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Endy Mattress
Endy Mattress

Endy Mattress Review​

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Endy is a Canadian retailer specializing in affordable sleep related products sold exclusively in Canada. With a mission to change the way Canadians sleep, The Endy is their flagship 10” all-foam mattress aimed at a range of sleeper types. This award winning mattress (Best Mattress in Canada, 2019) is one of Canada's best selling bed-in-a-box mattresses. Endy’s products are designed at their Quebec factory using safe, sustainable, ethically sourced materials. As a socially conscious retailer, the brand donates mattresses to a variety of charity partners. The Endy’s affordable price makes it an ethical, cost-effective buy and one of the most sought-after mattresses in Canada.
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Who are Endy mattresses for? 

  • Petite to middleweight sleepers from 130lbs up to 200lbs.
  • Side sleepers (under 200lbs) wanting gentle pressure relief and sinkage, along with good spinal alignment.
  • Price savvy consumers – the mattress is a popular, affordable choice for Canadian shoppers.
  • Great for couplesThe Endy has excellent motion isolation and is completely silent.
  • Sleepers who want a conforming, responsive mattress.
  • Sleepers looking for a breathable mattress – perfect for people who sleep hot at night
  • Eco-aware consumers seeking a clean sleep – its zipped outer cover is antimicrobial, reducing allergens and its foams and adhesives contain low levels of heavy metals, chemicals and low VOC emissions too.
  • Patriotic Canadians wanting a certified truly Canadian sleep.

Who won’t love the Endy mattress? 

  • Strict stomach sleepers will need firmer support, less sinkage at their hips, especially if they weigh over 200lbs.
  • Sleepers who want a mattress with a deep memory foam hug.
  • Hot or sweaty sleepers.
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  • 10 years warranty
  • 100 nights trial
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Made in Canada
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Endy company policy  

Endy are an exclusively Canadian e-mattress retailer who have sold over 150,000 mattresses. The company sells The Endy mattress, a one-style suits all model comprising three layers of specially engineered foams. Designing, developing and manufacturing goods in Canada, using local sustainable materials helps the brand lower costs and this direct-to-customer approach enables them to build a quality mattress at a fraction of the cost of other major retailers.

Endy also sells bed bases and other sleep related goods. Endy offers free shipping inside Canada. Their sleep trial lasts100 days and customers returning The Endy mattress inside the trial are issued with a full refund and their returned mattress is donated to a local charity partner/ NGO.

10 Year Warranty

100 Nights Trial

Free Shipping


Made in

Shipping:  Endy mattresses offer FREE SHIPPING coast to coast across Canada, excluding some remote Canadian territories where additional shipping fees may apply. After placing your Endy order, customers get an email confirming this has been sent to their Ontario warehouse for processing. Mattresses are usually shipped within 2-3 days and customers receive a tracking number to trace your mattress. 

Once your mattress is with Endy’s courier and is assigned for delivery, you’ll be emailed a further update. Deliveries take place weekdays between 09:00 hrs and 19.00 hrs. If an unsuccessful delivery attempt is made, the courier will try again the next day. Your Endy mattress is delivered right to your door.

Old mattress removal:  Endy do not dispose of your old mattress. Their shipping partners offer quick delivery to all Canadian provinces, but they don’t have the capability to remove used items when they arrive with your new Endy Mattress. If you need help organizing the disposal of your old mattress, email the Endy Customer Care team: hello@endy.com who will try to refer you to a local mattress pickup service, depending on your location.

Payment accepted, financing:  Endy accepts most credit card and Visa Debit, or customers can apply for 0% APR financing with PayBright which will defer payment by 30 days. Customers can then opt to make six equal payments over six months (although promotional offers cannot be combined with PayBright financing).

Returns and refund:  If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your Endy Mattress, contact Endy’s Customer Care Team https://ca.endy.com/pages/contact who will ask a few quick questions to understand more about your experience. The Endy team-member will explain the mattress returns procedure and arrange for a no-hassle pickup and, where possible, donate your returned mattress to a local charity at no extra cost to you. Endy works with local charity partners across Canada to collect and donate gently used mattresses and partners with registered charities and nonprofits who serve families in need.

