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Best Mattress for a 400 lbs Person
Best Mattress for a 400 lbs Person

Best Mattress for a 400 Pound Person and Heavier

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Choosing the wrong mattress can lead to interrupted sleep, pain, and health complaints. If you are 400 pounds or heavier, you need to be extra careful in selecting a bed that provides the right amount of support to give you the quality of sleep you need. In this weight category, you should also be on the lookout for mattresses made with long-term durability in mind – preferably incorporating robust coils and materials. Here are our top recommendations.

The best mattress for a 400 pound person and heavier

  • Editor’s Pick – WinkBed Plus
  • Best Cooling Mattress for 400 Pound Person and Heavier – GhostBed Luxe
  • Best Luxury Mattress for 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Saatva HD
  • Best Natural Mattress for 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Avocado
  • Mattress with the Most Accommodating Feel for 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Helix Plus
  • Best Health Boosting Mattress for 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Bear Hybrid

Quick overview

Editor’s Pick

  • Its Euro top makes it amazingly pressure relieving and comfortable
  • It isn’t expensive for its quality
  • Zoned construction gives optimal support
  • It is a top performer for durability
  • It’s moisture wicking and cooling
  • 120-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty, 50% off lifetime replacement warranty

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$200 Off – Code: SLEEP200

Best Cooling Foam

  • It features cooling gel and other cooling features
  • It’s one of the better memory foam options for high weight categories
  • It offers pressure relief and softness, which is great for heavy side sleepers
  • 101-night sleep trial, 25-year warranty

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25% Off

Best Luxury

  • Delivery, setup, and old mattress removal are all dealt with
  • Zoned support is targeted to the needs of your body
  • It offers impressive pressure relief
  • It is extremely durable
  • 180-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty

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$200 Off

Best Natural

  • It’s affordably priced for a natural mattress
  • It’s certified organic and sustainable
  • It offers zoned support
  • Latex has natural health benefits
  • One-year sleep trial, 25-year warranty

Most Accommodating Feel

  • It is a top performer for durability
  • There is little to dislike in terms of feel
  • It promotes airflow and breathability
  • You get great value for your dollars
  • 100-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

Best Health Boosting

  • Its Celliant cover has health benefits like enhanced recuperation and circulation
  • You get great value for the price
  • Cooling gel foam stops most people heating up at night
  • It is robust enough to offer support to high weight categories – and is pressure relieving at the same time
  • 100-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty

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Best mattress for a 400 pound person and heavier reviewed

1. Editor’s Pick – Winkbeds

Who is the Winkbeds good for:
  • Heavyweight individuals and couples
  • Anyone who loves a bargain
  • Shoppers looking for long-term durability
  • All sleep positions
  • Sleepers with concerns around cooling
In the 400+ pounds weight category, your greatest challenge is to strike a balance between invaluable support and soothing pressure relief. The WinkBed Plus has got more than enough of both – and has been made with high weight categories in mind, so there is no sacrifice of comfort in looking for support. This comes down to the combination of heavy-duty coils, poly foam and latex foam layers. If you weigh 400 lbs or more, across all sleep positions, the WinkBed Plus is everything that matters in a mattress for plus-size people. It also has a breathable, wicking Tencal cover so there’s no need to worry about feeling clammy during the night. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.
  • Extra durability and generous company policies
  • Lifetime 50% replacement option, so you can love it long into the future
  • It has soothing properties
  • It is reasonably priced for its quality
  • It has an accommodating feel
  • It is not easy to move
  • It is not a budget tier bed


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2. Best Cooling Foam Mattress for 400 Pound Person and Heavier – GhostBed

Who is the GhostBed good for:
  • Heavy side sleepers
  • Anyone who benefits from pressure relief
  • If you’re shopping for affordability
  • Anyone worried about sleeping hot
  • Heavy sleepers who insist on memory foam over a hybrid
We don’t usually recommend all-foam mattresses for people with larger physiques, but the GhostBed Luxe is an undeniably cool contender for heavy sleepers who sleep hot. It has a range of features for cooling, including cooling gel foam and cooling fiber, as well as well-ventilated material make-up to promote airflow. Many heavy sleepers suffer with sleep temperature – and that’s why an active cooling mattress is a great prospect for this category of sleepers. It’s not the firmest mattress on the market, which means it is better placed for side sleepers, who find it pressure relieving and comfortable in this position. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and  Cal King.
  • It’s accommodating for couples with different body types and sleep preferences
  • It’s easy to move around on this mattress
  • It’s got a great price tag for the quality
  • It is actively cooling
  • It’s not going to be adequately supportive for some sleepers


