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Most Expensive Mattresses

10 Most Expensive Mattresses in the World

Sleep is a worthy investment, but just how far are some willing to spend on their sleep? In this article, we will cover the 10 most expensive mattresses in the world. Trust us, the results are bound to surprise you. We’ll take a look at just what makes a mattress expensive and rank our high-priced hotlist from cheapest to most expensive.

What makes a mattress expensive?

A simple mattress can be very affordable and accessible to most consumers. With that in mind, it might be hard to see how a mattress can cost so much money. We’ve listed a few factors that contribute to the pricing of a mattress. These are simple guidelines and may not necessarily be adopted by every manufacturer or mattress designer.


Mattresses can be made using a variety of textiles. Some of these are cost-effective and easy to mass-produce, such as cotton or memory foam. Some manufacturers opt for materials that are either costly or time-consuming to source and process. They either do this for quality purposes or to create a product that is more unique.


Sometimes you pay more money for the brand name. Certain brands build up a reputation for high-quality products and turn that reputation into profit. There are mattresses that have a considerably high mark-up purely because they have a brand name attached to them. This is the nature of many products on the market today – and mattresses are no different. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep on the Rolls Royce of mattresses?


This is a pretty important factor to consider when buying your mattress. If it is a long-term investment you are looking for, you’re probably going to fork out more dollars than normal. Mattresses that are made using cheap materials don’t last long and probably won’t come with a long-term warranty or a large price tag.

Most expensive mattresses (cheapest to most expensive)

We searched the world far and wide to build you this list of the world’s most expensive mattresses. These mattresses are arranged in order from cheapest to most expensive. They range from conventional popular designs that you may have seen to one-of-a-kind, art-like pieces that might just blow your mind. Read on to find out more.

Hypnos Mattress


Who would not want to sleep on a mattress that is fit for a queen? The Hypnos mattress has been serving the Royal Family since the last century. The company itself is over 100 years old and has long stood the test of time in the luxury mattress industry. And with good reason.

The Hypnos mattress uses a modern innerspring design that combines tradition and modern convention. The materials used in the layering system include cashmere, silk, and sheep’s wool. These have been used in the mattress design since the company began. They also claim that every mattress is completely handcrafted.

The innerspring support layer in the Hypnos mattress makes use of their patented ReActive spring set. These are individually pocketed coils that have 10 turns per spring, giving them a quick response time to pressure changes. The extra turns in the coils also make them much stronger than the average innerspring, without being overly firm. Anyone looking to buy a mattress with the approval of royalty can invest in a Hypnos.

Price: $4,789 – $8,280

Naturepedic Halcyon Elysium Mattress

Halcyon Elysium by Naturepedic

Naturepedic combines a few different luxury features, which make the Halcyon Collection their top-tier selection – and the Elysium is the best of the best. Firstly, all beds in the Halcyon range are organic and made from natural materials. In the mattress world, these materials come with a higher price tag and the Halcyon mattresses are no different. The quilted top, for instance, combines organic wool, cashmere, and alpaca fibers for topmost luxury and performance.

The second feature – and one we associate with true luxury – is the ability to custom-build your bed to your specifications. Naturepedic is a star performer when it comes to choice, with split options to suit the sleep preferences (and material preferences) of individuals within couples, so you can personalize your sleep options. This ranges from firmness to vegan options for the true eco-shoppers out there so, no matter your ethics, no matter your sleep position, you’ll find the bed that’s made for you.

The handcrafted Elysium is also a tall, robust bed. At 16 inches tall, it redefines what it means to climb into bed. It’s got a three-inch customizable layer and 12-inch coils for real support and durability. Its soft pillowtop is the cherry on top – a true comfort layer for anyone who loves a little bit of luxury.

Price: $4,999-$9,999

Royal Pedic Mattress

Royal Pedic

The Royal Pedic has been around for over half a decade, and is somewhat of a celebrity on this list, thanks to its owner Abe Kaplan. Abe founded the Royal Pedic company in California in 1946 after honing his craft in London during the 1930s. Kaplan focused on selling his mattresses to famous Hollywood icons and, as such, Royal Pedic quickly grew to become a booming success.

Since the company’s founding, they have introduced a healthy range of luxury mattresses and sleep products to the world. Every mattress generally incorporates hypo-allergenic materials and uses the highest grade of cotton for its finishing. Royal Pedic has also decided to make their mattresses using eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, which truly enhances the mattress’s overall tactile appeal.

This mattress may not be the most intricate or advanced bed on this list, but it certainly is of high quality. Royal Pedic also encourages their clients to customize their mattress to their desired specs, so that they ensure an effortless and luxurious sleep.

Price: $3,000- $12,700

Duxiana Dux Mattress

Duxiana Dux

Some mattress companies use exotic and flashy materials to make their products reach luxury status. Others choose to focus on making their mattress outperform their competition. The Dux mattress by Duxiana is one of the latter.

