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Awara Mattress
Awara Mattress

Awara Mattress Review

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Review by Kieron
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Welcome to our Awara mattress review. Awara Sleep is a relatively young company (formed in 2019) based in Long Beach California. They have taken the approach of manufacturing a mattress that meets a generous spectrum of body types and sleeping requirements. There are other companies that also use this same concept. The major difference is that Awara’s focus sits primarily in providing as eco conscious a product as possible. This includes some of their materials used, design elements as well as initiatives to help some global eco-friendly social projects. In the review below we’ll look at some of the Awara mattress’ design specs, the company’s consumer practices, as well as covering some of the sleeping requirements that this product may or may not service.
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Who is the Awara mattress for?

  • Anyone who is looking for an eco-friendly mattress – This is possibly one of the most eco-conscious companies that we have encountered. The materials used are both minimalistic as well as highly conservative in terms of their carbon footprint.
  • Sleepers who take a while to adjust to a new mattress – The Awara mattress comes with a highly impressive 365-night sleeping trial, so you have ample time to truly test the feel and durability of this product before commiting to the purchase.
  • A generous range of body weights – We found this mattress to be comfortable for lightweight through to heavyweight sleepers. This doesn’t mean it suits everyone, but we must note how impressive the mattress performs in this area.
  • Sleepers who need some form of temperature regulation – This mattress is quite breathable thanks to its latex comfort layer combined with a large layer of pocketed coils. 
  • Couples or individuals that need great edge support – If you tend to find yourself sleeping along the sides of the bed, you’ll enjoy the solid feel of the Awara mattress’ edge support.

Who won’t love the Awara mattress?

  • Anyone who enjoys a natural memory foam feel – Because of its latex based foam design, sleepers won’t sink into the mattress as with more traditional memory foam models. Anyone looking for this sinking feeling may want to look elsewhere.  
  • More lightweight sleepers who sleep on their side – There is not as prominent pressure relief that you would get with memory foam or hybrid models. Side sleepers under 150lbs may struggle to settle their contours into the mattress.
$300 Off
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  • Lifetime warranty
  • 365 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Made in USA
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Awara company policy


365 Nights



Made in

Shipping:  Awara sleep delivers your mattress to your door, via FedEx ground delivery. There is a small extra cost for a white service option

Old mattress removal:  There is no mattress removal service available option. If you can try utilizing a donation program or city collection service. 

Payment accepted, financing:  Financing options available through the online credit platform Affirm via the Awara sleep website. 

Returns and refund:  Awara will arrange to have your mattress delivered back to their factory or inspection. If there is a defect or you are not satisfied with your mattress, they will pay you a full refund. 

Sleep trial period:  Any product purchased on the Awara sleep website comes with a 365-night sleep trial. 

Warranties:  Awara mattresses come with their Forever lifetime policy. 

Packaging and unpacking:  After purchase, your Awara mattress will arrive boxed at your door via FedEx ground service. Unpacking should require minimal effort with one or two people.

Smell (off gassing), harmful chemicals:  The Awara mattress is highly organic and as such contains no heavy metals, leads, formaldehyde or any other ozone damaging properties. We experienced no major off gassing after unpackaging.  

Where are the mattresses made?  All Awara products are manufactured in the USA. 

Awara mattress measurements and pricing

Awara Mattress
39″ × 75″
39″ × 80″
54″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″

Awara mattress performance review

Awara’s highest priority is to provide a mattress that balances quality with eco-friendly manufacturing solutions. They have an abundance of certificates and accolades in various areas of environmentally friendly practices. The mattress comes in one standard firmness option, but is meant to suit the needs of a wide variety of sleepers from light through to heavyweight. This mattress has an overall quicker response time than most mattress types, and may feel quite foreign to people accustomed to something more plush or neutral such as memory foam. Let’s take a look at how Awara construct and layer their mattress.

Construction layers and materials used

The Awara mattress is only available in one model. It has a layering system that consists of a combination of various mattresses’ design elements. It carries parts and characteristics of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses, and it has the same overall response that a latex mattress has. Below is a short breakdown of each layer in the Awara mattress.

