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Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed Mattress Review

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Review by Kieron
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It is seldom simple buying the perfect mattress for you or your household. There is a generous array of considerations ranging from weight and sleeping habits to pricing and customer services. In this Novosbed review, we cover these and more by taking an in-depth look at the Novosbed mattress. Novosbed is a popular Canadian company that formed in 2009. Below we put their flagship product to the test to help you decide if it’s the right mattress for you. Let’s get started.
Rating: 4.6/5
  • 15 years warranty
  • 120 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Made in USA
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Rating: 4.6/5
  • 15 years warranty
  • 120 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Made in USA
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Novosbed company policy 

15 Year Warranty

120 Nights Trial

Free Shipping


Made in

Shipping:  Upon purchase, Novosbed will courier your mattress to you via FedEx ground service at no extra cost. Your mattress comes in a box and delivery takes between 2-5 business days. 

Old mattress removal:  Novosbed does not offer any mattress removal with their purchase package. It is best to look up your local civic collection services or some form of donation. 

Payment accepted, financing:  There are financing options on the Novosbed website. Affirm for US citizens and Paybright for Canadians. Your mattress can be purchased with most major credit cards. 

Returns and refund:  If you’re not satisfied with your Novosbed mattress they will arrange to have your mattress collected for donation or disposal (if necessary). This will be at no extra cost to you and you will also get a full refund.

Sleep trial period:  The Novosbed mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. After 60 nights you also qualify to test their Comfort + Kit, which we will touch on later in this review. 

Warranties:  All Novosbed mattresses come with a 15-year warranty.  

Packaging and unpacking:  Novosbed mattresses come delivered in an easy to handle box. The setup can be done by one or two people and it takes about 48 hours for the mattress to fully expand. 

Smell (off-gassing), harmful chemicals:  The Novosbed mattress is Certi – PUR certified, which means the mattresses contain no petrol or flammable chemicals. There will be some minor off-gassing when you unbox and install your mattress.

Where are the mattresses made?  All Novosbed mattresses are made in Canada and the USA.

Novosbed measurements and pricing

Novosbed Mattress
38″ × 75″
38″ × 80″
53″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″

Novosbed mattress performance

The Novosbed mattress is a standard memory foam mattress. This means that it carries the same feel and characteristics of these mattress types. It has a slow response to pressure change and gives the user the classic sinking feel that memory foam mattress offer. The Novosbed mattress comes in 3 tiers of firmness, so there is a tiny bit of variety for you to choose from in terms of frame support and comfort levels. Because Novosbed offers just the one mattress type they have attempted to maximize the potential comfort for the users that this mattress suits, as opposed to trying to tailor the one design to all or many sleeping requirements. This means that this bed isn’t necessarily suited for everyone, but those that it suits should approve of its design. 

Construction layers and materials used

There are 3 tiers of memory foam based constituents in the layering system of the Novosbed mattress design. Each one works in conjunction with the next to give the mattress its overall feel and firmness levels. These mattresses also come with a handy removable cover. The mattress has a total height profile of 11 inches, which is about average for these mattress types. There is also the option of adding an additional layer with their Comfort Plus offer which we’ll discuss in the layering breakdown provided below. This breakdown will help you better understand what goes inside the Novosbed mattress.

Layering breakdown 

  • Stretch Knit Cover  – This is the first of 2 covers that come with the Novosbed mattress. This particular cover is made up of high-quality Tencel, which is known for being quite a durable textile for mattress covers thanks to its elasticity. The cover attaches and detaches with a zipper, which is quite useful as it’s less likely to slip off from any excessive movement.
  • Interlock inner Cover – The second cover in this series serves as a transitional layer between the removable cover and the Novosbed’s comfort layering. This layer also subtly regulates some temperature away from the body and through the comfort layer. It’s not common for mattresses to have more than one cover and this one definitely helps with longevity.
  • Airflow Memory Foam Comfort Layer – This is the initial foam top layer in this mattress model’s design and adds about 2 inches to its total height profile. Novosbed claims to use a sort of aerated memory foam to help with temperature regulation. The porous nature of this foam is visible on this layer but we can’t really tell if it makes any sort of tangible difference with regards to cooling or ventilation.
  • Memory Foam Transitional Layer – This layer adds another two inches to the height of the Novosbed mattress design and also serves as a buffer between the comfort layer and the support base. This layer is made up of standard memory foam and is responsible for a large part of the mattress’ comfort characteristics and is what gives back and stomach sleepers the frame support they need to rest comfortably.
  • High-Density Polyfoam Support Base – The last layer in the Novosbed mattress system is also its thickest at around 7 inches. This section is made up of compressed polyfoam textiles and is built to give the mattress it’s structural integrity. It’s best to use this mattress on top of a breathable foundation to prevent any moisture or heat from building up in this layer.
  • Comfort Plus Kit (optional) – This is quite a unique additional offer by Novosbed. If you’re not quite sure whether you’re satisfied with your mattress after 60 nights into your trial, they will send you their Comfort Plus kit. The kit comes in the form of a mattress topper which you place over your Novosbed mattress and is geared towards enhancing your comfort levels and sleeping experience. We think this is a really handy offer to consumers who are undecided about the quality of the Novosbed mattress. 
  1. Quilted Stretch Knitted Cover
  2. Interlock Inner Cover
  3. 2" Airflow Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  4. 2" Memory Foam Transitional Layer
  5. 7" Dense Polyfoam Support Base
Novosbed Mattress Layers

