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DreamCloud Mattress
DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress Review

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Review by Kieron
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In this review we put the DreamCloud Hybrid Foam mattress to the test. Where most brands offer a variety of mattress types and options to suit specific needs, the DreamCloud aims to provide for a large variety of sleeping requirements with just one mattress. This is a bold move regardless of the product you’re selling and it must mean that DreamCloud really back their design and quality. Below we’ll cover some areas you should consider when purchasing a mattress and see how the DreamCloud performs in these areas. We’ll also break down it’s design and construction, as well as some of their policies and services.

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Who is the DreamCloud mattress for?

  • A wide variety of body types and sleeper types – The DreamCloud mattress is specifically geared towards catering to different sleeping habits and body type. It’s hybrid design consists of elements of various mattress types in an attempt to find a way to find comfort for most sleepers.
  • People who need support for heavier body types – The DreamCloud comfortably supports body types over 200lbs. The multiple layers of support foam gives the structure more than adequate reinforcement for heavier body types.
  • People who enjoy a firm, fast response feel – The pocketed coil design of the DreamCloud mattress gives the mattress a really solid overall feel. There’s a higher bounce factor than in traditional memory foam products, which some sleepers enjoy.
  • Anyone looking for a mattress with a luxury feel or aesthetic – DreamCloud’s mattress comes with a unique quilted euro top design. These individual padded squares really gives the mattress the feel of something you would find in a luxury hotel room.
  • Sleepers who need some form of temperature regulation – The DreamCloud’s thickest layer is also its most breathable one. There is an 8’’ high layer of individually pocketed coils that allow for a healthy amount of air flow inside the mattress while you sleep.

Who won’t love the DreamCloud mattress?

  • Anyone who enjoys a natural memory foam feel – There are a number of people who enjoy the traditional neutral soft feel of memory foam. For many, this is the mattress they grew up sleeping on and thus, are more accustomed to. Because of the hybrid design, the DreamCloud does not carry this kind of mattress’ feel, nor its firmness.
  • Someone looking for an eco-friendly mattress – DreamCloud do use petroleum elements and synthetics such as polyurethane in their mattress. People who want to invest in something more eco-conscious can find these options elsewhere in the same price range.
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  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
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DreamCloud company policy

Company policy is often overlooked by many people looking for a new mattress. In this DreamCloud mattress review, we found the below policies to be important for customers to understand. 


365 Nights



Made in

Shipping:  DreamCloud sleep delivers your mattress to your door, completely free of charge

Old mattress removal:  There is a mattress removal service available, but only with the White Glove delivery option. This will cost an extra $149, so if you can try utilizing a donation program or city collection service.

Payment accepted, financing:  There are some helpful financing options available through the online credit platform Affirm.

Returns and refund:  If you aren’t satisfied with your mattress Dreamcloud will pick it up from you and take it to their factory for inspection. If there are no defects or damages caused by the customer, you will receive a full refund.

Sleep trial period:  Any product purchased on the DreamCloud sleep website comes with an amazing 365 night sleep trial.

Warranties:  DreamCloud mattresses come with their Everlong lifetime policy.

Packaging and unpacking:  DreamCloud mattresses are delivered to your door via their delivery service. Your mattress comes wrapped up in a box that is easy to unpackage. Setup is also relatively simple and can with one or two people.

Smell (off gassing), harmful chemicals:  The DreamCloud range is CertiPUR- US certified, which means the mattresses contain no heavy metals, leads, formaldehyde or any other ozone-damaging properties. There may be some minor off gassing upon unpackaging, but it should subside shortly and isn’t a huge deterrent.

Where are the mattresses made?  All DreamCloud products are manufactured in China.

DreamCloud mattress measurements and pricing

These are the latest MSRP prices from DreamCloud. They do offer regular discounts throughout the year, and you can claim the discounted price through the link on this page. 

DreamCloud Mattress
39″ × 75″
39″ × 80″
54″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″

DreamCloud mattress performance review

Construction layers and materials used

The DreamCloud mattress comes in one standard size and design type. It has a  hybrid layering system that is made up of a combination of various elements of different mattress types. It performs and feels like a mix of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses.  The temperature regulation is quite close to that of a latex mattress. Here is a quick guideline of each respective layer in the DreamCloud mattress.

Layering breakdown

Euro top quilted cover – The top layering of the mattress, this cover style is meant to give the mattress a luxury feel and look while also providing support and pressure relief. This layer also helps to regulate surface temperature evenly.

