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Happsy Mattress

Happsy Mattress Review

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Review by Kieron
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Welcome to our review of the Happsy mattress. In the modern age, nearly every area of industry is constantly seeking new ways to make their service or product more eco-friendly. It’s practically a necessity. And when it comes to mattresses Happsy is probably one of the frontrunners in the eco-conscious community. But does it hold up as well as its less eco-friendly competitors? In this review we’ll take a look at some of the Happsy’s design elements and help you decide if this is the right mattress for you. Let’s get tucked in.
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Who is the Happsy mattress for?

  • Anyone who is looking to buy an eco-friendlyAs we mentioned in the introduction Happsy is one of the best mattresses in the eco-friendly industry. They have an extensive list of certifications and awards to back this up.  
  • Most body weights and sleeping typesThis one mattress has a hybrid foam in its layering that caters to a pretty wide selection of sleeper’s needs. It also has the option of an additional topper or extra comfort and support.
  • People who enjoy a more responsive mattressTraditional memory foam mattresses give off a slow response to pressure and allow the body to sink into the surface. This model has more bounce and rests the body atop its surface area. 
  • Anyone who likes the feel of organic textiles – Organic materials such as the latex, wool, and cotton used in the cover all give a mattress a much earthier aesthetic, smell, and overall feel than other mattresses. This one is particularly distinct, but not off-putting by any means. 

Who won’t love the Happsy mattress?

  • Anyone who is looking for a neutral memory foam feel – This mattress’ comfort layer has a lot more spring than standard memory foam designs. This is not a mattress for those who want that traditional sinking feeling.
  • People who need a softer mattress for sleeping – Lighter body weights usually need a mattress that is a bit softer to give them optimum comfort. The Happsy is around a medium-firm, so it may be a bit too dense for sleepers under 150lbs.
$200 Off
Code: SAVE200
  • 12 years warranty
  • 120 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Made in USA
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Happsy company policy

12 Year

120 Nights



Made in

Shipping:  Happsy offers a free bed in a box delivery with any mattress purchase. 

Old mattress removal:  Happsy does not appear to have any mattress removal service on offer. Check-in with your local collection services or donation agencies.

Payment accepted financing:  Payment for your mattress can be made by credit card. There are no financing options available on the Happsy store. 

Returns and refund:  If you are not satisfied with your Happsy mattress, they will arrange to have it collected for recycling or donation at no charge to you. You will also receive a full refund. 

Sleep trial period:  Any product purchased on the Happsy website comes with a 120-night sleep trial. 

Warranties:  Happsy mattresses come with an impressive 20-year Warranty. 

Packaging and unpacking:  You will receive your Happsy mattress in a box that is relatively easy to unpack. It shouldn’t take more than 2 people to set up, and should take less than 10 minutes. 

Smell (off-gassing), harmful chemicals:  The Happsy range is CertiPUR- the US certified, which means the mattresses contain no heavy metals, leads, formaldehyde, or any other ozone-damaging properties. This also means there are zero off-gassings. 

Where are the mattresses made?  All Happsy products are manufactured in the USA. 

Happsy mattress measurements and pricing

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Happsy mattress performance

To put this Happsy mattress review together, we spent countless hours reading reviews from actual Happsy customers. With that said, let’s talk a little bit about the performance and materials used inside of this mattress.  The Happsy mattress’s design is primarily centered around meeting a broad range of sleeping requirements. 
While it may not specialize in any specific area, it definitely provides basic comfort to a wide variety of sleepers. As mentioned before, this mattress is probably one of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the market today. It is a 100% organic mattress, from the textiles to the manufacturing methods. This is quite an achievement for most traditionally synthetic products. Below we’ll take a look at how Happsy mattresses are built.

Construction layers and materials used

Every layer in the Happsy mattress is an eco-conscious adaptation of already existing concepts. Its support base is a generously high pocketed coil layer. The key ingredient in this mattress’ design is the hybrid foam that is used in the comfort layer. These two elements give the mattress its overall feel and firmness characteristics. It should be noted that Happsy offers this mattress with an optional topper that adds a bit of extra height and firmness. Below is a breakdown of each layer used in this mattress’ layering. These may be subject to change by the manufacturer.

