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Muse Mattress Review
Muse Mattress Review

Muse Mattress Review​

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Review by Kieron
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Today we’re going to take a look at somewhat of a unique design in the mattress world, the Muse mattress. This is a cooling memory foam mattress and it attempts to provide comfort levels for most sleeping types. In this Muse mattress review, we will delve into some of its construction as well as their consumer policies. We will also highlight some of the major requirements that you should consider when looking for a new mattress and see how well the Muse mattress performs in these areas. We are sure that by the time you get to the other side of this review, you’ll have a better understanding as to whether this mattress suits your needs for a perfect slumber.

Who is the Muse mattress for?

  • A variety of body weights and sleeping positions – The Muse mattress is quite a versatile design and is available in three different firmness options. It caters to light through to heavyweight sleepers who sleep on their back, stomach, or sides. 
  • Sleepers that enjoy the feel of memory foam –  These mattresses are made primarily from gel or memory foam layering. Many sleepers prefer the feel that traditional memory foam has. This mattress is a sort of hybrid memory foam feel to it.
  • People who like or require active cooling in their mattress – This is one of the key characteristics of the Muse mattress. It comes with a cover that is cool to the touch and is great for drawing heat away from the body. 
  • Anyone who wants or needs a cover they can wash – The Muse mattress’ cooling cover is completely removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine. This helps maintain a fresh feel on the mattress top.  
  • Couples – This bed has very good edge support, especially for a foam mattress. This is handy for couples buying a mattress as they will be able to get the most out of the entire surface area of the mattress quite comfortably.

Who won’t love the Muse mattress?

  • Anyone who prefers a springy, quick responding mattress – Even though this mattress doesn’t have the same level of the sink as a standard memory foam mattress, it is still not as responsive as an innerspring or latex model. Anyone who wants quick response to pressure change should opt for something else.  
  • Anyone looking for a more eco-conscious product – Even though these mattresses aren’t made with toxic chemicals or heavy metals, you can still find mattresses with a smaller carbon footprint in its price range.

Muse company policy

10 Year

120 Nights



Made in

Shipping:  Muse mattresses are delivered to your door and come packaged in a box. The deliveries are handled through Fed-Ex ground delivery and there is no extra charge for this.

Old mattress removal:  Unfortunately there is no removal service provided with your Muse delivery. Try looking into city collection services or donation agencies as an alternative option. 

Payment accepted, financing:  Muse does not have any financing available on their site. Their mattresses can be paid for with most major credit cards.

Returns and refund:  Muse will arrange to have your mattress delivered back to their factory or inspection. If there is a defect or you are not satisfied with your mattress, they will pay you a full refund. 

Sleep trial period:  All Muse mattresses come with a 120-night sleep trial upon purchase. They advise trying the mattress for at least 2 weeks beforehand. 

Warranties:  Muse mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. 

Packaging and unpacking:  Like other mattresses in a box brands, after purchase, your Muse mattress will be delivered boxed to your door via FedEx ground service. Setup and unpacking shouldn’t be a problem for one or two people and the mattress takes about a day to fully expand. 

Smell (off-gassing), harmful chemicals:  This mattress has the standard Certi-Pur certification, meaning it’s manufactured using no heavy leads or metals or toxic chemicals. Upon unboxing some users may experience very minor off-gassing. 

Where are the mattresses made?  All Muse products are manufactured in the USA. 

Muse mattress measurements and pricing

Muse Mattress
39″ × 75″
39″ × 80″
54″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″

Muse mattress performance review

The Muse mattress’s primary functions are to provide a blend of comfort and cooling to its users. The mattress is punted as a memory foam cooling mattress, but the overall feel of this mattress is more like a hybrid foam mattress. There is just the slightest extra bit of response to pressure than you would find in traditional memory foam mattresses. To give you a clearer understanding of its makeup we’ll breakdown some of the layering components in the next section.

Construction layers and materials used

Every element in the layering system of the Muse mattress line is made primarily from foam. Each layer in the series serves a slightly different purpose but all link to the same functionality. The mattress has a 12’’ height profile, which is usually enough to sustain the weights of light through to mid-weight sleepers. There are three firmness options, with the density of the memory foam layering increasing with each respective firmness level. 

