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Best Latex Mattress
Best Latex Mattress

Best Latex Mattress

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If you’ve been sleeping on memory foam or an innerspring mattress your whole life, latex probably holds a certain intrigue to you. While it can take some getting used to, latex is popular for its unique responsiveness and natural health properties. With the natural mattress market expanding to cater for a growing number of eco-shoppers, we’ve put together these helpful pointers to guide you as you shop for your next latex mattress.

The best latex mattress


Quick overview of the top 7 latex mattresses

Editor’s Pick

  • Its height and firmness is customizable
  • It’s certified organic
  • It’s reasonably priced for a latex mattress
  • It is pain and pressure relieving
  • PlushBeds have a great company culture, with environmental and social initiatives which are worth supporting
  • 100-night sleep trial, 25-year warranty

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$1200 Off

Best Hybrid

  • It is affordably priced
  • It’s backed by many eco-centered certifications
  • It offers incredible spinal alignment and support
  • It has an optional pillow top option
  • It has a zoned support structure
  • One-year sleep trial, 25-year warranty

Best Flippable

  • It’s part of Saatva’s stable of mattresses
  • You get to choose between firmness levels in the comfort of your home
  • It is a luxury bed, with the perks of free white glove delivery and old mattress removal
  • It has organic materials and is sustainably crafted
  • 120-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty

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$200 Off

Best Customizable

  • It is certified organic, with vegan options available
  • Modular construction makes it customizable for both you and your partner
  • It is suitable for people of all sizes
  • It is glueless and has no poly foams or chemical flame retardants
  • 90-day money-back guarantee and layer swap, 20-year limited warranty

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10% Off – Code: SAVE10

Best Pressure Relieving

  • It comes in three firmness models
  • There are options for people of all sizes and sleep positions
  • It’s easy to switch positions in this bed
  • There are split comfort options for couples with different preferences
  • 100-night trial, lifetime comfort guarantee, lifetime warranty

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20% Off

Best for Back and Stomach Sleepers

  • It’s suitable for all sizes
  • It offers alignment and support for back and stomach sleepers
  • It is eco-friendly, made from certified, sustainable materials
  • It offers enhanced durability
  • Coils are zoned for targeted support
  • One-year sleep trial, 25-year warranty

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$300 Off

Best for Side Sleepers

  • It’s got a zoned latex layer for ergonomic comfort
  • It’s eco-friendly – and made from recycled materials
  • It’s a great bed for side sleepers – but will work for stomach and back sleepers too
  • It is suitable for all shapes and sizes
  • 365-night sleep trial, 25-year warranty

Most Accommodating

  • It’s both natural and organic
  • It is made without glues, adhesives, or chemical flame retardants
  • It comes with the option of an additional pillowtop
  • It is suitable for all body types and sleep positions
  • It’s an affordable bed in its class
  • 120-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty

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The best latex mattresses reviewed

1. Editor’s Pick – PlushBeds

Who is the PlushBeds good for:
  • Shoppers looking for an organic, sustainable latex mattress
  • Anyone who wants to specify their preferences at the time of buying
  • All sleeping positions for light and average sized people
  • Anyone who values company culture
  • Shoppers looking for pain relief and health benefits
The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress has a range of features which come together to give it an edge in the latex mattress market. This full-latex mattress is one of the best rated organic latex mattresses available, using certified materials and sustainable practices. This mattress is customizable – and your choice in how your mattress is put together means there’s a high chance of it being love at first night. Choose between medium and medium-firm comfort options, which caters for most sleep preferences, as well as three height options. It is also a top-rated latex mattress for pressure relief, endorsed by medical practitioners and chiropractors to assist with pain relief. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Queen, Split King, and Split Cal King.
  • It is temperature neutral for most sleepers
  • Two firmness levels and three height options to choose from
  • It holds a long list of certifications for being organic, non-toxic, and sustainable
  • There are split options available for beds bigger than a Queen
  • It is not exorbitantly priced for a latex mattress
  • It’s not going to offer adequate support for many heavy people
  • There is slight motion transfer upon movement


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2. Best Latex Hybrid Mattress – Avocado