Gel swirl memory foam This layer is made primarily from a hybrid foam. This serves as the comfort layer, providing most of the mattress’ cooling properties as well as contributing to most of the overall feel. Some users may find this layer to behave in a  similar to latex mattresses. 

Comfort transitional foam layer This layer is a blend of both memory foam and some transitional foam. These are layered in series and helps to give the mattress its density and body.

Pocketed coils – This is the largest layer in the mattress, making up more than half the total height profile. These are firmer than innersping coils and also much less noisy during motion transfer.

High-density memory foam base – This is the base level of the mattress. The foam here is of a high density so as to provide maximum structural integrity to the entire layering series.

Below is a basic breakdown of the layering system and construction of each model in the DreamCloud range. This is based on a 15’’ inch version of this mattress. These are not definitive and may be subject to change by the manufacturer.

  1. Cashmere Blend Cover
  2. Quilted Euro Top 
  3. Gel Swirl Memory Foam
  4. Comfort Transitional Foam Layer
  5. 8" Pocketed Coils
  6. High-density Memory Foam Base
DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Layers

DreamCloud firmness and pressure relief

The DreamCloud mattress has a very modern medium firm feel. A lot of sleepers enjoy the neutral soft feel of traditional memory foam units, however this hybrid model may have some characteristics that change their mind. It can provide both sufficient pressure relief in vital areas for combination and side sleepers, as well as adequate firmness levels to suit the stability requirements of back or stomach sleepers. The Hybrid foam has a fast response time to pressure, so those who like the soft sink that memory foam mattresses possess may want to look for something else.

Below is a relative chart of each model’s firmness level, based on a 180lbs sleeper using a 15’’ thickness of each model. These are not definitive and it’s best to test the mattresses out yourself to decide how firm they feel to you.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm

DreamCloud Hybrid


Sleep position and body type

It certainly is ambitious for a company to create one mattress that aims to cover a widespread of sleeping habits and body types. DreamCloud’s mattress is a bold attempt at this ideal, and they impress in various areas of their design in this regard.

The hybrid layering system of the DreamCloud mattress allows for it to cover a number of these sleeping habits. It has a solid 6 layer support structure which carries more than enough firmness to support even heavier sleepers up to 300lbs. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers should find that the DreamCloud provides more than enough adequate support around the lower back and hip area. This is where these sleeper types create the most pressure, and the mattress does a great job of leveling out the rest of the body to alleviate any strain in these areas.

People who sleep on their sides are going to require some extra relief around their hips, shoulders, knees and side areas. Their pocketed coil system allows for these pressure points to sink into the mattress. The quilted top adds another layer of support in this area and has a cloudy feel along the side of the body in this position.

DreamCloud edge support

Edge support is highly important to people who may struggle to get in or out of bed. This may be an elderly or disabled person, or someone who takes strain around the back or hips when dismounting. The hybrid coil design, along with the double layer of support foam results in a very sturdy edging on the mattress. You’ll get the same response time and firmness that you experience throughout the rest of the surface area.

There is very little roll-off along the perimeter of the mattress, but it does not feel rigid at any time. Couples that will make use of most, if not all the top area of the bed will not experience any difference in firmness between the edge and center of the mattress. There is also zero sag on any points of the edge of the DreamCloud.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount



Back, stomach or
side sleepers,
combination sleepers,
anyone up to 300lbs


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DreamCloud temperature regulation

DreamCloud’s layering system gives their mattress a really unique feel when it comes to temperature control. Some mattresses may need cooling agents for warm sleepers, or extra insulation for the opposite. This mattress is designed to maintain the temperature of whoever is using it at that time, regardless of the sleeper’s temperature cycles. Couples who don’t have the same temperature while sleeping will benefit greatly from these features.

One key factor in this part of the DreamCloud design is the pocketed coil layer. Of the 15’’ in the total height profile, 8’’ is made up of these coils. This allows for a healthy air flow throughout most of the body of the mattress, which means that it won’t be prone to overheating even with more than one body on the bed.

To aid insulation, there’s a euro top style layer of quilted squares covering the surface of the DreamCloud mattress. This padded top traps just enough heat under the weight of the body, while also dispersing temperature evenly throughout the rest of the layering. The mattress has a great medium overall temperature feel. If you enjoy the warmer feeling that memory foam provides then you may want to look elsewhere.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm

DreamCloud Hybrid


Motion isolation and noise

Motion isolation is a highly important factor for people who struggle to fall and stay asleep, as well as couples with partners who sleep restlessly.  Because of it’s pocketed coil design, the DreamCloud gives off a quicker response to shifting pressure than something firmer like memory foam. It doesn’t have the bounce that innerspring models do, but they do possess similar characteristics. The coils will hold most body types quite comfortably, but won’t isolate motion as firmly as something like memory foam. If you are in a couple (especially exceeding a combined weight of ±450lbs) then you may want to seek something a bit firmer.