Layering Breakdown 

  • Cooling Cover – This layer is one of Muse’s best selling points for this mattress. The cover is made up of a really sleek looking phase change finishing. The cover naturally feels cool against your skin and is very efficient at actively pushing heat away from your body. It’s also removable, so you can give it a wash to refresh your mattress’ top layer.
  • Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer – Perfect for people who sleep hot and are looking for a cooling mattress. Most memory foam models use just standard memory foam for their top or comfort layer. Muse have opted to incorporate cooling gels into this layer to help the cover transfer heat away from the body and out through the rest of the mattress.
  • Memory Foam Transitional Layer – This layer is 2 inches thick and serves two main purposes. The first is to act as a transitional layer between the comfort layer and the support base, adding to the density and structure of the mattress. The second is to provide added frame support for sleepers. The higher the level of firmness you opt with, the higher the level of density
  • Cotton/Poly Foam Base – This layer is the thickest of all the layers at 8 inches in height. It’s responsible for giving the mattress its height profile and is its foundational component. The layer is made up of high-density foams and comes in either blue or white depending on your aesthetic of choice. This layer is also a key factor in regulating motion isolation throughout the mattress. 

Below is a basic breakdown of the layering system and construction of each model in the Muse range. These are not definitive and may be subject to change by the manufacturer.

  1. Cooling Cover
  2. 2" Gel Memory Comfort Layer
  3. 2" Memory Foam Transitional Layer
  4. 8" High-Density Cotton/Poly Base
Muse Mattress Layers

Muse firmness and pressure relief

The Muse mattress comes in a single model and mattress type, but with 3 tiers of firmness to opt for. These are Soft, Medium, and Firm and each respective option speaks for itself when it comes to their actual feeling. We found the Soft option to sit at around 3-4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It doesn’t have any major sink or sag and petite sleepers should be able to get a decent sleep on it. The Medium tier sits at around 5-6/10 on the scale and suits the basic needs of the average sleeper between 140 and  200lbs. The Firm-level sits at around an 8/10. While it’s not the firmest top tier mattress we have experienced it does come with an added density that heavier sleepers will enjoy. If you are above 250lbs and are prone to movement during sleep cycles you may need to seek elsewhere for something firmer in order to attain optimal sleep. 

Below we’ve created a simple table to map out how each firmness option measures on the firmness scale. These scores are based on the average sleeping weight of around 180lbs. These may feel different to you, though, so it’s best to try and test these products for yourself if you are able to.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm

The Muse Mattress


Sleep position and body type

Because people have their own individual sleeping habits some mattresses may suit one person better than another. Mattress manufacturers either build a mattress to accommodate a specific sleeper’s needs or they may design something that caters to a broad range of requirements. The Muse mattress is closer to the latter, under the guise of an unassuming and seemingly simple memory foam design. This mattress has quite a bit more bounce and tensility compared to traditional memory foam builds, which sets it slightly apart from similar models. Let’s break down the mattress’s performance for different sleeping types and habits. 

Back Sleepers 

Back sleepers concentrate most of their pressure around the lower back and hip area. They need a mattress that helps keep this area level for the best possible sleep. The Muse mattress doesn’t have the sinking sensation that memory foam usually creates. This mattress does well at keeping the hips elevated at a comfortable level, especially with the Medium and Firm options. 

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers generally spread their pressure through different points over the length of their bodies, as opposed to focusing it in one area. These pressure points are around the knees, hips, sides, shoulders, and neck. This means the mattress needs to be able to nest each body contour firmly, and the Muse does a great job of doing just that. Side sleepers should be able to settle their form into the mattress with quite some ease and should sleep quite comfortably on this mattress. 

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers have nearly identical sleeping requirements to back sleepers. Their body needs to plane out across the mattress so they don’t experience any strain in the back or hip area. As mentioned above, this mattress doesn’t have any major sink across its surface area, so most stomach sleepers should be able to rest in this position without any sort of discomfort. Sleeping with your chest to the cooling cover will also give you the most out of its cooling properties. 

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers may switch between sleeping on their back and stomach, in which case we know that the Muse mattress will hold their resting positions quite well. Switching to their side should also be quite easy due to the contouring nature of the comfort layer. The added elasticity also lets these sleepers roll or shift positions with minimal resistance so they are less likely to be disturbed by their own movements. 

Heavy Sleepers

While we believe the Muse mattress can withstand most heavyweight sleepers, we do think that it may have its limitations. Even at its firmest option, it may not be able to give sleepers above 280lbs a comfortable rest. The mattress will definitely be able to withstand these heavier weights, but may not have enough structural integrity to provide them with the most comfortable sleep. 

Petite Sleepers

Lighter sleepers tend to have it quite easy when it comes to their sleeping needs. Their only major concern should be purchasing a mattress that is too hard and doesn’t let them sink into the mattress. Thankfully the Soft tier of the Muse mattress is quite well suited to sleepers below 150lbs and they should be able to feel as though the top layer conforms to their curves. 