Once your mattress is returned, Endy will issue a full refund to the credit card used for the initial purchase. When making this first contact, have your mattress Lot number available (found on the reverse side of the material tag) as this speeds up the process. If you mistakenly order the wrong size mattress, your 100 Night Trial gives you a free, one-time size exchange. Although, requesting a size exchange voids your trial, making you ineligible for any further exchanges or returns.

Sleep trial period:  The Endy mattress has a 100-night Sleep Trial, giving customers more than three months to test out their mattress at home. Every Endy customer is eligible for one 100 Night Trial for their first purchase from Endy.com. Only first orders with a maximum of four Endy Mattresses are eligible. To start your 100 Night Trial purchase an Endy Mattress of any size from Endy.com. This trial is not transferable, and Endy Mattresses bought through third-party channels like Amazon.ca are not eligible for the 100 Night Trial.

Warranties:  Your Endy Mattress is covered by a 10-year Limited Warranty. This warranty covers mattress degradation where indentations greater than 1” occur which are not caused by an improper foundation. Also, mattress flaws, causing the foam to split or crack despite proper handling and use, and any manufacturing defect or flaw to the zipped mattress cover. If, during this 10-year timespan your mattress experiences a manufacturing defect that is covered by the terms of your warranty, Endy will give you a one-off replacement or, alternatively they’ll repair your original mattress at no extra cost to you. If this warranty claim happens inside your 100 Night Sleep Trial, your trial is paused until your replacement mattress arrives and then your sleep trial will resume.

Packaging and unpacking:  Your Endy mattress arrives vacuum packed, rolled inside an easy to carry cardboard box. Always unbox your mattress in the bedroom where you plan to use it. Open the box, remove your mattress, pull on the plastic flap to unseal the mattress and then roll out onto your bed frame or foundation. Then cut away the rest of the plastic packaging, taking care not to damage the outer mattress cover. Once the plastic packaging is removed, stand back and watch your Endy mattress expand back into shape.

Smell (off-gassing), harmful chemicals: All-foam mattresses often have an ‘off-gassing’ odor when unboxing them, which soon disappears after you air out the room. Off-gassing happens when chemicals called VOCs,( a byproduct of foam manufacturing) get released into the air as you unpack your mattress. Endy work hard to assure their customers their products are environmentally and people friendly too, and all the foams used in this mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified (free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and flame retardants), The Endy is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning it has low levels of chemical emissions and harmful pollutants after third-party testing. If the off-gassing scent is very noticeable we suggest airing out your mattress for 24 hours before sleeping on it.

Where are the mattresses made?  Endy are a leading Canadian Bed-in-a-Box retailer and their flagship mattress, The Endy is built and sold exclusively in Canada, and remains one of Canada’s best-selling online mattresses. The company specializes in low-cost mattresses and sleep related products.

Endy measurements and pricing

The Endy mattress is competitively priced and its commitment to selling only in Canada means it can provide excellent value for local customers. Our sleep team assessed its component materials, all of which are responsibly sourced in Canada and have a low carbon footprint.

We also ranked its pricing structure and measured this against how well the mattress performed in our sleep trials. Taking all of this into account, our team believes The Endy mattress is a great value for money mattress, which customers obviously agree with as The Endy is consistently a best-seller throughout Canada.

Endy Mattress
39″ × 75″
39″ × 80″
54″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″

Endy mattress performance

The Endy, one-mattress suits all model is valued by Canadian consumers as an affordable mattress with great pressure relief, body conformance, temperature neutrality and breathability. As well as accommodating a wide range of sleeper types, its high capacity for isolating motion makes it an ideal and cost-effective choice for couples too. Although ranked as Medium Firm, overall, shoppers may find the mattress a little softer than anticipated, and this will depend on your size/weight/height ratio.

As a brand, Endy likes to give back too which consumers also appreciate. Purchasing this all-Canadian product, supports local producers, fuels the economy and sustains worthwhile charities and NGOs who are assisted through Endy’s CSR schemes. You may sleep more soundly knowing your mattress purchased has created a positive ripple effect.