Novosbed mattress firmness

There are three levels of firmness available in the Novosbed mattress range: Soft, Medium, and Firm. The Soft tier feels a bit more like  Medium Soft. isn’t quite as soft as some lush models that you’ll find in more high-end models. We would rate it at about a 4/10 on the firmness scale. The medium firmness tier is their most popular model and also suits the widest range of people out of the three tiers. It sits somewhere between a 6 and 7 on our firmness scale.

If you are interested in buying one of these mattresses but are left unsure as to which firmness is best for you, the Medium would be your best bet. The Firm tier in this series is mildly firmer than its predecessor, sitting at around an 8/10 on our scale. Adding the Comfort + Kit to this top tier would make it considerably firmer, which would best suit sleepers heavier than 250lbs.

We’ve laid out this basic chart below to give you a relative understanding of how each firmness option in the mattress range measures up against each other. These are subjective and may vary from user to user, so treat this as a simple guideline.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm



Sleep position, pressure relief and body type

Everyone has their own relative sleeping habits and it’s near impossible to build a mattress that perfectly suits one person’s needs. When buying a mattress for yourself it’s really handy to understand your sleeping habits, body type, and which mattress best suits your specifications. The Novosbed mattress caters to a specific variety of sleeping types. Below we’ll take a short look at some different sleeping types and see how this mattress performs for each of them.

Back Sleepers 

The Novosbed mattress is a pretty good fit for back sleepers. The layering components provide the right amount of support for back sleepers to lay as flat as possible with quite some ease. It’s important for back sleepers to select the right firmness level for their weight class so as to get the most comfortable sleeping experience eg. sleepers below 180lbs should opt for the soft option, 180-250 lbs should go with the medium tier, etc. 

Side Sleepers

We feel that the Novosbed mattress doesn’t quite suit the needs of side sleepers regardless of their weight or firmness option. Side sleepers require a mattress that provides pressure relief on specific pressure points along their body. These pressure points sit around the shoulders, sides, hips, and knees. This mattress doesn’t quite allow the body’s natural contours to settle into the surface area. Petite side sleepers may get a comfortable sleep on the soft tier, but it might not be the best they could get on the market.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers generally require similar setups and support that back sleepers do. They need support focused around their hips and pelvic region in order to optimize their sleeping experience. This mattress does a great job of allowing sleepers to layout flat without any discomfort around the lower back region where the most stress is usually placed during rest. Again, it’s important for you to select the appropriate firmness level or your weight class.

Combination Sleepers

The Novosbed mattress will only benefit combination sleepers if they specifically switch between their back and stomach while resting. We don’t feel like side sleepers can get their best possible sleep with this mattress so combination sleepers using this position might not fully enjoy their rest. The comfort layer doesn’t respond quickly enough to shifting pressure to fluidly accommodate shifting positions. 

Heavy Sleepers

You’ll generally want to choose the firmest option with any mattress type if you are a heavier sleeper. The same applies to the Novosbed mattress. Heavier sleepers above the 250lbs mark will only get a decent night’s rest with the firm tier of this mattress. The other firmness levels can’t quite fully support heavier body frames and may wear easier with any vigorous movement under heavyweight. 

Petite Sleepers

Light sleepers should be able to get a good night’s rest on either the soft or medium options of the Novosbed mattress. This is with the exception of side sleepers under 180lbs who may struggle to comfortably rest their contours into the comfort layer of the mattress. Petite back and stomach sleepers are quite well suited to the design of this mattress’ layering system. 

Novosbed edge support

It’s not unusual for some manufacturers to overlook edge support in their designs. This can be really detrimental to both the comfort level and durability of any mattress, especially in the case of memory foam models. Thankfully this is not the case with the Novosbed mattress. All 3 firmness levels provide adequate edge support for the majority of sleepers.

There is no dip along the sides when you sit on the edge which means getting in and out of bed is quite effortless. This is also good news for couples, who will need to utilize more surface area than single sleepers. Heavier people will need to use the Firm model in order to get the most longevity out of the sides of their mattress.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

Novosbed Soft

Side/back sleepers under 180lbs


Novosbed Medium

Combination sleepers between 180 - 250lbs


Novosbed Firm

Back/stomach sleepers between 250 - 400lbs


Novossbed mattress temperature regulation

This is where we feel the Novosbed does not quite perform as strongly as other memory foam mattresses in its price range. There is an element of temperature control in the comfort layer which consists of a type of aerated porous memory foam. While this layer does feel breathable to the touch, we can’t really feel any sort of cooling when lying down on the mattress surface. This means that sleepers who are prone to overheating during sleep may not get the sufficient relief they need to sleep comfortably.

