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Spindle Mattress
Spindle Mattress

Spindle Mattress Review​

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Review by Kieron
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Are you a sleeper who is looking for an organic, eco-conscious solution to your sleeping needs? In this Spindle mattress review, we take an in-depth look at one of the mattress world’s more popular natural builds. Spindle is a 4th generation family business that runs out of the U.S and focuses on trying to make eco-friendly sleeping products that are accessible to the general public. In this review, we’re going to cover the specs of the Spindle mattress and decide which sleeper types it best suits. We’ll also look at its construction and performance as well as investigating some of Spindle’s purchase policies and customer services. Let’s get to it.

Who is the Spindle mattress for? 

  • Anybody who is looking for an organic mattress – The Spindle mattress is almost entirely made from naturally based eco-conscious textiles and manufacturing methods. This is a big appeal to many sleeper types in the modern-day and age.
  • Sleepers who need/prefer a responsive mattress – The latex used in the layering system of this mattress has a much quicker response rate than traditional memory foams which gives it some extra elasticity and bounce.
  • Sleepers who enjoy need some form of temperature control – The same latex mentioned above is also porous, which is vastly superior to high-density polyfoam or memory foam in terms of temperature regulation.
  • Side and combination sleepers – The Spindle’s more responsive character makes it ideal for the average side sleeper to find comfortable contour support during rest. Shifting positions on this mattress feels quite effortless too, making it a good option for combination sleepers.
  • Sleepers who like a peace of mind in their purchase – Spindle offer their consumers a 365 night trial with their mattress. They also offer an integrative customer care relationship to help maintain your product, as well as free returns and a 10-year warranty.

Who won’t love the Spindle mattress? 

  • Heavier Sleepers – We found that because this mattress does not have some form of support base in its layering system, it lacks the foundational support required to comfortably house the heavier frames of people who weigh in excess of 250lbs.
  • Anyone who cannot assemble a mattress themselves – Spindle mattresses are delivered to you without assembly. Each layer is individually packaged and will require two or more people to properly assemble. There are some who will find this tedious and problematic.

Spindle company policy  

10 Year Warranty

365 Nights Trial

Free Shipping


Made in

Shipping:  Spindle mattresses are shipped to your door via UPS ground service within 7 days of purchase. Delivery comes at no extra cost.

Old mattress removal:  There is no old mattress removal with the delivery of your Spindle mattress. You can get your mattress collected by civic services as well as donation programs.

Payment accepted, financing:  Spindle mattresses can be purchased using most major credit cards. They do not offer any financing options from their online store.

Returns and refund:  Unsatisfied customers will receive a full refund from Spindle mattresses and can arrange to have their mattress returned at no extra cost.

Sleep trial period:  Once purchased, your Spindle mattress comes with a very generous 365-night trial. This is more than enough time to decide if this mattress is right for you

Warranties:  Spindle offers its consumers a 10-year warranty with the purchase of their mattress.

Packaging and unpacking:  These mattresses are delivered for you to assemble at home. Unpacking is fairly easy but proper and precise installation will require more than one person. The mattress will also take a day or so to fully expand.

Smell (off-gassing), harmful chemicals:  The Spindle mattress has an impressive number of environmentally friendly certifications. They’re nearly entirely organic and you should experience zero off-gassing when unpacking your mattress.

Where are the mattresses made?  Spindle mattresses are manufactured from their headquarters based in the USA

Spindle measurements and pricing

Spindle has a deal where you save $900 off retail price when you purchase online. Click here to view the deal.

Spindle Mattress
38″ × 74.5″
38″ × 79.5″
53″ × 74.5″
60″ × 79.5″
76″ × 79.5″

Spindle mattress performance

The main focus driving the concept of the Spindle mattress is centered around environmentally friendly design. Almost every element in the mattress is constructed from a highly organic methodology. The mattress comes in 3 levels of firmness, has a notably quick level of response shifting pressure, and consists of very breathable textiles. All in all, it is a simple, but fairly modern mattress which will cater really well to the sleeping needs of some, and not so well to the others. Next up we’ll examine this mattress’s specifications and try and layout which types of sleepers may fit this mattress best.