Construction layers and materials used

The Endy mattress uses high quality materials sourced from industry-leading Canadian foam and textile producers. The brand claims The Endy is Canada’s safest mattress, as it was the first and only Canadian-made mattress to be awarded GREENGUARD Gold status, which means it meets the world’s strictest standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and phthalates.  

The Endy is also a multi-award winning mattress, earning awards in trade and consumer voted competitions. In 2016, The Endy was listed in the Techweek Top 100 Innovator Award and more recently was voted 2020 Product of the Year in Canada as the best mattress in a box.

The Endy

This triple-layered, 10”, best-selling and award-winning all-foam mattress is soft, plush, comfy, cost-effective and versatile. Its upper gel-infused polyfoam layer feels like memory foam, but is bouncier and accommodates a wide-range of sleeper types. Years in development and the making, today, its specially engineered polyfoams use various blends and densities to collectively cool, comfort, contour and relieve pressure. The Endy’s zipped cover is a micro-quilted polyester and stretch knit blend, which helps airflow, regulates upper surface temperature and is fully machine washable too.

The Endy’s top comfort layer comprises 2” of open-cell gel infused (3 PCF) polyfoam. This top layer is super soft and breathable and responds slowly when adapting to your body, wicking away heat. Underneath, its 3” bouncier, firmer, high-density (1.8 PCF) polyfoam acts as a transition layer and has a quicker recovery rate – so sleepers won’t feel trapped inside the mattress and can easily change positions. The base layer consists of a 5” HD Base Foam (1.8 PCF) stabilizing the mattresses core, giving sleepers compression support and alignment.

  1. Removable Micro Quilted Cover
  2. 2” Gel infused Endy Comfort Foam
  3. 3” Transition Polyfoam
  4. 5” HD Polyfoam
Endy Mattress Layers

Endy mattress firmness 

The firmness of a mattress differs according to the sleeper’s body shape, size, and weight. In fact, petite sleepers sharing a bed with a heavier partner will consider the mattress firmer, simply because they stay up top more and do not sink deeper to experience increased pressure relief. The triple-layered Endy mattress, sells in one firmness option, a Medium Firm.

The mattress is responsive with good conformance and has a mixed, balanced, foam feel. The polyfoam in its upper comfort layers contour more generally around your body mass, so sleepers won’t experience that deep memory foam mattress hug. The HD polyfoam in its base stabilizes the mattress’s overall support, helping to alleviate sagging.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm



Sleep position, pressure relief and body type

The Endy’s comfort layers offer contour and conformance, assisting overall spinal alignment and helping to reduce pressure for side sleepers while also ensuring more even support for back and combo sleepers. Because the firmer, denser foams are in its 2nd and 3rd layers, heavier sleepers may sink too low and experience pressure build up as a consequence.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will need a medium firm or firm mattress so they can stay fully supported and comfortable up top, but have sufficient sinkage to allow pressure relief along their shoulders, lumbar region and hips. When sleeping on The Endy, its gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer fills the space around your lumbar region giving you great lower back pressure relief. Because The Endy ranks as a true medium-firm, this means petite to mid-weight sleepers will enjoy its comfort, pressure relief and support. Feedback from our sleep testers was that more heavyweight sleepers (up to and over 220lbs) may require a thicker, firmer mattress, or possibly a foam/coil hybrid.

Side Sleepers

The Endy’s gel-infused top comfort layer is made from super soft, open-cell, bouncy, pressure-relieving polyfoam making it ideal for petite to middle-weight side sleepers. We wouldn’t recommend The Endy for heavy people who are side sleepers (220lbs or over) as they are likely to bottom out, and sink through the upper comfort layer into the firmer, denser transition foam below, causing them discomfort.

Stomach sleepers

Strict stomach sleepers will need a firmer mattress than The Endy.

Combination Sleepers

The Endy is a good fit for petite to middle-weight combination sleepers. It’s upper gel-infused polyfoam layer, contours and has a slow response rate. Underneath, its firmer, quicker to respond transition layer ensures sleepers won’t feel trapped in the mattress, letting them easily move around to switch positions.