Who is the Avocado good for:
  • Shoppers who want a sustainable, organic, latex mattress
  • All body types
  • Anyone who wants targeted support
  • Heavy side sleepers
  • Back, stomach, and combination sleepers
The combination of dense Dunlop latex and zoned coils makes the Avocado Mattress a fantastic latex hybrid mattress. The support of coils makes hybrid models suitable for all shapes and sizes. It is also designed with a focus on what the body needs in different sleep positions – zoned for extra support where it matters to your body. Together with the natural benefits of latex, the comfort layer and cover integrate wool and cotton, which is breathable and wicks moisture to promote natural cooling. Avocado also gives you the option of an optional pillowtop, which gives the bed a softer feel that is especially good for side sleepers worried about the firmness of this mattress. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It is made from organic and responsibly sourced materials
  • You can sleep on this mattress for a year with free returns
  • Zoned support and firmness level keeps your spine aligned
  • You can soften the mattress by adding an optional pillow top
  • It is responsive enough to change sleep positions and sex positions with ease
  • It is durable
  • Petite side sleepers who don’t opt for the pillowtop may find it too firm


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3. Best Flippable Latex Mattress – Saatva

Who is the Saatva good for:
  • Shoppers who support organic, sustainable business practices
  • Back and stomach sleepers looking for firmness for alignment
  • Anyone who values choice
  • Luxury shoppers
  • Anyone who needs help with mattress setup and old mattress removal
Saatva dominates the luxury bed world for their high level of craftsmanship and customer focus. Their latex Zenhaven Mattress is no different. Like other mattresses from Saatva, you can expect free white glove delivery. This flippable latex mattress gives you two options to try out and choose from: the Gentle Firm and the Luxury Plush. As part of the service, Saatva will even send someone to flip your mattress for you. Both sides are on the firmer end of the scale, which makes this an excellent bed for back and stomach sleepers.  In addition to Talalay Latex, the Zenhaven Mattress incorporates New Zealand wool and an organic cotton cover into the design, with benefits around breathability and wicking. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, and Cal King.
  • Meets the standards of the Sustainable Furnishings Council
  • Flippable for a choice of firmness options
  • Free white glove delivery and old mattress removal
  • Firm enough for correct spine alignment for back and stomach sleepers
  • Naturally temperature neutral
  • It is quite heavy for anyone who moves frequently or anticipates flipping the mattress many times
  • There is a fee for returns


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4. Best Customizable Latex Mattress – Naturepedic

Who is the Naturepedic good for:
  • Eco, vegan, and health conscious shoppers
  • Couples with very different weights and/or sleep preferences
  • If you like products adaptable to your requirements
  • All sleeping positions
Customizable mattresses are great because they are cognizant of different sleep preferences and the needs of couples who share a bed. The Naturepedic EOS is split and built in a modular design, with layers that can be adapted to two people’s preferences. Across the options, it really does appeal to myriad tastes. Naturepedic offers a vegan alternative, but can also switch latex for coils for anyone unsure or uninterested in latex. Ultimately, creating the firmness level specifically suited to you shifts you as close as possible to your ideal bed. An additional perk to this 100% natural latex mattress is the layer swap. This is free in the first 90 days, but replacing layers means you can get the same feel for an extended period of time without replacing the whole mattress. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • One bed meets the needs of two (even very) different people
  • A range of customizable materials and firmness options available
  • Easy to assemble
  • Layer swap for free within 90 days of purchase and at a cost thereafter for extended lifespan of one mattress
  • Certified to meet high standards for being non-toxic, organic, and sustainable
  • It doesn’t come at the most accessible price for many shoppers


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5. Best Pressure Relieving Latex Mattress – Nest Bedding

Who is the Nest Bedding good for:
  • All sleeping positions
  • All body types
  • Luxury shoppers
  • Couples with different sleep preferences
Latex is naturally pressure-relieving, but the Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex takes the cake. It comes in three firmness options – Medium, Firm, and Plush – which means there is a mattress for all sleeping positions on offer from Nest. While the Medium works for most side sleepers, the Plush option is around a medium-firm and is ultra pressure relieving. This is an exceptional choice for strict side sleepers looking for comfort around their shoulders and hips while they sleep. With split options available, couples don’t have to compromise on their preferences. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, and Split Cal King.
  • Comfort guarantee is one of the more unique company policies in the industry
  • You choose the firmness of your mattress
  • Split options available to accommodate couples
  • It’s easy to change positions on this bed
  • It’s durable
  • It is too pricy for some shoppers