Construction layers and materials used

This mattress is one of the first that we’ve come across that comes delivered to your door completely deconstructed. It consists of three layers of naturally sourced latex that vary in density depending on the firmness option you select. It’s your task to correctly compile these layers in the correct following order, and then to apply the cotton cover that comes with it. We must note that it’s really important to be meticulous when assembling this mattress. Any minor error or offset will exponentially affect the overall comfort levels and durability of it’s build. Let’s take a look at each respective layer in the Spindle mattress’s build in our next section.

Layering Breakdown

  • Organic Cover – This mattress comes with a naturally manufactured cotton cover. This cover also incorporates locally sourced sheep’s wool into this layer and the overall tactile is soft to the touch fairly neutral on the temperature scale. The cover also has a natural off white color which may dissuade some buyers, but should not be seen as any form of design or factory flaw
  • Latex Layering Support Core – The support core of the Spindle mattress consists of three levels of Dunlop latex, which is slightly thicker but less breathable than Talalay latex. Each layer will vary in density depending on the firmness option you select with your purchase. These layers will also serve as the sleeper’s comfort layer, and the Spindle is reversible which helps to extend its lifespan. Satisfied customers can make use of Spindle’s Comfort Life policy and have these layers replaced for up to 25 years after their purchase.
  1. Organic Cotton Cover
  2. 3" Latex Comfort Layer
  3. 3" Latex Transitional Layer
  4. 3" Latex Comfort/Support Layer
Spindle Mattress Layers

Spindle mattress firmness 

Spindle offers its customers a range of 4 firmness options to select from with their mattress. These options are Medium Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm. Each of these options all feels very similar to the next as they only differ in overall density and not in any sort of construction or design facet. We feel as if the softest model sits at around 3-4/10 on our personal firmness scale. This firmness option is best suited to more petite sleeper types under the 150lbs weight mark. On the opposite end of the line, we found the firmest option to feel like a 7/10 on our firmness chart. This option is considerably firmer but does not carry the same structural support that more traditional memory foam builds generally encompass. This firmness option should feel great to you if you’re between 150 and 220lbs and not looking for something that is exceptionally firm or hardy.

We’ve laid out this table below for you to use as a brief guideline to understanding how each Spindle option scores on our firmness charts. These charts are not definitive stats and should just serve as a basic outline of each mattress’s firmness and feel.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm



Sleep position, pressure relief and body type

It’s practically impossible to design a mattress that will perfectly cater to every single person’s sleeping needs. Human beings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and also pick up their own sleeping habits as they age depending on their sleeping circumstances and physical needs and requirements. The Spindle mattress is not built for everybody, but it performs well for the sleepers that it does suit. We’re going to go over a few of the major sleeper types and habits to help you understand who will get the best sleep on this mattress.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers make up a large percentage of sleeper types today. During rest, these sleepers concentrate a large share of their overall weight around the pelvic and lower back area on their bodies. If this area is not supported enough it can cause quite a bit of discomfort to back sleepers and hinder their sleep. The Spindle mattress doesn’t quite perform as well at providing support to pressure crucial areas as memory foam does but users do lie on top of this foam, as opposed to sinking into memory foam. We would say that if you are under 200lbs you should be able to get a well-supported rest, provided you purchase the Extra Firm option.