Heavy Sleepers

All foam mattresses can struggle with weight management and distribution. On their website, the retailer claims The Endy provides optimal comfort for sleepers weighing 250 pounds and has a total weight capacity of 500 pounds. Our sleep testers disagreed, they wouldn’t recommend The Endy for sleepers weighing 220lbs or over and felt heavier built sleepers would be better suited to a coil/foam hybrid with a stronger and sturdier supportive core.

Petite Sleepers

The Endy’s gel-infused top comfort layer is soft, bouncy, pressure relieving and its shock-absorbing open-cell construction gives it a slow response. It is ideal for petite people who are either side, back or combination sleepers.

Endy edge support

Not every mattress will score highly across all of our Sleep Test categories. Because The Endy is made from foams which compress easily, the overall mattress experience does lack strong edge support. Consumers who want a mattress with strong edge support will find a foam/coil hybrid or an innerspring mattress performs much better, letting you sit on the edge of the bed and still feel supported. Our sleep testers thought The Endy’s foam edges compressed too easily, making the mattress less stable around the perimeter edge, so users may experience a rolling off sensation.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount


Back, side and combination sleepers under 200lbs


Endy temperature regulation

The Endy mattress is designed with temperature regulating features to help sleepers achieve a cooler sleep. The open cell, plush, gel-infused polyfoam in its upper comfort layer wicks away heat, and although it feels like memory foam, this polyfoam material is much more breathable. 

Endy claims these foams release body heat quicker than conventional foams. Also, the mattress’s zipped outer cover is made from a soft, aerated polyester knit helping keep the upper surface cool.  Endy commissioned an independent breathability testing of their top foam layers vs that of their main competitors in Canada. The independent study found that Endy’s open-air cell foam is 20x more breathable than that of their closest competitor.

Endy claims these foams release body heat quicker than conventional foams. Also, the mattress’s zipped outer cover is made from a soft, aerated polyester knit helping keep the upper surface cool.

It is a well know fact that All-foam mattresses do struggle with heat retention.  But because the Endy’s comfort layers conform more generally around your body, sleepers don’t get that deep memory foam hug – which also means there’s less potential for body heat to get trapped inside its layers. But, all-foam mattresses will always retain some body heat from their sleepers, and so if you are a particularly hot or sweaty sleeper you may be better suited to a latex/coil hybrid with more breathable materials and a greater opportunity for airflow.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm



Motion isolation and noise

All foam mattresses do a great job of isolating motion and are a popular choice with couples. Foam mattresses deaden and absorb movement well, ensuring any disturbance on one side of the mattress does not travel across, which is really important if you sleep with a restless partner. As our Sleep Team anticipated, The Endy was outstanding in our motion transfer tests and so, we can confidently recommend this mattress as a good choice for couples. Another advantage of this all-foam model when testing it for noise, is that it is completely silent when bearing weight.

Is Endy suitable for couples and sex?

An ideal mattress for couples and sex should be bouncy and responsive, letting users easily switch positions. It should also have a strong level of edge support so couples feel supported across the whole sleep surface and can confidently utilize the whole bed space. Although The Endy mattress is responsive, it doesn’t have the same level of bounce you’d associate with a hybrid or innerspring mattress. Also, its polyfoam layers compress around the edges too easily, so sleepers get a fair level of edge support but may experience a rolling off sensation close to the edge. Couples may not find the mattress springy enough for sex.

Durability and longevity

The average life expectancy of an all-foam mattress ranges from 7 to 10 years. Because The Endy has only been on the market since 2015, it is much too soon to fully assess its wearability and longevity rate. Assessing the foams that were developed and engineered to build the mattress, these composite materials are of high quality. Although, all-foam mattresses do usually degrade quicker than innerspring or hybrid models. 

We’d anticipate The Endy’s soft, plush 3 PCF polyfoam upper comfort layer will show the first signs of wear and tear and so advise customers to rotate the mattress every six months to offset the potential for any upper sagging. Also, remember the mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty, so that should give consumers some reassurance of the manufacturer’s commitment to their life expectancy.