Layering breakdown

  • Organic cotton cover – Awara have incorporated organically harvested wool into their top layer. This gives the mattress a very natural scent and feel.
  • Latex foam comfort layer – A hybrid foam layering that gives the mattress its first structural layer of support, this foam type also has cooling properties similar to that of a latex mattress.
  • Pocketed coils – This is the key element to the Awara mattress’ response characteristics and breathability. Pocketed coils also tend to have better motion isolation and noise control than innerspring mattresses and wear at a much slower rate over time.
  • Cotton/poly support base – This is the base level of the mattress. Cornered with four handles for extra structural support, this layer nests the pocketed coil layer to finish off the construction layer. Even though this is not a high-density foam layer we still found it to provide adequate support to the rest of the mattress. 

Below is a basic breakdown of the layering system and construction of each model in the Awara range. These are not definitive and may be subject to change by the manufacturer.

  1. Organic Cotton and New Zealand Wool Cover
  2. Latex Foam Comfort Layer
  3. 9’’ Pocketed Coils Layer
  4. High Density Cotton/Poly Base
Awara Mattress Layers

Awara firmness and pressure relief

It’s not common practice for a mattress manufacturer to have just one mattress on offer with one firmness option. The overall firmness level of the Awara mattress sits at around 7/10. This is around medium firm on the scale and even though its singular design would usually indicate some potential drawbacks for certain body types, this mattress proves to be impressively diverse in its comfort abilities. This mattress does not feel anything like a memory foam mattress, which is usually softer on the contours of the body. 

Below is a relative chart of this model’s firmness level, based on a 180lbs sleeper at 13’’ thickness l. These are not definitive and it’s best to test the mattresses out yourself to decide how firm they feel to you.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm

Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid


Sleep position and body type

It’s really handy for you to have an idea of what your sleeping habits and requirements are when purchasing a new mattress. This will help you understand which mattress is best designed to suit your body’s needs during slumber.

Because of its modern latex foam design, the Awara mattress gives you the feeling of sleeping on top of the bed, as opposed to sinking inside it. We know that this is highly beneficial to people who like to sleep on either their back or stomach. There’s nearly zero sagging around the hip area when lying in these positions, which means there’s very little strain placed on your lower back. Not only will this translate into a more comfortable sleep, but you’re also less likely to suffer any excess back pain throughout the day from sleeping. Anyone who experiences back pain, or simply needs the extra support in this area will enjoy an Awara sleep.

The latex foam in the Awara mattress has a really quick response and is quite firm. As such, it may not be the best option for people who need some cushioning on their contours while sleeping. Side sleepers usually need this kind of cushioning around their hips, shoulders, knees and sides. Even though the Awara isn’t the most forgiving in these areas, we found that only lighter side sleepers experienced any sort of discomfort while others upward of 150lbs seemed to conform with the mattress over time. 

Awara edge support

We were genuinely surprised at how well the Awara mattress scored in this area considering its minimalistic design specs. Edge support is an important factor to consider when looking for a mattress. There are some who may need extra sturdiness along the edge of the bed, such as the elderly or somebody with hip or back pain. 

The Awara mattress has very little sag along its perimeter, and we felt well supported by the edges when getting in and out of the bed. Pocketed coil layers can sometimes not have enough structural integrity to provide solid edge support but this is not the case with the Awara. There’s also very little roll factor on the edge, which is great as this can sometimes be highly uncomfortable for someone who tends to sleep on the side of the mattress.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid

Back, stomach or combination sleepers, couples, anyone between 120 - 400lbs


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Awara Temperature regulation

The signature ingredient in Awara’s temperature regulation is its latex foam comfort layer. Latex sleeps a lot cooler than standard memory foam as it doesn’t hold nearly as much heat when slept on for long periods. Awara have opted to use a Dunlop latex, which also breathes better than the more commonly used Talalay constituent.

A generous 9-inch layer of pocketed coils complements the above latex layer and provides an even flow of air throughout the body of the mattress. Pocketed coils are a great way to give a mattress a medium firmness and quick response while also spacing out the support materials enough so that there is adequate ventilation. The Awara mattress will not necessarily cool down overly warm sleepers, but the average sleeper shouldn’t experience any uncomfortable temperature shifts with this mattress. We’d say that this mattress’s overall temperature sits at a comfortable neutral level.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm

Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid


Motion isolation and noise

This is another department where we found the Awara mattress to be well worth its fairly reasonable price tag. If you’re a combination sleeper that changes positions during sleep, you’ll want a mattress that allows your body to do so comfortably. With that in mind, if your partner moves a lot in bed you want a mattress that allows them to without disturbing your sleep. The pocketed coil layering in the Awara does a really good job of stunting any sort of ripple of motion that a restless partner gives off. Because the coils are individually encased, they diffuse noise at a quicker rate than innerspring units. This means you or your partner can move around at night without waking each other up.