The primary purpose of the Dux centers around providing supreme quality posture support to ensure optimum sleep. The company has a website with a dizzying display of scientific research backing up their mattress designs, the flagship of which is the Dux.

The Dux’s dimensions and structure house the user’s body in such a fashion that the hips and spine remain perfectly aligned throughout their entire sleep cycle. The idea behind this is that, to quickly fall asleep and stay asleep, the spine has to be in perfect alignment with the body, as well as the bed itself.

One unique feature of the Dux sets it quite far apart from the other mattresses on this list. The Dux’s design allows its firmness setting to modulate depending on the user’s body weight and size. This mattress quite literally adjusts itself according to its environment to ensure that almost anyone can enjoy a deep, albeit expensive, sleep.

Price: $3,725 – $15,870

Savoir Mattress

Savoy Mattress

The Savoy mattress is a great example of how craftsmanship comes at a price. This mattress is a product of the Savoir Bed company. Savoir Bed has a long-revered reputation for manufacturing mattresses with custom specifications for their clients. Time is money though, and the extra hours poured into every Savoy mattress amount to a pretty hefty selling price.

The Savoy mattress is an innerspring mattress that is made up of some rare and expensive textiles. If you consider Mongolian yak hair to be something you’d be interested in sleeping on, the Savoy is perfect for you. Nearly every element of this mattress is handcrafted. The primary comfort layer is made from hand-laid horsetail – a very uncommon find in mattress design.

It takes 120 hours and one single craftsman to complete the average Savoir mattress. As mentioned above, consumers can even have their mattress built to custom size and comfort specifications. This meticulous labor is very costly compared to mass-manufactured mattresses. With that in mind, if you’re able to afford something that involves this much attention to detail, we advise you to look into buying a Savoir mattress.

Price: $5,780 – $23,420

Vispring Mattress

Masterpiece Superb by Vispring

Design as we understand it has grown over time to mean aesthetic as much as it means functionality. The Masterpiece Superb by Vispring is one such design. The company itself has been around for over a century and has a serious well of knowledge to draw from when it comes to building their prized product.

The ‘Vi’ in Vispring actually comes from the Roman numeral six and represents the six turns they use in their 4000 coil spring base. This coil count is much higher than regular mattresses and the result is a heavily enhanced support base, with phenomenal comfort levels. Vispring offers its consumers a lifetime warranty with the purchase of a Masterpiece Superb. They genuinely believe their mattress may just outlast you.

The Masterpiece Superb is a boutique innerspring mattress that is very popular among the wealthy. This is largely due to the company’s approach to having almost any area of the mattress fully customized, be it material or size and dimensions. Standard textiles include alpaca wool, silk, and cashmere – and, yes, this kind of craftsmanship comes at a price.

Price: $20,000 – $40,000

Kluft Mattress

Palais Royal by Kluft

Our next mattress on this list probably has one of the most intricate layering systems we have ever come across. The company is another long-standing giant in the luxury mattress industry, particularly in Europe, since the late previous century.

The Palais Royal (or Royal Palace) mattress is another high-quality innerspring mattress. Much like some of the other mattresses in this list, its large price tag is due to its intensive attention to detail. One mattress passes through 100 craftsmen and takes around three days to finish. This kind of labor-intensive process results in one of the most highly sought-after luxury mattresses today.

This mattress has a layering system that is made up of ten tiers. Each respective tier has its own specific purpose relating to firmness, pressure relief, and temperature control. Kluft also substitutes cheaper foams for materials such as mohair, wool from New Zealand, and cashmere. You definitely pay for what you get, though, and the Palais Royal truly provides a truly regal sleeping experience – if you can afford it.

Price: $34,000 – $60,000

Vividus by Hastens Mattress

Vividus by Hastens

Our third contender for the world’s most expensive mattress is quite an extravagant one. It’s also the oldest. Hastens is a luxury sleep company that has been operating out of Sweden since 1852. That’s over 150 years spent trying to craft the perfect mattress. Hastens also has a consistent reputation for being one of the most expensive mattress brands.

One of the key characteristics in this particular mattress’s quality is its amazing noise diffusion. Innerspring coils can be quite noisy under the movements of the user, but the Hastens mattress is virtually silent. This is thanks to the intensive flax lining that is used to line the inside of the base, as well as the spacing between the coils. Each spring in the coil system is turned ten times, creating an ultra-strong yet responsive support base.

The finishing on the Hastens mattress is just as luxurious as the layering system on the inside. The cover on the mattress is double quilted to ensure that there is no premature wear and tear. Hastens gives its consumers a lifetime guarantee with a purchase of their mattress, affirming their confidence in their product. When it comes to luxury, Hastens have not spared single dime, and neither will you if you purchase one.

