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Lull Mattress

Lull Mattress Review​

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Review by Claire
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If you are shopping for an all-foam bed, the Lull mattress is a real people pleaser. As you’ve probably found out by now, buying a mattress can be as simple as picking an option at random or it can be an in-depth art of balancing preferences. If you are more of the former and you are looking for a foam mattress, meet Lull. Lull was started out of what you are going through right now: shopping for a new mattress. Every mattress is going to work for some and not for others. Check out our Lull mattress review below to find out all you need to know.
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Lull company policy

The CEO of Lull started the company in reaction to his own rather negative mattress-buying experience. He wanted to create a company that made great mattresses at a great price and with great customer service. That was back in 2015. Since then, Lull has collected supporters of their simple, comfortable mattress. They have an A+ BBB rating.

10 Year

100 Nights



Made in
USA & China

Shipping:  Lull offers free delivery through FedEx and, in most cases, your mattress should arrive between one and four business days after you place your order.

Old mattress removal:  Lull does not offer an old mattress removal service, but do offer some advice on disposing of your old mattress on their website.

Payment accepted, financing:  Lull offers financing options through Affirm – with 6, 12, 18, or 24-month options available.

Returns and refund:  Lull has a policy of free returns and exchanges within the 100-night trial period. Exchanging your mattress means you won’t get a sleep trial period on your replacement.

Sleep trial period:  Lull will give you 100 nights to try out your mattress in your own home as part of their sleep trial policy.

Warranties:  Lull mattresses come with a ten-year warranty.

Packaging and unpacking:  The Lull mattress comes in a box about the size of a mini fridge. It is compressed and wrapped in plastic. As with most all-foam mattresses, this will probably take a day or two to fully decompress.

Smell (off gassing), harmful chemicals:  As you may have gathered if you have been reading a few mattress reviews, bed-in-a-box mattresses tend to let off a smell when they have been unpacked. Lull foams are CertiPUR-US certified to be non-toxic, so you can rest assured that this isn’t a sign of scary chemicals or dangerous materials.  

Where are the mattresses made?  Components of these mattresses are made in the United States, while others are made in China.

Lull mattress measurements and pricing

Lull Mattress
38″ × 75″
38″ × 80″
54″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″
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  • 10 years warranty
  • 100 nights trial
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  • Free returns
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Lull mattress performance

Simply put, Lull mattresses are straightforward, comfortable all-foam mattresses. It comes in one firmness level, one profile, which just so happens to be the one that would probably work for the broadest range of sleepers.

Ultimately, in trying to describe the feel of this mattress, I cannot class it as having a memory foam feel. It is too unique for that. This means that, if you aren’t a fan of a traditional memory foam feel, you will probably enjoy the sensation of sleeping on this bed. That said, it has just enough memory foam to cater to those memory foam fans out there, so don’t be dismayed.

Most people will think they have found a winner with the Lull mattress – average-sized and petite people across all sleeping positions will, in all likelihood, be very satisfied with their choice of mattress.

As with everything, these mattresses have certain pros and cons. Keep reading our Lull Mattress bed review to find out more.

Construction layers and materials used

The Lull Mattress has a simple construction, but they have struck the balance right. These layers combine to make this an accommodating all-foam mattress which will win the hearts of many. The foundation of this bed is a sturdy seven-inch high-density polyfoam base. On top of this, a 1.5-inch transitional polyfoam layer acts as a buffer between the support and comfort layers. This contributes to the overall feel and supportive feel of the bed.

The top layer is 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam. The gel properties here take the edge off when it comes to the hot feeling you can sometimes get from memory foam. This layer is thin enough to create a unique enough feel for anyone who isn’t a particular fan of memory foam. That said, it’s also just the right amount for memory foam fans to get a comfortable foam feeling.

The mattress has a polyester blended cover. Initially I thought I was being a bit hyper-critical about it, but I see that there are a few members of the online mattress community who agree. While the cover is very soft and lush to the touch, this is not the taut stretch cover you will find on some other mattresses. This probably won’t be an issue for most people but, if you move around during the night, you could experience that the cover bunches slightly – moving with you.

  1. Polyester Blend Cover
  2. 1.5" Memory Foam
  3. 1.5" Transitional Polyfoam
  4. 7" High-Density Polyfoam Foundation
Lull Mattress Layers

Lull mattress firmness and pressure relief

On the firmness scale, I would say Lull sits slap bang in the center at a medium. Depending on your weight, you could experience a little on the softer or firmer side of medium – which is something to keep in mind if you are particularly small or large.

One of the most impressive things about the Lull Mattress is its balance of support and pressure relief. It is firm enough for back sleepers (and I don’t think most stomach sleepers will have any complaints), but the memory foam and polyfoam construction of this mattress provides cradling and softness under the hips and shoulders best for side and combination sleepers.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm

Lull Mattress


Sleep position and body type

Let’s start with body type. How much you weigh will affect how you experience this and any mattress. As mentioned above – and thinking in terms of firmness – if you are very light or heavy, you will find the mattress firmer or harder than a medium. I would say that Lull Mattresses as with most – if not all – all-foam mattresses, are suited to petite and average-sized individuals. If you are 230 to 250 pounds and above and you are on the market for a mattress, a hybrid mattress will probably offer more comfort and support and have a bit of added durability.