It should be noted that there is very little noise in the coil layering of the DreamCloud. Because each coil sits in its own individual chamber, any noise they create is comfortably diffused under shifting bodies.

Is DreamCloud suitable for couples and sex?

When it comes to buying a mattress for a couple the deciding factors become more complex as it’s not very often that couples have identical sleeping requirements. Sleeping next to someone also alters your sleeping requirements due to shifts in motion and temperature. DreamCloud’s mattress has great temperature regulation for couples that sleep at different warmth levels. However the mattress does not control motion as well as traditional memory foam units. If neither of you struggle to fall or stay asleep, this is not a huge deterring factor.

The quick response and elasticity of the DreamCloud make it a great buy for sexually active couples. There is more than enough support to hold couples’ movement, even to a rigorous degree and the mattress does not create any unnecessary slack or sag during intercourse. The pocketed coils are also much less noisy than traditional innerspring mattresses.

Durability and longevity

In all our mattress reviews, we believe that you as a customer has the right to know the facts about the mattress durability to justify your investment in a mattress purchase. The DreamCloud durability is one of its most valuable assets. Its pricing fits into a slightly higher bracket than most commercial mattresses, but you certainly get your quality out of those extra dollars spent. Many mattresses begin to show sagging in the center or one specific area of the surface area over time. There is more than one layer that focuses on support and structural integrity in the DreamCloud, splitting the labor evenly throughout the mattress.

The pocketed coils give the mattress the elasticity it needs to accommodate shifting movements and body contours over long term usage. This tier also gives the body enough airflow so that it doesn’t retain moisture over time, which will vastly decrease the rate of wear and tear over time. We found the DreamCloud to have a  highly durable design, which is further backed by their impressive lifetime warranty.

Bed base

There are 3 different base bed options to choose from on the DreamCloud website. Each one of these has very simple design concepts and can be bought with or without a headboard. You can either opt for a solid platform, metal frame or DreamCloud’s adjustable bed frame.

We particularly liked the adjustable bed frame, which comes with a wireless remote and has zero gravity setting which emulates the positions astronauts are seated inside a space shuttle during launch. The layers of the mattress shift really well with the adjustable base (although the quilted top doesn’t quite settle into place when the base is folded), and daily use shouldn’t affect its long term durability. Below is a layout of bed base options that DreamCloud has on offer. These may be subject to change.


Solid Platform




Metal Grid

DreamCloud mattress complaints

  • The white glove delivery cost comes in at an extra $149. Considering that there are already delivery men bringing the mattress to your house free of charge, we feel like this is a service DreamCloud could have included cost free.
  • When using the adjustable base beds, we found that the quilted top didn’t quite conform it’s contours comfortably enough. This slightly dropped the comfort and overall aesthetic appeal of the mattress.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the DreamCloud mattress?



  • We found the DreamCloud mattress to be a highly diverse mattress that effortlessly covers the basic needs of most sleeping habits and body types.
  • The quilted top really gives this mattress a really luxurious finish and aesthetic. It also adds a lot to the overall feel. Given the pretty reasonable price that it comes at, we really feel like this is money well spent. 
  • This mattress is great for anyone who needs the solid firmness of memory foam with the elasticity and response of an innerspring combined. The DreamCloud offers both solid frame support and sufficient pressure relief simultaneously
  • There are a handful of really attractive customer care services such as the 1 year sleeping trial, free delivery and their Everlong lifetime warranty. They also constantly offer discounts on their products on their website or through other means.


Where are DreamCloud mattresses made?

DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in China.

How long does it take for DreamCloud mattress to expand?

The mattress should take around 24 hours to reach its full expansion after unpackaging. You should still be able to use it within 3-6 hours of unpackaging.

Is DreamCloud a good mattress?

We found the DreamCloud mattress to be a really high quality product with very few design flaws or major comfortability issues.

Do you need a boxspring with a DreamCloud mattress?

Even though a boxspring is somewhat best suited to the structure and design of the DreamCloud, it's not a vital component to ensuring maximum comfort.

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