Price: $191,000

Grand Vividus by Hastens Mattress

Grand Vividus by Hastens

Hastens firmly rounds up the silver and bronze awards on this list – and with good reason. The Swedish company has dominated the wallets of wealthy folks looking to splurge on luxury sleep for over a century. The Vividus is their premium design and features all the design and aesthetic elements fit for royalty.

The Vividus mattress is the most expensive mattress produced by Hastens. It consists of many of the same textiles and design elements that are mentioned above in the Hastens section. The mattress is made using rare, all-natural materials such as horsehair, cotton, flax, and cashmere. The major factor that separates this mattress from its competitors is the number of hours poured into its manufacturing. The mattress is completely handcrafted over an average of 300 hours.

The cover also has the company’s popular double quilted finishing, which greatly increases the tactile appeal and durability of the mattress, as well as the price. If that’s not enough, every bed also comes with a gold plaque that is placed on the bed base to give each user their own unique signature on the mattress they buy.

Price: $390,000

Janjaap Ruijssenaars Floating Bed

Floating Bed

The first-place holder on our list does so by a jaw-dropping distance. We’re still debating which is more mind-blowing: this mattress or the price you’ll pay for it. The Floating Bed is the most expensive mattress in the world and is like something out of a science fiction movie. You may want to sit down for this one.

Not quite satisfied with conventional design, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars introduced the world to his floating furniture concepts in 2016. He started off experimenting with small platforms such as chairs and tables before developing his one-of-a-kind Floating Bed. The name is no exaggeration; the bed literally floats off the ground.

The mattress itself carries a simple but luxurious outer cover that houses a firm but a comfortable platform, which can be used as a sofa or mattress. The mattress floats on top of a magnetic platform with no support base underneath it and is anchored to the floor by tethered steel cables. The mattress is also designed to run for up to 1000 years before it starts to draw any excess energy.

The designers don’t claim that the Floating Bed has any health benefits, other than a major self-confidence boost. For the price of a small mansion, you could own the most expensive mattress in the world.

Price: $1.6m 

Manufacturer Mattress Type Price



$4,789 - $8,280

Halcyon Elysium


Royal Pedic

Royal Pedic
$3,000- $12,700



$3,725 - $15,870


Savoir Beds

$5,780 - $23,420

Masterpiece Superb


$20,000 - $40,000

Palais Royal


$34,000 - $60,000




Grand Vividus



Floating Bed

Janjaap Ruijssenaars


Most expensive mattress types

Before you go out and splash all your hard-earned savings on your next bed, you may want to gather some information about which mattresses cost more than others. A lot of a mattress’s pricing comes down to the cost of the materials used in its manufacturing. We’ve laid down a quick list below to help you understand some of the more costly mattress types on the market today. These are not definitive and should be considered as a guideline.

  • Hybrid Foam – Hybrid foams are usually synthetic memory or polyurethane foam with unique alterations. The modifications are made for a variety of purposes. Some foams are infused with a gel to give them active cooling abilities. Others are designed with air pockets to help enhance ventilation. A hybrid foam mattress is more likely to suit specific consumer sleeping requirements. As such, these mattresses can be costly, but not to an extreme degree.
  • Latex – Latex is a fairly modern textile used in the mattress world, but its popularity is ever increasing. There are two types of latex used for mattress manufacturing – Talalay and Dunlop – each with subtle differences in their performance and overall feel. Latex is a great natural substitute for synthetic foams, as it has amazing temperature regulation abilities. It’s also very bouncy and has unique tensile integrity that is virtually impossible to replicate. However, eco-conscious products tend to cost considerably more money than synthetics, which is something you’ll want to consider when choosing your next mattress.
  • Innerspring – The innerspring mattress dominates our list of most expensive mattresses. Its design concept has been around for over a century, which has also given it serious time to be developed and reinvented. Innerspring mattresses consist of a support base of pocketed coils that house another tier of comfort and/or transitional layering. Because these mattresses use more steel and wood in their build than other mattresses, they are, on average, the most expensive of all mattress types.

Final thoughts

  • If the list above left you feeling a bit concerned about being able to afford good sleep, don’t worry. It would not be sensible for the everyday consumer to invest money in such high-priced mattresses and you should be able to find reliable rest on something much cheaper.
  • If you do find yourself with some extra money to splash around on a bed, we recommend that you make use of all the customizing options. There’s nothing quite like having a unique luxurious bed to sleep on and call your own.
  • Also, try to opt for a mattress that has a lengthy guarantee. Craftsmanship does not always equal durability, so it is handy if your mattress comes with a lifetime guarantee. It will be worth the money spent. Thanks for reading our list of the 10 most expensive mattresses in the world. Until next time, rest easy.