Side Sleepers

In contrast to back sleepers, side sleepers tend to spread their overall weight along various pressure points along the entire length of their body. Pressure generally accrues around the knees, hips, sides, shoulders, and head. These points also shift on the mattress area, depending on which side the sleeper rests on. This mattress does a great job of nesting each respective natural contour of the user’s body. There is very little resistance from the layering when laying in this position and if you’re a side sleeper between 150-220lbs we feel like you’ll be able to sleep comfortably on the Medium or Firm options.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers generally have about the same sleeping requirements that back sleepers do. The pressure they create while sleeping is also focused very much around the hips and lower back region and sturdiness is vital for these sleeper types – possibly even more so than with back sleepers. Again, we feel as though only the firmest option in this range will adequately support the frames of stomach sleepers below the 220lbs mark. Heavier sleepers that fit this profile will have to seek a mattress with greater structural integrity.

Combination Sleepers

The quick responding nature of the foams in this mattress makes it a great fit for combination sleepers. This is especially prevalent if these combo sleepers simply shift positions from side to side and are below 220lbs. Because this mattress does a great job at isolating and accommodating motions caused by shifting positions, combination sleepers should find it fairly easy to rest and still move across the surface area of this bed.

Heavy Sleepers

We found that these mattresses don’t quite carry the structural integrity it needs to comfortably host heavier body frames. This might have been plausible if the layering system included some kind of support base in its layering system to compensate for the extra weight. The latex foams used in this mattress’s layering system are just not strong enough to comfortably host the heavier frames of anyone who is above 220lbs.

Petite Sleepers

This mattress gives the user the feeling of laying atop the surface (as opposed to the sinking feeling that memory foam models create). Because of this, smaller or more petite sleepers will want to make use of the Medium Soft firmness option so that their contours can find enough support on the comfort layer of the mattress. Petite stomach and back sleepers might be able to get a good night’s rest on a Medium model if the pressure they create in their hips and lower back area is not too extreme.

Spindle edge support

Due to the nature of their design, this mattress doesn’t have the most reliable edge support. Latex has a much more forgiving tensility than memory foam and as such, is prone to excessive sagging under the concentrated weight. Because of this, the edge support of the Spindle mattress definitely lacks a bit of added support in its construction. There is a noticeable dip in the mattress when users sit on the sides of their mattress, which can create strain around the lower back region – especially when getting in and out of bed. Couples should note this as they need to use more of the surface area than most single sleepers. If you’re part of a couple and want to invest in this mattress, we advise purchasing a Queen size or bigger in order to get the best possible sleep.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

Spindle Medium Soft

Side/Combo Sleepers


Save $200


Spindle Medium

Side/Combo Sleepers between 150-220lbs


Save $200 


Spindle Medium Firm

Side/Combo Sleepers 150-220lbs


Save $200


Spindle Firm

Side/Combo Sleepers between 150 -220lbs. Back/Stomach sleepers under 220lbs


Save $200


Spindle temperature regulation

What the spindle lacks in edge support it makes up in temperature regulation. The latex used in this mattress’s layering system is definitively cooler and more breathable than most memory or polyfoams used in more synthetic mattress builds. The foam used is also porous, which you can see for yourself when you assemble and install the mattress after delivery. Most people who are not looking for a mattress that specializes in cooling should find the overall temperature of this mattress to be very satisfying. There is no semblance of heat or moisture retention even when couples are laying on the mattress together. This can be attributed to the efficient natural ventilating capabilities of the latex pores. Heavier sleepers or overly warm sleepers may need to look for something else with more active cooling.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm



Motion isolation and noise

Another area that this mattress performs quite reliably in is the motion isolation. This is a highly significant deciding factor for people who struggle to fall or stay asleep and are easily woken by movements or noise during the night. This is also important to couples with restless sleeping partners. Thankfully the Spindle mattress handles the shifting movements of body weights up to 220lbs with little resistance or struggle. This mattress does not isolate motion as well as memory foam models may, but we feel as if the Spindle is not an overly bouncy mattress giving the elastic nature of its latex components. The Spindle is also considerably quieter than innerspring mattresses as there are no springs or fittings inside the mattress that could move and create noise and motion transfer.

Is Spindle suitable for couples and sex?

