sleeping hot. This comes down to a range of factors. The more one sinks into the mattress materials, the more the body is in contact with the surface area of the bed, which can make for a warmer night’s sleep. Of course, elements like mattress materials and cooling technologies play a role here.

If you are worried about sleeping hot, here are a few tips:


  • Think firm. The more on top of a mattress you are (rather than in it), the cooler you are.
  • Materials matter. Some memory foams are notorious for heat retention and that uncomfortable muggy feeling at night. Gel-infused and cooling foams are becoming increasingly the norm in the mattress industry, with active cooling features like breathable, wicking covers and graphite conducting foams more readily available. Natural materials like latex are also lauded for being temperature neutral.
  • Construction counts. The more air flows through a mattress, the cooler it is. Many companies help this process along through perforated foams and latex layers, working together with clever covers. Of course, the open construction of coils help in this regard too.

Considerations for heavy couples

Every mattress has a weight limit, with some catering for people in the region of 250lbs and others far in excess of that. If you are a heavy couple, here are a few things to think about as you shop for your next bed.


  • Weight limits. Work out your weight and do some research into the manufacturer’s recommendations around your choice of mattress.
  • Couples with different statures. Balancing the sleep needs of couples with very different body types is always going to be challenging. Where a middle ground is impossible, split options are a great way to cater for different body types and preferences.
  • Edge support. If you are sharing a smaller bed or if you sleep right up to the edges, this is going to be a feature worth looking at. In many of the mattresses in this guide, the edge support has been specifically reinforced for strength along the perimeter of the bed, but also to give a secure feeling as you sleep and get in and out of bed.
  • Motion isolation. Movement from a partner has the potential to disturb sleep continuity. The quality of motion isolation differs from bed to bed, but is a worthwhile consideration for couples.

Shopping for a foundation

The foundation you choose to use with your mattress is easy to overlook, but can be incredibly important. Bed frames affect the feel and overall support of mattresses, which means finding the right match is an important part of the process. Many brands have clear recommendations around bed frames (and, for good measure, you should always check the warranty terms on foundations).


What type of mattress is best for a heavy person?

A hybrid mattress featuring coils and comfort layers is our first choice for heavy sleepers. Coils offer more support and extra durability.

Do mattresses have a weight limit?

Yes, they do. This differs from mattress to mattress and should be checked with the manufacturer at the time of buying.

Do memory foam mattresses have a weight limit?

The different densities of foams dictate the weight limit, but should also be considered with regard to the foundation and cumulative quality of the mattress.

What is the best mattress for a 300 pound person?

Hybrid and innerspring mattresses provide that extra bit of strength, support, and durability for people who weigh 300lbs and over.

What type of bed frame is suitable for overweight people?

It is important to get a heavy duty bed frame to go with your new mattress. We recommend metal and steel varieties, although you should always consult with the mattress manufacturer.

Are mattresses in a box suitable for heavy people?

Many mattress in a box companies now make beds specifically for large people, offering excellent support and durability in higher weight categories.