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Layla Mattress

Layla Mattress Review

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Review by Joanne
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There are many reasons why Layla Sleep is ahead of the competition and on top of that is its flagship bed, Layla Mattress. Layla sells 2 mattress types; the Layla Memory Foam Mattress, and the Layla Hybrid Mattress with individually wrapped pocketed coil layer. The Memory Foam mattress is one of the most comfortable all-foam mattress in the market today. Not surprising at all, considering that it is made of high-quality copper gel-infused foam. What makes the Layla Mattress a great value for money mattress is the comfort options it offers. You can choose between two firmness levels just by flipping the mattress. It is not only versatile but also an affordable bed with a price range from $599 for a Twin to a little over $1,000 for a King.
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Who is the Layla mattress for?

  • Those who want a versatile mattress that can provide both pressure relief and enough support.
  • Seniors and other adults who experience chronic pain in the common problem areas such as the neck, shoulders, and hips.
  • Those who sleep with a partner will love the bed’s motion isolation feature.
  • Sticklers for clean and easy to wash mattress.
  • Those who want more value for their money.
  • Those who want a cooling mattress.

Who won’t love the Layla mattress?

  • Individuals who tip the scale at 230 pounds or more. 
  • Those who sleep on their stomach.
  • Those who want a springy mattress.

Layla Sleep company policy

Layla Sleep, Inc. is a U.S-based company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It has been manufacturing mattresses since 2016 and sells its products directly to consumers. The company now also sells it’s products on Amazon. 

Lifetime Warranty

120 Nights

Free Shipping to contiguous U.S.


Made in

Shipping:  Layla Mattress offers free shipping to the United States.  Shipping to Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii is not free. Since the Layla mattresses are made-to-order mattress, it will take 2 to 3 business days to manufacture and up to 5 business days to ship depending on where you are located.

Old mattress removal:  Layla does not offer a mattress removal service. 

Payment accepted:  Financing: Layla Mattress accepts payment through PayPal and Major Credit Cards. You can also avail of financing through Affirm, a company that offers a pretty fast and straightforward scheme.

Returns and refund:  Returning a Layla Mattress is easy since you just need to inform customer service why you want to return the mattress, provided you do not exceed the 120-night trial period for return. You need not repackage your mattress as it will be picked up and donated to local charitable organizations and after that, you will get a refund. Layla specifically states on their website that shipping fees to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are not refundable.

Sleep trial period:  Layla offers a sleep trial so you can test the mattress for 120 nights, starting from the date you purchased the Layla mattress. There is a mandatory break-in period of two weeks.

Warranties:  All Layla Mattresses are covered by a lifetime warranty for original owners. You can have the mattress repaired or replaced, at the company’s option.

Packaging and unpacking:  The Layla Mattress is a “bed in a box” that gets delivered to you compressed, rolled up and boxed. Unboxing and setting up the mattress is easy. If you buy the Double, King, Queen or Cal King mattress, we recommend that you are at least 2 people. Once out of the box and plastic wrapping, the mattress expands and decompresses, but make sure you roll it out of the box as soon as it arrives. Layla recommends that you air it out and wait for at least 24 hours before you sleep on the mattress.

Smell/off-gassing and harmful chemicals:  Off-gassing is common among bed-in-a-box mattresses. However, customers did not experience too much of this problem with the Layla Mattress as the smell is not excessive and easily goes away after a few hours.

Where are the mattresses made?:  The Layla Mattress is made in the United States. On their website’s FAQ page, Layla states that some fabric is cut and sewn in El Salvador and Mexico.

Measurement details and cost

Here at Mattress Portal we review a lot of mattress brands and we really think that both the memory foam and hybrid model are very affordable mattresses.

Layla mattress performance

There are certain considerations that you must always remember before purchasing a new mattress and one of these is your sleeping preference. People sleep differently and by knowing your sleep position and your weight, you will be in a better position to compare and choose the right mattress that will provide you with the best sleep possible.

Most sleepers prefer the Layla Mattress because of its known ability to provide a comfortable sleep. Layla uses a copper-infused foam which emits antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, ideal for people who suffer from arthritis. After all, experts agree that copper helps reduce inflammation and relieve swollen joints.

The copper particles inside the mattress also help people sleep cooler by carrying away body heat.

Construction layers and materials used

Layla Sleep now has 2 mattress options available, the flagship Layla Memory Foam Mattress and the recently launched, Layla Hybrid Mattress. This Memory Foam mattress is, however, more like a two-in-one mattress because it is a flippable model with 2 firmness options, so its like getting two types of mattresses in one. Knowing the construction of a mattress is very important for your sleep because it will determine the level of comfort or support that you will get from the mattress.