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6. Best Latex Mattress for Back and Stomach Sleepers – Awara

Who is the Awara good for:
  • Eco-shoppers who value organic, sustainable practices
  • Value shoppers
  • All sleep positions, especially back and stomach sleepers on the search for support
  • People of all sizes
  • Anyone who needs strong edge support
The most important factor for back and stomach sleepers is spinal alignment – something primarily achieved through firmness. The Awara Mattress is made using Dunlop latex and, at a medium-firm on the spectrum, is right on the sweet spot for many back and stomach sleepers. It has zoned support to accommodate the support needs of different parts of the body – and the presence of coils means it is a durable and supportive choice for heavyweight people too. Awara has been made using sustainably sourced materials – including Dunlop latex, organic cotton, and wool. These materials hold certifications for meeting industry standards on this front, so you can feel good about your buy. The same materials make you feel good as you sleep – offering natural breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and moisture wicking. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • They hold certifications for their eco-friendly qualities
  • The company policies reduce the risk around buying a mattress online
  • Couples can sleep right up to the edge on smaller sized mattress models
  • It’s easy for combination and restless sleepers to change position at night, and offers responsiveness for sex
  • It is notably well-made and durable
  • Some side sleepers would appreciate extra softness and pressure relief


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7. Best Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers – Brentwood

Who is the Brentwood good for:
  • Anyone who cares about sustainability and environmental concerns
  • Side sleepers (and all sleepers)
  • All shapes and sizes
  • Anyone looking for a premium mattress
  • Anyone who has trouble making up their mind
The Brentwood Hybrid Latex mattress is right on the sweet spot for most side sleepers, but is accommodating enough for most sleepers across different sleep positions. There’s a lot that makes this premium mattress special. It has a zoned latex layer, which is designed around the human body for comfort. If you are eco-conscious, there is a lot to love in one bed. It incorporates natural, sustainable, and recycled materials into the design (for instance, its base is made from upcycled denim) to be a more environmentally friendly alternative. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, and Split Cal King.
  • You get what you pay for – a premium bed
  • Generous company policies
  • Zoned construction
  • It’s an accommodating bed
  • It’s responsive – and so easy to move around and change position
  • It’s not a true firm or true soft


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8. Most Accommodating Latex Mattress – Happsy

Who is the Happsy good for:
  • Eco-shoppers
  • Health-conscious shoppers
  • Back and stomach sleepers (standard) and side sleepers (with pillowtop)
  • People of all sizes
There is always a margin of risk when buying a bed online. Thankfully, some accommodating brands exist and Happsy is one of them. This medium-firm hybrid mattress is a fit for most sleepers, with side sleepers encouraged to look into the ultra-comfortable pillowtop addition on offer at purchase (this also helps with extra motion isolation if you are worried about being disturbed by your partner during the night). For eco-shoppers, this is a top class organic latex mattress. There is no foam in this bed – Happsy uses cotton shreds instead – and even the coils are made from recycled materials for conscientious shoppers. There are also no glues, adhesives, or chemical flame retardants in this bed – a big plus for anyone with health concerns. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Natural health benefits
  • Naturally breathable and temperature regulating
  • It’s made from eco-friendly materials
  • Its responsiveness makes it easy to change sleep and sex position
  • It provides notable support and spinal alignment for back and stomach sleepers
  • Side sleepers should consider the pillowtop
  • It doesn’t offer very good edge support or motion isolation for couples


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Mattress buying guide for latex mattresses

If this is your first time shopping for a latex mattress, you’ve probably got some questions about this extraordinary mattress material. While there’s no way to describe the unique feeling of latex (or any mattress material, really), it helps to have a guide of useful information to narrow down your selection as you shop. Here are a few helpful pointers and some things to consider as you explore the exciting world of latex mattresses.  

Who should buy a latex mattress?

Latex is a comfortable choice of mattress material for all sleep preferences. If you have been sleeping on a memory foam mattress your whole life, it’s fair to anticipate an adjustment period. Latex is especially popular for people looking to minimize the effects of hidden foams and chemicals in their homes – and people looking for the health benefits which come with this natural material. Latex is also breathable with natural cooling abilities, making it a great choice for hot sleepers.

In terms of feel, latex is very responsive. This means it is springy rather than sinking – and you move across the surface of these beds with relative ease. It’s also hardier than many foams so, if mattress shopping is an exercise you’d rather not repeat too soon, latex could be the answer.