  • Organic Cotton Cover This is the top layer of the mattress. This cover is a lot earthier on the skin than regular cotton. It does not have any major cooling effect but is not overly warm.
  • Organic Wool Layer This layer acts as a buffer between the cover and the comfort layer. It helps to regulate temperature and primarily acts as a fire retardant for the rest of the mattress. This layer is less than half an inch thick.
  • Organic Latex Foam Comfort Layer – This layer is probably the most interesting to examine. Its foam consists of rubber latex that practically comes straight out of the tree. This 2-inch thick layer is porous, springy and a lot more responsive than standard memory foams.
  • Pocketed Coil Base – This is the Happsy mattress’s structural core. 8 inches of pocketed coils is quite a healthy height profile for support bases. This makes the entire mattress very breathable. We found that despite the high support layer this mattress still has quite a sturdy and doesn’t seem to dip or sag under pressure.

Below is a table of the Happsy mattress layering system.

Happsy mattress firmness and pressure relief

The Happsy mattress has its own very distinct overall feeling. On the firmness scale, they pitch it at a medium-firm, but we think it only sits at a medium without the optional mattress topper. Its hybrid foam layer gives the sleeper the feeling that their body sits on top of the mattress. Memory foam gives the body a slow sinking feeling. This mattress doesn’t mold to the contours of the body quite the way memory foam does, but it’s also not as sluggish. It has quite a quick active response to changing pressure due to its pocketed coil layering. While these coils aren’t as bouncy as innerspring mattresses, they provide more than enough response for couples and sleepers who enjoy this feel. Happsy has installed a zipper along the side of the mattress to make it easier to recycle after use. If you purchase this mattress you should open the zipper (it’s safe to do so) and take a look inside, especially at intriguing natural latex foam composite. 

Below is a relative chart of each model’s firmness level, based on a 180lbs sleeper testing each model. These are not definitive and it’s best to test the mattresses out yourself to decide how firm they feel to you.


Sleep position and body type

Having a reasonable understanding of your sleeping habits is a great first step towards buying the right mattress for yourself. Not everyone sleeps in the same position and we come in different shapes and sizes, so mattresses have to accommodate these differences. Many companies produce a mattress range with models to suit specific needs. The Happsy mattress comes in one standard model that provides basic support to a range of sleeping needs, as opposed to specializing in just one.

The Happsy mattress supports a really nice range of weight. We think that anyone between 150 and 400lbs should be able to get a reasonable rest on this mattress. Because the nature of its comfort layer gives the user the feel of sleeping on top of the mattress, it will favor stomach and back sleepers a bit more. The latex foam stops the body from sinking into the mattress, particularly in stress areas at the hips and lower back. This allows stomach and back sleepers to plane their bodies out without any discomfort.

The pocketed coil base does provide a fair bit of pressure relief, so side sleepers who aren’t too fussy should be able to get a comfortable sleep out of the Happsy. That is unless you’re below 150lbs, then this mattress may be a bit too dense to provide you with contour support and you may need to look elsewhere for a softer mattress. 

Happsy mattress edge support

We were expecting the Happsy mattress to be pretty average at first look. If designed incorrectly, pocketed coil bases can sometimes sag or dip along their edges. This is a minor oversight that can lead to major discomfort. Thankfully there is no sign of this in the Happsy mattress. Even though it’s by no means the hardiest edge support we’ve experienced with a mattress, it certainly exceeds our expectations. The support base comes built inside a chassis that gives the entire frame a great bit of added structural integrity.

When sitting on the edge of the mattress, there is very little drop under your bodyweight. There’s also only a very minor roll off along the perimeter when lying along the side. Couples can tend to sleep with one half resting along the edge of the mattress, so it’s great to know that with the Happsy, one of you can do so comfortably. It’s also sturdy enough for couples who want to make the most of the entire surface area of the bed or sex or intimacy.

Happsy mattress temperature regulation

The Happsy mattress is designed to give the user adequate temperature control for their sleep. This mustn’t be confused with cooling gel mattress qualities, or cooling cover feels. This mattress is not geared toward actively lowering the temperature of the body. Instead the premise of its layering system is to simply allow for adequate airflow and heat dispersion throughout the entire body of the mattress. The latex foams used here do not retain heat or moisture the way that memory foam does, so the mattress is never stuffy or humid.