The Layla memory foam mattress

The Memory foam 10-inch mattress comes with a zipped cover made from a blend of polyester, viscose and lycra. At the top and bottom of the mattress is a removable fabric cover that you can easily throw in the washing machine or send it to the dry cleaners, whichever works for you. But if you want to keep the cover plush and soft to the touch, then we suggest that you opt for dry cleaning. It can also be machine-washed but make sure you use cold water and a gentle detergent.

The mattress is made from a 2.5” layer of Copper Gel Memory Foam. This side is medium-soft and gently cradles and conforms to your body. The other side of the Layla Mattress is a lot firmer but still made of 1’’ thick copper-infused memory. If you want more support then this side of the mattress is for you. While the thickness of the copper-infused foams differs on either side, the material is guaranteed to keep you cool whether you just want to relax on your bed, get a few winks, or surrender to deep slumber.

The next layer for the medium-soft side is made of 2’’ polyfoam called the Max Airflow Support Foam which helps the mattress breathe and keeps the surface cool. This also serves as a transition layer between the upper comfort layer and the support layer. The other side which is a lot firmer and provides more support for the sleeper does not have the transition layer.

In the center, there is a single 4.5” Support Core Foam layer for both sides of the Layla Mattress. So whether you prefer to sleep on the medium-soft side or the firmer side, you will still get that support core made of high-density polyfoam that measures 4.5 inches thick. This layer provides the necessary support and stability for the mattress.

The Layla hybrid mattress

When Layla announced the launch of the Hybrid Mattress, we were pretty intrigued. The materials and layers used in the 13” thick Layla Hybrid Mattress are very similar to the Layla Memory Foam Mattress, and it is still flippable, but it also has a 6” Infinity Edge Individually Wrapped Coil System in the middle.

The mattress has a soft side and a firm side with the pocked coils provide additional support and firmness, especially for heavier people. Pocketed coils are superior to innerspring so you get the support and bounce that you normally get with inner springs but without large amounts of motion transfer.

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • 120 nights trial
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  • Free returns
  • Finance available
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  1. Cooling Cover (Soft Side)
  2. 3" Copper-Gel Memory Foam
  3. 2" Max Airflow Support Foam
  4. 4" Support Core Foam
  5. 1" Copper-Gel Memory Foam
  6. Cooling Cover (Firm Side)
Layla Memory Foam Mattress Layers
  1. Cover (Soft Side)
  2. 2.5" Copper-Gel Memory Foam
  3.  2" Max Airflow Support Foam
  4.  6" Wrapped Coils
  5.  1.5" Max Airflow Support Foam
  6.  1" Copper-Gel Memory Foam
  7. Cover (Firm Side)
Layla Hybrid Mattress Layers

Firmness and feel options

While you only pay for a single mattress, you will be happy to know that both the Memory Foam version and the Hybrid version provide you with different firmness levels. The medium-soft side tips the firmness scale at 4, while the firmer side has a firmness level of 7. It’s good to note that the firm side of both mattresses is not really that firm so if you want a seriously firm mattress this is not for you especially if you are a heavier person because the mattress will feel softer to you. In that case, you might want to check the Saatva Classic Coil Mattress.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm

Layla Memory Foam


Layla Hybrid


Layla edge support

Most sleepers do not really spend much time reviewing the edge support offered by a mattress primarily because they will be spending more time lying on the mattress instead of sitting down on the edges. But hey, if you are like me and sleep at the edge, then read on. If you do intend to spend most of your time sitting on the mattress then we recommend the Layla Hybrid.

With this in mind, we spoke with Layla Hybrid Mattress customers and were surprised to see that while the mattress tends to compress when we sat on the edge, it has held up and they did not feel like they were going to fall off from the edge. Surprisingly, it offers enough edge support unless you are really on the heavy side, in which case there will be considerable sinkage. As expected, the softer side compressed more than the firmer side which offered enough support. 

Body types, sleep position and pressure relief

If you are a lightweight sleeper, side sleeper or combo sleeper, then the soft side of both mattresses is right for you. On the soft side, you get a lot of pressure relief. The firm side is ideal for heavier people, back sleepers and stomach sleepers. The Layla Mattresses provide enough pressure relief for all body types although the firmer side proved to be more comfortable for average weight and heavy sleepers

As we said before, we think the firm side of the Hybrid might not be firm enough for heavy people who sleep on their back or stomach because the mattress will just feel softer.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

Layla Memory Foam

Side and Stomach sleepers under 230lbs.