Similarly some couples may generate too much body heat between each other during rest, due to the shortage of ventilation in between the layers of the mattress. If overheating is not a problem for you as a sleeper then you should enjoy the general temperature of the Novosbed range. We think its average temperature feel sits at a generic level, but this mattress does have the potential to feel a bit stuffy or moderately warm, especially in humid conditions.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm



Motion isolation and noise

We just addressed some of the Novosbed mattress weaker points in the previous section. This area covers some of its strongest. As with most memory foam mattresses, the Novosbed serves up some very impressive motion transfer control. When rolling over or changing sleeping positions we couldn’t feel any major points of disturbance throughout the mattress. This is due to the density in the layers of the memory foam in the transitional layer and support base in the body of the mattress.

These two elements do a great job of dispersing any vibrations caused by shifts in pressure that shifting positions create. Couples will benefit greatly from this mattress if one or more of the partners is a restless sleeper. They are less likely to be disturbed on a mattress like this than something more reactive like an innerspring mattress.

Is Novosbed suitable for couples and sex?

There are some benefits that couples can enjoy in the Novosbed mattress, but there are also one or two less enjoyable elements as well. We have discussed the nature of both the strong motion isolation and the average temperature control that these mattresses harbor. These are two strongly contesting factors for couples to negotiate between themselves when looking for a new mattress.

The reliable edge support also works in the favor of couples who want to make use of the entire surface area of the mattress for sleep or sex. While this mattress has no problem supporting the combined bodyweight of couples it is not as responsive as innerspring or latex mattresses. This means that sex can be a bit tiresome for some couples as the mattress causes more resistance than traction during sex, especially for smaller or petite couples. 

Durability and longevity

Every Novosbed bed comes with a 15-year warranty which is a generous 5 years longer than the industry standard. This might seem like a small margin for some but considering the components of this mattress and the reasonable price tag it carries, this scores some major points for the Novosbed mattress in our books. Novosbed also provides some handy mattress care pointers on their website which is useful for knowing how to prolong your mattress’s lifespan.

The simple but solid construction in this mattress should see it last over the length of the warranty before you notice any natural wear and tear. As with most memory foam mattresses, it’s best to keep these mattresses out of overly warm or humid conditions as this may accelerate their depreciation. If you’re buying this mattress for a heavy couple we would recommend using the Comfort + Kit as this will help increase the durability of the mattress substantially. 

Bed base 

Novosbed offers a foundation from its online store. The foundation is a frame with wooden slats that they courier to you for home assembly. The foundation isn’t very complex to build at home and doesn’t require any heavy tools or machinery. This type of frame is what Novosbed recommends you use in conjunction with their mattress to maximize its quality.

The slats allow an even balance of support and ventilation which will optimize this mattress performance. We would advise that you keep this mattress off any hard floor or solid platform so as to maintain reasonable airflow throughout the mattress. You can use these on an adjustable base but this will probably affect the overall quality over time. 




Novosbed mattress complaints

  • This mattress can tend to be a bit warm for some users. If you live in hotter climates it’s best to get something that has a bit more breathability like an innerspring mattress.   
  • We would have liked the Comfort + Kit to be an accessory you could purchase upfront, as opposed to having to wait 60 nights into the sleep trial. 

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Novosbed mattress brand?



  • The Novosbed mattress is a pretty reliable purchase for the average back and stomach sleeper between 150 and 250 lbs. This means it’s ideal for a large, albeit a very specific group of sleepers. Other sleepers may have more variable experiences depending on their body type and sleeping habits.
  • Their price tag is quite accessible to most consumers and they offer some attractive customer service policies. Considering the price that it comes at we think the textile and build are of pretty admirable quality. 
  • These mattresses exhibit some really good edge support compared to other memory foam models in its class. This combined with its great motion isolation makes it a great option for couples. 
  • We really like the concept behind the Comfort + Kit that comes with the purchase. The removable cover is also quite a nice touch to the total design. Thanks for reading through our Novosbed mattress review, we’ll see you soon. Sweet dreams.


Is Novosbed a good mattress?

The Novosbed mattress has a reliable build and performs quite well as a memory foam product, we feel it is a good mattress. 

Who owns Novosbed?

Novosbed is owned by the popular Canadian sleeping goods company Good Morning.

How do I unpack Novosbed?

The Novosbed mattress comes in a box that can easily be moved into most sleeping spaces. The mattress will unfold itself when you take it out of the box and should take around 2 days to inflate up to its full size. 

Where can I buy the Novosbed mattress?

 Novosbed mattresses are all available for purchase through their online shop portal or through the GoodMorning.com website. 

Rating: 4.6/5
  • 15 years warranty
  • 120 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Made in USA
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