The pros of latex mattresses


Latex is more durable than many memory foams, which is attractive for many buyers. By its construction, latex is less inclined to sag and deteriorate like most memory foams.


While this is very much a matter of opinion, there are some widely acknowledged benefits to more responsive mattresses. For restless sleepers – or anyone who changes position regularly during the night – the responsiveness of latex removes that stuck feeling you feel with traditional memory foams. It’s also easy to change position during intercourse – something many couples appreciate.


Latex is naturally temperature regulating, which means most people sleep at a comfortable temperature during the night without overheating. It doesn’t hold heat the way many memory foam mattresses do. Some brands have enhanced the cooling abilities of their latex comfort layers by introducing a ‘pinprick’ design for ventilation. Together with the open design of coils in hybrid models, latex is a great choice for cooling.


Unless you have a physical reaction to your mattress materials, there is no knowing the silent effects of sleep materials on your health. Opting for natural materials like latex can have very positive health benefits and, by virtue of being so pressure relieving, can help to alleviate existing aches and pains too. Dust mites and mold also have a kind of aversion to latex, which also contributes to wellness.

Cons of latex mattresses


Latex is quite a dense material and so can be a heavy piece of furniture. This only matters when you are moving or flipping a mattress – something most people won’t do often.


Latex has a reputation for being too costly for many people’s budgets. Indeed, you can expect an elevated price tag attached to mattresses in the natural and latex class. However, if you aren’t a purist when it comes to natural materials, there are some blended materials available which usually dilute the price.


The feel of latex is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some people simply never become accustomed to the unique feel and responsiveness of latex.

The different types of latex mattresses

There are different types of latex, which can almost be classed into grades for shoppers on the search for natural materials. There is all-latex, synthetic latex, and blended latex. Natural latex is tapped from rubber trees, while synthetic and blended latex is made through chemical processes.

You have also probably come across Dunlop and Talaylay natural latex mattresses. These are two types of natural latex varieties. The difference comes down to how they are processed. The differences between the two are not very pronounced. In fact, most people won’t tell one from the other. Dunlop latex is a little denser and heavier than Talaylay, which means it is slightly less aerated than the latter which has more free-flowing movement of air. It is used in all elements of construction, but is a better choice for support layers than Talaylay. It is also a little less expensive than Talaylay.

Latex vs memory foam

The main difference between latex and memory foam is that the one is natural and the other is synthetic. This mostly matters to green and health-conscious shoppers. These days, while traditional memory foam is still resoundingly popular, foams of yesteryear have evolved. This means more responsive, almost latex-like memory foams exist – without th green and health benefits of latex.

Latex is also an open-cell material which moves air around the mattress with greater ease than memory foam – and is more durable too.

Memory foam is the more affordable material between the two, but it also usually isolates motion more effectively than latex. This is important for light sleepers or anyone disturbed by a restless partner at night. It’s also hard to beat the pressure relieving abilities of traditional memory foam, although this comes down to the foam.

How long does a latex mattress last?

The longevity of any mattress depends on the materials used and the quality of construction. Latex is, however, the most durable mattress material on the market. While latex hybrid models last in the region of six to seven years – which is the norm across the industry – high-quality latex mattresses can last eight years or more. While many view latex mattresses as out of their budgets, the value of extra years of use is certainly worth considering when taking price into account.


Is a latex mattress worth it?

Yes. The added durability and health benefits of this natural material are worth the price tag.

Is a latex mattress better than memory foam?

This is a question of preference, but there are natural cooling and health benefits, as well as enhanced durability to consider when comparing the two.

How thick should a latex mattress be?

Thicker mattresses tend to offer higher value, added durability, and support. Petite sleepers and many average-sized people can get away with mattresses in the 6-inch category, while heavier people or anyone in need of support should aim closer to 12 inches.

Can bed bugs live in a latex mattress?

The density of latex makes it inhospitable for bed bugs. They can still burrow into box springs, however, so keep an eye out for that.

Do natural latex mattresses sag?

Latex regains its original shape quickly and easily, making it less likely to sag than other mattress materials.

Does a latex mattress make you hot?

With its open cell construction, latex is more breathable and so cooler than many other mattress materials.

Is a latex mattress good for back pain?

The density of latex means it offers very good lumbar support for anyone who suffers with back pain.