Is Awara suitable for couples and sex?

There are a handful of reasons to pick this mattress if you’re in a couple. We just discussed the advantages of the Awara’s ability to withhold motion and diffuse any noises caused by restless or combination sleepers. We must note here that the noise isolation is also perfect for sexually active couples who want or need to be discreet during intercourse.

The Awara mattress has a really quick response to pressure, while also comfortably supporting the combined motions of couples even to an abrasive level. There is also more than enough firmness in the mattress for traction and frame support movement or changing of positions will not be inhibited. Couples can also enjoy the entire surface area of the bed for sleep or intimacy as there is little to no sag along the sides because of its sturdy edge support system. If one of you tends to warm up during sleep this mattress should regulate the overall temperature of the bed so there is minimal overheating between you two. We think that this mattress is a great buy for couples for sex or sleep. 

Durability and longevity

Awara seems to hold some serious confidence in their product. Your purchase comes with an extensive 365-night trial. This is also further backed with a lifetime guarantee on their mattresses. We can see why they would have so much belief in the durable nature of their design. The dunlop latex in their foam retains almost zero moisture, which is a common factor in mattress depreciation. 

The pocketed coils will also hold up for longer than traditional innerspring designs due to the protection they get from their individual casing. We also can’t really foresee any potential future sagging in this mattress and give it a good 10 or more years before it starts to experience minor wear and tear. Anyone who is looking to make a safe, long term and eco-conscious investment should definitely add the Awara mattress to their list of prospective purchases.

Bed base

There are three sleek and equally eco-friendly options in the bed base section of the Awara sleep website. While it should be perfectly fine to use the base you have or buy one elsewhere, it’s safe to assume that you’ll often get the most out of a mattress by buying it in conjunction with a base from the same manufacturer. Awara gives you the choice of either a solid platform, an adjustable bed base or a frame and headboard combo. 

Because the foam in the comfort layer is latex based, it’s less likely to warp or wear when used with an adjustable base due to its rubbery nature, so if you are concerned about using this type of base, worry not. However we do feel that it has it’s best feel on top of a solid platform. There just seems to be an added sense of frame support and overall structural integrity in the mattress on this base type, especially if you’re in a couple. The headboard and frame combo uses a metal frame with wooden slats for support is not our personal favorite for this mattress, but we see no major flaws in using it for your Awara mattress.


Solid Platform



Metal Grid

Awara mattress complaints

  • We would have liked the option of a more plush or slightly softer alternative to the primary Awara mattress. Hopefully Awara will look into releasing another model with some added pressure relief for lighter side sleepers. 
  • Some users have experienced a short unpleasant rubbery smell after unboxing. This is due to the latex foam and should subside shortly after setting the mattress up.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Awara mattress brand?



  • The Awara mattress is well worth the price tag that it comes at. Keep an eye on their website Awarasleep.com for offers and discounts that they offer customers. 
  • The pocketed coil system and quilted top give this bed a really luxurious overall aesthetic and feel. For the price that it comes at, you really are provided with some great value.
  • We found this mattress to be a wonderful option for couples for a number of reasons including motion isolation and noise control and great temperature regulation.
  • We were also really impressed with the 365-night trial offer, as well as the lifetime warranty that this mattress comes with. These are usually reserved for mattresses in a higher price range so if you want to take advantage of customer care options like this, check out this mattress. Thanks for reading our Awara mattress review. So long and sweet dreams!


Is Awara mattress good for side sleepers?

We personally don't think this mattress is the best for side sleepers, particularly if you weigh below 150lbs.

Where is the Awara mattress made?

Awara mattresses are manufactured in the U.S.

Is Awara G.O.L.S. certified?


What makes Awara an eco-friendly mattress?

Awara’s latex foam 95% organic. The Awara mattress also has a wide range of eco-conscious certifications.

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