I think people across all sleeping positions will find the Lull Mattress meets their needs when it comes to support and pressure relief. It offers up just the right amount of support when you are lying on your back (it doesn’t feel like your bottom is collapsing into the foam), yet it has the perfect amount of softness to provide comforting pressure relief for side sleepers. If you are a combination sleeper, you shouldn’t have any trouble changing sleeping position in the night and you will be comfortable across all sleeping positions.

If you are a strict stomach sleeper, it would be irresponsible of me not to give you a little food for thought here. While the alignment offered for back sleepers is perfectly fine, I noticed slight tilting of the pelvis on my stomach. I don’t think this will cause issues for many stomach sleepers out there. However, it might be worth thinking about this if you sleep predominantly on your stomach and you have experienced some aches and pains from not keeping your spine in alignment. If this is something you identify with, a firmer mattress might be a better option for you.

Lull mattress edge support

All-foam mattresses usually aren’t star achievers on edge support – and Lull is no exception. I know of very few instances where edge support will be a make-or-break deciding factor in mattress selection. If you sleep on the edge of your bed or if you and a partner are sharing a smaller-sized model, it might be worth noting that the foam edge collapses slightly under weight. If you are looking to utilize as much of the bed as possible as a couple – and with this in mind – I would suggest investing in a larger model if you can.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

Lull Mattress

Petite and average sized people across all sleeping positions


Lull mattress temperature regulation

Memory foam has a bit of a bad reputation in the industry for being a hot material to sleep on. Yes, sometimes this is the case but, for the most part, this is a bit exaggerated. In the case of Lull, as with most things about this mattress, it is somewhere in the middle.

The top layer of memory foam is gel-infused, which does have some cooling properties. While it does cradle the body slightly, you are also more likely (depending on your weight here too) to sleep on top of the mattress because of the responsiveness of the foam.

The cumulative effect of this means most people will find the mattress temperature neutral. If you sleep hot, unfortunately the gel formula of the foam may not save you here and you should probably have a look at mattresses with active cooling properties.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm

Lull Mattress


Motion isolation and noise

We noticed no sound at all emanating from the Lull Mattress. It also performed surprisingly well when it came to motion isolation – considering that it is a more responsive memory foam. If you share your bed with someone who moves around or gets up a lot during the night, this is a big advantage of this mattress.

Is Lull mattress suitable for couples and sex?

As far as memory foam mattresses go, the feel of the bed is a lot more responsive than many traditional memory foam mattresses on the market. What does this mean for sex? Firstly, it will give you the ability to change position more quickly than on many other memory foam mattresses. It also offers a little bit of bounce. The fact that the foam is silent is also a good feature here.

Edge support and motion isolation are two other things for couples to consider as they shop for mattresses. As you will have seen above, the edge support on this mattress is not something to write home about, but is about average. Motion isolation, on the other hand, is not bad at all and most people won’t be disturbed by movement through the mattress during the night.

Durability and longevity

The durability of Lull mattresses, according to online public opinion, is somewhere between very good and excellent. Sag is a worry with memory foams as they age, but high-quality memory foam beds should last most people about five to seven years. The materials used in Lull are sturdy and of very good quality and so should last up to seven years.

It’s important to remember that the longevity of a mattress can be attributed to a few factors and usage is the main one. Your weight, mattress maintenance and care, and whether you sleep on your mattress every night will all play a role in how long your mattress will last.

Bed base

Lull mattresses are compatible with a range of bed bases which means, in most cases, you can use it with your existing bed frame without any trouble.


Box Spring

Solid Platform




Metal Grid

*Recommended no more than 3 inches apart

Lull mattress complaints

The customer satisfaction rating for Lull Mattresses is extremely high. According to Lull, it is 98%. So what were the 2% unhappy about?

  • The primary complaint that I found online came down to firmness. Some consumers reported being uncomfortable and experiencing pain as a result of the mattress being too hard for them. As mentioned earlier in this Lull Mattress review, if you are looking for a soft or a firm mattress, the Lull is a mattress with a medium feel. It is also important to remember that your weight will affect the firmness feel you get from this mattress. In the same thread of reviews, I came across people saying it was too soft.
  • I read a couple of reports of people who were not happy with their mattresses and then struggled with the returns process. I always recommend reading through the returns policies in full before buying.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Lull mattress brand?




Buying a mattress is a long-term investment in sleep and wellbeing. For some, this process needs to be multi-faceted, with the mattress bought at the end offering loads of features and benefits specifically for you. Lull is mattress-buying made easy for many – and that’s the first reason we would recommend it.

If you are looking for an all-foam mattress, Lull mattresses are going to have universal appeal for many people. It provides medium firmness which gives pressure relief where it matters, support when it’s needed, and fantastic cradling comfort all the time. On top of that, while it isn’t a budget bed, it is very affordable and provides exceptional value for the price.


Is Lull mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes. The foam layering of the Lull Mattress provides very good pressure relief for side sleepers, cushioning hips and shoulders as you sleep.

Does Lull mattress smell?

In general, no. Many people notice a slight smell following the unboxing of their Lull Mattresses. This is completely normal and can be expected of any bed-in-a-box mattress with foam components. This is not harmful and should clear in a day or two.

Can you flip a Lull mattress?

No. The design of the Lull Mattress relies on the comfort layer being at the top of the mattress and the high-density support foam at the bottom.

Do you need a boxspring with a Lull mattress?

No. Lull Mattresses can be used across a range of different bed frames.

How long does a Lull mattress last?

You can expect a Lull Mattress to last in the region of five to seven years. This will also depend on maintenance, weight, and regularity of use.

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