The pocketed coils in the support base also add a generous amount of ventilation under the comfort layer. While this may not be the top option for sleepers who need more active cooling, it is in no way overly warm. We would set it at a balanced medium on the temperature scale. 

Below is a table showing each model’s general temperature feel. Each mattress will have an increase in temperature as it’s thickness increases.


Motion isolation and noise

We could not notice anything out of the ordinary with the motion isolation in this mattress. Motion isolation is important for restless or light sleepers who are easily woken by their or their partner’s movements during rest. This mattress has the very same character in this area that you would find in a memory foam mattress, with just a touch more bounce.

The comfort layer does a great job of absorbing any rolling movements you or your partner creates while shifting positions. The support base is what gives the mattress the extra bounce, so any vigorous movements are sure to be felt by you and your partner. The mattress is much quieter than an innerspring model, as the pocketed coils don’t make much noise when moving around thanks to their individual casing.

Is Happsy suitable for couples and sex?

The Happsy mattress is a great buy or couples looking to encourage or maintain a healthy sex life. Our couples found this mattress to be a really good addition to their bedroom. The extra responsiveness in the mattress and coils give off the quick response that couples need uring sex. The less responsive a mattress is to shifting pressure, the more it hinders movement or couples.

The mattress also has a decent amount of edge support, for those who need to make use of the entire surface area of the bed. The springs are pretty discreet, so you and your partner can still enjoy your intimate time in a full house. The mattress also doesn’t overheat, which means you or your partner are less likely to transfer excess body heat during slumber.

Durability and longevity

One could assume that changing your textiles and manufacturing to eco-friendly options could translate to a compromise on quality. That assumption is confidently dissuaded in the case of the Happsy mattress. Each mattress comes with a 20-year warranty which is double the industry standard. This means that Happsy has a lot of belief in the longevity of their mattress. A large contribution to its resilience is the fact that it’s nowhere near as prone to moisture retention as a memory foam mattress.

The latex rubber in the comfort layer is much less likely to form divots or dips in its surface because of this. We would advise rotating the mattress (not flipping it) every once in a while to help the coils get a bit of extra lifespan. Other than that we can’t predict any major wear and tear in this mattress for at least the first 5 years.

Bed base

Happsy doesn’t have any bed bases on offer alongside their mattress. They do stock a foundation that is available in all bed sizes and we recommend buying this with the mattress to get the best possible sleeping experience. It’s usually best to source the mattress and accessories from the same manufacturer. We don’t think this bed’s pocketed coil base would work well with a box spring. An adjustable base may also be a bit problematic when changing bed positions. We feel this bed should work best with a solid platform as its base. The pocketed coils breathe well over this kind of base and it will give the Happsy a nice bit of added overall frame support.


Solid Platform


Other mattresses similar to Happsy 

While we may have found the Happsy to be an outstanding eco-product, it does have some strong competition. If you are dead set on purchasing an eco-friendly product but want to weigh up your options, there are one or two we can suggest. The Awara mattress carries a very similar layering system with slightly different textiles and firmness. If you are looking for a wider product selection, or perhaps something a bit more affordable, have a look at the Zinus mattress range.

Happsy mattress complaints

  • Even though this mattress isn’t the most expensive on the market, we would have liked Happsy to have offered some financing options to make it a bit more accessible to the general population.
  • There are some users who have complained about the wool layering bunching up under the cotton cover at times. This may be a simple manufacturing flaw. 

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Happsy mattress brand?



  • We absolutely recommend this mattress, especially if you are serious about buying something that is eco friendly. 
  • It has simple but effective temperature regulation, good motion isolation and makes minimal noise. This makes it a great buy or couples. 
  • We think this mattress will last quite some time into its warranty before any major wear or tear sets in. It is certainly a bit more durable than an innerspring or memory foam mattress in its price range. 
  • It has a modern, organic feel which will appeal to a wide range of sleeping needs and preferences.


Where are Happsy mattresses made?

All Happsy products are sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Are Happsy mattresses 100% organic?

Happsy mattresses use 100% organic materials and manufacturing methods.

Where can I buy the Happsy mattress?

Happsy does not retail out of any brick & mortar stores. You can purchase their mattress from their online store.

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