Bed base 

Because The Endy is an all-foam mattress it must be used with a base that provides even and balanced support, and one that allows airflow, to help cool the mattress and the sleeper down. Always make sure you pair your mattress with a compatible bed base, otherwise this could damage your mattress, or, more worryingly invalidate its warranty.  The retailer recommends twinning The Endy mattress with either a Traditional Box Spring or a Slatted Base Frame where the slats are even (and no more than 3 inches apart).  The Endy should not be placed directly on the floor.


Box Spring


Endy mattress complaints

Customer feedback for The Endy mattress is incredibly positive. Many customers brag about how their overall sleep quality has improved and discuss how their aches and pains have lessened. Check out the Endy company website and you will see there are over 15,300 customer reviews listed, almost all of these are positive – earning the retailer an average 4.8 out of 5 stars. However, our research team also scrutinized independent review sites to try and establish negative feedback, to determine customer complaints and concerns in an effort to better understand challenges or issues buyers have experienced with The Endy mattress or the retailer.

  • A customer complained about The Endy mattress losing its support after 4 years of use. After her initial purchase, she’d been very happy with the mattress and so was following the manufacturer’s guidance to rotate it regularly to extend its lifespan. However, she felt it had softened up too much and was no longer supportive. She was disappointed because she’d anticipated a much longer lifespan.
  • There were a few complaints from customers disappointed because the mattress was a lot softer than they had anticipated, being a Medium-Firm mattress. But this is difficult to assess and is subjective depending on the customer’s weight to size ratio – because on the same page there were also customers claiming it was too firm.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Endy mattress brand?




If you are a Candadian shopper seeking an affordable mattress with a good amount of conformance, comfort and pressure relief then we’d definitely recommend The Endy. After all, millions of Canadian’s cant be wrong and this model just keeps winning awards from consumers and its sector. As an ethical retailer with a low carbon footprint, Endy says it is proud to be a champion for the consumer, exclusively operating in Canada, keeping their overheads low and then passing these savings onto the buyer. Also, because The Endy mattress comes with a risk free 100 Day Sleep Trial and a limited 10 year warranty – this will give customers an assured level of purchase protection.


Do Endy mattresses need a boxspring?

Yes, a Traditional Box Spring is an ideal base for The Endy mattress as it’ll give your all-foam model the necessary support it needs and at the same time allow the mattress to breathe. Air circulation is a really important factor for all-foam mattresses, getting air through the layers helps them wick away upper body heat, so that sleepers can keep cool throughout the night.

Can you flip an Endy mattress?

No, you cannot flip The Endy because its layers are ordered strategically according to their pressure-relieving and temperature neutralizing qualities. Layer 1, the upper comfort layer is made from a 2” soft, plush, gel-infused (3 PCF) polyfoam that's breathable, conforming and dissipates upper body heat. Layers 2 and 3 are both made from denser, firmer (1.8 PCF) polyfoam which has a quicker response and is intended to give sturdy support to the mattress. So, if you flipped the mattress you’d be lying directly on the sturdy base foam which would be uncomfortable. If you want to prolong the life of your mattress rotate it with the seasons, to try and offset any wear and tear or sagging.

How long does an Endy mattress last?

The Endy mattress has only been on the market since 2015 and has already undergone 1 revision. It is a best-selling mattress and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Assessing the quality of the materials used to build the mattress, our team would estimate that customers should expect to get over 7 years lifespan, depending on how well you maintain it.

Is Endy a firm mattress?

The Endy mattress ranks as a Medium Firm mattress, and we all know that firmness is subjective according to your own body shape, weight and height. The Endy is designed to alleviate pressure around your shoulders, hips and lumbar region. The open cell composition of its upper comfort layer acts like a network of tiny shock absorbers which contour around your body, releasing air as the pressure increases. Whereas its denser, firmer foams in its 2nd and 3rd layers add a level of bounce.

Where do Endy mattresses ship from?

Endy can maintain their affordable pricing by reducing their overheads, they manufacture and sell their mattresses exclusively in Canada. Goods are shipped from their warehouse depot in Ontario and typically take between 2 - 3 weekdays to arrive.

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