There are some positive and negative factors that couples will want to negotiate if they are looking to purchase a Spindle mattress. The quick responding nature of this mattress makes it a really good option for couples looking to enjoy a healthy active sex life. Reactive mattresses create less resistance during sex, making it easier for couples to enjoy their intimacy. The mattress also provides sufficient motion isolation so that couples are less likely to disrupt each other’s sleep when they move or change sleeping positions during slumber. However, the lack of edge support can make sleeping quite uncomfortable for couples who take up most or all of the surface area of their mattress during slumber. Any sort of roll-off like the one found on the perimeter of this mattress can cause strain on the body from sleeping in unnatural resting positions. Couples looking to invest in this mattress should buy a queen-size or bigger for optimum comfort.

Durability and longevity

The Spindle mattress’s eco-friendly construction does not necessarily translate into a compromise in quality. Some would assume that organic textiles would mean a drop in overall durability, but we found the layering components of this mattress to be as hardy and sturdy as traditional memory foam components. A huge advantage of this mattress lifespan is the integration of Spindle’s Comfort Life policy. Customers can arrange to have layers in their mattress returned and replaced for better combinations or simply to refresh the overall firmness and feel. We feel as though this will definitely help extend the mattress’s lifespan well into the 10-year warranty that it comes with. The organic cotton cover can also easily be cleaned and shouldn’t have any odd or uncomfortable wear and tear over time.

Bed base 

There’s a solid platform foundation available for purchase through the Spindle mattress’s online store. We can only assume that Spindle has researched and experimented with different foundations over time and selected this as the best possible option to use in conjunction with this mattress. The latex layering should still be able to provide enough airflow under users’ bodies on this base type for sufficient temperature regulation. We would advise staying away from wooden slats or frames of any sort as this mattress will require a stronger support base to adequately house its layers on this type of base. We have laid out a basic table below to help show you which bases we feel work best with the Spindle mattress.


Box Spring

Solid Platform



Metal Grid

Spindle mattress complaints

  • A lot of the quality of this mattress comes down to how you, the consumer assemble it at home. Even though it’s easy to adjust, we wish there was a more convenient method of shipping and installing this bed into a sleeping space. This would make it more accessible to single sleepers or those who need physical assistance, such as the elderly.
  • There have been some relatively consistent consumer remarks about the overall performance and durability of this mattress’s edge support system. These vary depending on a variety of circumstances, but it’s important to notice that if edge support is highly fundamental to your ideal sleep, then you may want to try another mattress option.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Spindle mattress brand?



  • The Spindle mattress is a wonderful option if your primary concern is focused on making an environmentally conscious purchase. Nearly every aspect of the mattress involves eco-friendly textiles or manufacturing.
  • The latex foam used in this mattress has a really appealing response level if you’re a side sleeper or are looking for a mattress that is more reactive than memory foam models.
  • This mattress is also pretty efficient at motion isolation and noise diffusion. Most restless or more sensitive people under 220lbs should be able to achieve a full rest with little to no disturbance caused by their own or other’s movements
  • The Comfort Life customer care policy is a really attractive part of what they offer to customers. It’s already appealing to get an industry-standard 10-year warranty, so to top that with a 25-year mattress care service makes their deal so much sweeter. Thanks very much for going over our Spindle mattress review, we hope this leaves you informed and ready to rest.


Is Spindle an organic mattress?

Yes. The Spindle is nearly 100 percent organically sourced and manufactured using very eco-friendly textiles and building methods.

Is spindle worth the money?

We believe if the mattress suits your sleeping requirements, and you are a solo sleeper, you should find your mattress is worth the price tag.

Where can I buy the Spindle mattress?

Spindle mattresses can be purchased through their online web store with most major credit cards.

How much does the Spindle mattress cost?

Spindle mattresses retail from $1,199 (Twin) to $2,999 (King).

Is Spindle mattress good for side sleepers?

The Spindle mattress definitely suits the profile of most side sleepers under the 250lbs weight mark.