Save $150 


Layla Hybrid

All kinds of sleepers and heavy people.


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Temperature regulation

Most memory foam mattresses trap body heat and make sleeping a lot warmer for the average individual. However, the Layla Mattress provides a more neutral temperature thanks to the copper-infused foams on both sides. Thus, you can expect to sleep a lot cooler on the Layla Mattress compared to the other foam beds in the market.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm

Layla Memory Foam


Layla Hybrid 


Motion isolation and noise

The Layla Mattress is ideal for couples because of its great motion isolation feature which allows you to sleep undisturbed even if your partner moves on his side of the bed. It is also a very quiet bed without the unnecessary noise produced when you move around or just change position. Memory foam beds are actually very quiet compared to those with coils so you are assured that this bed will let you enjoy your slumber party.

Is Layla suitable for couples and sex?

Memory foam material lacks bounce and since the Layla Mattresses top construction layers are made from memory foam this does lack bounce. So during playtime, you can change your positions at any time without waking people in the room next door. However, if you are looking for a well responsive mattress with a great bounce than this mattress is not for you.

Durability and longevity

The Layla Mattress is fairly new and has been in the market for about four years. We read a lot of reviews from real customers and we actually think you can rely on the materials used and the construction of the mattress. The flippable mattress may be a new design but just like the previous models, this one is made of premium quality memory foam and other materials like durable pocketed coils that provide you a mattress with an average lifespan of eight years which is actually an industry average.

If you purchase your mattress directly from laylasleep.com or Layla Sleep authorized marketplaces, then you will benefit from a lifetime warranty cover.  We recommend that you rotate the mattress head to foot every 6 months.

Bed base

When you buy a new mattress, your first question might be the practicality of buying the mattress and whether or not it will work with what you already have in terms of base or foundation. The Layla Mattress will easily fit your existing base whether it is a box spring or a slatted base provided it is not a worn-out one.  An adjustable base as a foundation works perfectly for both the Layla hybrid Mattress and the Layla Memory Foam mattress due to the conforming nature of the mattress. But whatever you have right now, make sure you do not place your Layla Mattress directly on the ground as it will affect the overall feel of the mattress.


Box Spring

Solid Platform




Metal Grid

Summary of the Layla mattress range

What customers love about Layla is the fact that it’s a double-sided mattress. So you get two firmness levels in one mattress and you can just flip the bed over if you feel its too soft or too firm for you.  This is a very popular mattress not only because it is a good buy, given the accommodating options, but also because it allows you to sleep cooler with its copper-infused memory foam, made available on both sides of the mattress.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Layla mattress brand?

YES we do recommend both the Layla Hybrid and the Layla Memory Foam mattress. If you want a great value for your money mattress, then the Layla Mattress will definitely give you more value with its double-sided option. You can even choose the King-sized bed and still get enough savings given the affordable price of just a little over $1000 for this size.




Most of you will agree that what it comes to choosing a mattress, good night sleep is more important then being thrifty but then again, can you fault the manufacturer if they were able to come up with a quality mattress such as the Layla Memory Foam Mattress at such a reasonable price tag? This mattress is made of quality materials that are guaranteed to make you’re sleeping experience pure bliss. Take for example the copper-infused memory foam on both sides of this flippable mattress. That is literally a cool feature!

You don’t even have to take our word for it because even the Better Business Bureau has given the Layla Mattress an A+ rating which means it is made of quality materials and is durable enough to pass the stringent tests of the Bureau.


How long will a Layla Mattress last?

Good quality memory foam mattresses have an expacted lifespan of about 8 years which is actually an industry average. This is also dependent on the weight of the body. Lightweight sleepers will enjoy the mattress for a longer period of time. Layla Sleep offer a Lifetime Warranty on their mattresses for body impressions over 1” deep. Click here to learn more about the lifetime warranty details

Do Layla Mattresses sag?

Memory foam does sag over time, but it's going to take years.  It helps maintain your mattress in good shape if you use the proper foundation for your mattress and if you follow the specifications when it comes to the appropriate weight requirement for the exact mattress size.

Is there a weight limit for the Layla Mattress?

No, but your actual weight will greatly affect the satisfaction you get from the mattress.

Can you flip the Layla Mattress?

Yes, the Layla Mattress is a flippable mattress.

Is Layla Mattress worth it?

We really think the Layla Mattress is a good buy and provides you value for money.

Is Layla Mattress good for back pain?

Yes, the Layla Mattress is good for those who need more pressure relief, and also for seniors who need a firmer mattress to suit their physical condition. Having said that if you are looking for a very firm mattress, Layla is not for you.

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