Muse edge support

Edge support should be something you take into consideration when choosing a mattress. This applies especially if you’re part of a couple who need to make use of all of your mattress’ surface area, or if you need added support when getting or out of bed. Memory foam mattresses can tend to dip or sag along their sides, but we found the edges of the Muse mattress to be surprisingly sturdier than we expected. The mattress is not flawless in this department, but the sides don’t hinder any movements or sleeping positions when lying down or mounting/dismounting the bed. While this mattress may not have the most outstanding edge support, it definitely will provide basic comfort and support to the average sleeper.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

The Muse Mattress

Back, stomach or combination sleepers, couples, anyone between 120 - 300lbs


Save $200 off


Muse temperature regulation

This is where the Muse mattress shines. It’s not very common for memory foam mattresses to also be designed for cooling purposes. Most cooling units are made using innerspring support bases or some form of hybrid or latex foam. The Muse mattress relies on its cooling cover to give the hot sleeper their main source of cooling. The cover itself is cool to the touch and we feel as if it were more than efficient at giving users the sensation of some form of active cooling. The comfort layer under the cooling cover infuses cooling gel into its high-density foam to help keep heat away from the sleeper’s body. The Muse mattress isn’t overly cold, although if you are someone who needs to warm up for sleep, the temperature control may be a bit too cool for you.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm

The Muse Mattress


Motion isolation and noise

The memory foam layering throughout the Muse mattress creates a near-silent sleeping experience for most users. Because there are no springs or housings inside the body of the mattress, there are minimal components creating any sort of friction or resistance. This layering system is also a really great recipe for diffusing the vibrations caused by movements over the surface area.  The added bounce in the comfort layer doesn’t accentuate any minor shifts in sleeping positions or tossing and turning. This means that you’re less likely to be disturbed by you or your partner’s movements during sleep.

Is Muse suitable for couples and sex?

There are a couple of reasons we would recommend the Muse mattress to couples. The edge support holds up pretty well for a memory foam mattress, which means you and your partner can comfortably make use of the entire surface area for sex or sleep. Because this is a cooling mattress you are also less likely to overheat from your combined body warmth. The Muse mattress is also not quite as dull as regular memory foam mattresses, and even though it’s not the most responsive mattress on the market couples should enjoy some element of support in its build for sex. We have covered this mattress’ great motion isolation capabilities, so we also know you’ll have little to no disturbance sleeping next to a restless partner.

Durability and longevity

The durability of your Muse mattress will vary depending on a few factors. This mattress is quite well designed but every design comes with capacity. If your mattress is being shared with a partner, sleeping in humid or more extreme temperatures, or are a heavier sleeper your mattress will wear a little quicker than others.  Muse has placed the standard 10-year warranty on their product, and the mattress should last quite far into this time period before you start to experience any sort of wear and tear. It should also be noted that if you have heavy pets or small children jumping on this mattress from time to time it may create some premature divots in scattered spots over the surface.

Bed base

There aren’t any bed bases on offer from Muse specifically, but they do provide some recommendations from their website. Because the mattress is built with a support base it does not need a box spring for any extra support. They recommend using their product in conjunction with a wooden frame or slats and this is probably to allow for sufficient airflow throughout the entire mattress body. The Muse also works well on adjustable bed bases and should be able to change its positioning without affecting the structure or durability. Solid platforms can work with the Muse mattress but this may cause heat and excess moisture to be stored in the mattress body due to inadequate ventilation.


Solid Platform



Metal Grid

Muse mattress complaints

  • Because of the hybrid nature of its design, some users found it tricky to adjust to the characteristics of the mattress, particularly ardent memory foam fans.
  • Even though the Muse mattress is not by any means an expensive luxury item, some users may find it inaccessible because of the lack of financing options in their customer policy.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Muse mattress brand?



  • We were quite impressed at the Muse mattress’ modern take on traditional comfort elements. The design is a bit of fresh air in the mattress world and is both appealing and intriguing. 
  • This mattress manages to provide basic comfort for most (if not all) sleeping positions as well as quite a wide range of body weights.
  • The Muse mattress is a great option for couples. It has enough edge support and motion isolation to allow both partners to sleep together comfortably and performs better than other memory foam models for sex.
  • It is also one of the best options in its price range for any sleepers who need some form of active cooling for their rest. The cooling cover is removable and washable which is a big bonus for those who like their mattress to keep a fresh feeling.


Is Muse mattress worth the money?

The Muse mattress is pretty affordable, and we feel as though it has sufficient value for money. 

Does Muse mattress sleep cool?

Yes. The Muse mattress is cool to the touch and definitely cooler than most memory foam models or hybrid foam mattresses. 

Where is Muse mattress made?

Every Muse mattress is produced in its factories in the USA. 

Where can I buy the Muse mattress?

Muse mattresses are available through online purchase.

Is Muse mattress toxic?

No. There are no toxic or harmful chemicals or textiles in the Muse mattress. They have the necessary certification to prove it and should be perfectly safe to use.