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3. Best Luxury Mattress for a 400 Pound Sleeper or Heavier – Saatva

Who is the Saatva good for:
  • People in high weight brackets
  • Shoppers with luxury budgets
  • Anyone shopping for a long-term bed
  • Sleepers who want a balance of support and pressure relief
  • Anyone who wants white glove delivery as part of the deal
The Saatva HD is one of our best beds for heavy people and it is well within the needs of people who weigh in at 400 pounds and more. It is a luxury mattress without any question, but it is remarkably robust at the same time. These mattress giants claim that their coils last 25% longer than similar materials on the market and this means it is sufficiently supportive for even very heavy people. It also incorporates a latex layer, which is naturally pressure relieving and easy on the shoulders and hips. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Support is ergonomically zoned
  • Its edge support is reinforced for full surface area stability
  • It is accommodating for different sleep preferences
  • It is temperature neutral for most sleepers
  • There’s no fuss around delivery, setup, and old mattress removal
  • It’s going to be out of the reach of some shoppers price-wise
  • Returns attract a fee if you decide you don’t like it


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4. Best Natural Mattress for a 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Avocado

Who is the Avocado good for:
  • Eco-conscious shoppers
  • All shapes and sizes
  • Anyone who benefits from hypoallergenic materials
  • All sleep positions
  • Sleepers who like a mattress with a responsive feel
There’s such a focus on going green in our lives – and the mattress we choose to sleep on is no different. Avocado combines natural, organic materials with a support core of durable coils to be soothing on touchpoints and supportive at the same time. The coils are also ergonomically placed for targeted support around the body. In addition to the organic latex comfort layer, organic cotton and wool assist in wicking and breathability. Together with the natural open framework of the coils, the Avocado achieves easy airflow for a comfortable, cool night’s sleep. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Materials have independent certifications around ethics and production
  • They offer vegan options for truly green shoppers
  • Zoned construction offers targeted support
  • You can add an optional pillowtop for extra plushness and comfort
  • It’s easy to move around the surface of this bed
  • It’s not going to be friendly on the pocket for budget shoppers


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5. Mattress with the Most Accommodating Feel for a 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Helix Sleep

Who is the Helix Sleep good for:
  • Shoppers who want a top-tier bed even if they don’t have a top-tier budget
  • Anyone worried about edge-to-edge support
  • Shoppers looking for a long-term mattress
  • Anyone who values breathability
  • All sleep positions
If you are worried about the rigmarole of ordering a mattress online only to return it because you don’t like it, a bed with an accommodating feel mitigates risk of returns and is a good fit for a cross-section of different sleepers. The Helix Plus is one such bed and is a fantastic choice for people who weigh over 400 lbs. This is because of its taller coils and high-density foams, which are pressure relieving, supportive, and long-lasting. What’s more, it has reinforced edge support so you get stability and support right up to the edges. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It’s going to meet with approval across different sleep preferences
  • It offers great value
  • The Helix sleep quiz is a fun way to select the best bed for you
  • Edge support is really solid
  • Helix Plus is breathable to keep you at a comfortable temperature
  • It’s not a cheap mattress if you are shopping on a strict budget


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6. Best Health Boosting Mattress for a 400 Pound Person and Heavier – Bear

Who is the Bear good for:
  • Anyone who wants a bed which promotes wellness
  • All shapes and sizes
  • All sleeping positions
  • Value shoppers
  • If you like to support companies who do good
Most people who weigh 400 pounds or more have to give special thought to their health – and rest is crucial to overall wellness. The Bear Hybrid is a bed loved by athletes for its recuperative benefits – but the power of Celliant has advantages which extend equally to heavyweight sleepers too. Celliant converts body heat into infrared energy, which is good for you on a cellular level – improving quality of sleep, recuperation, and circulation. This FDA-approved textile is being seen more and more in the world of sleep – and is but one element that goes into making the Bear Hybrid such a fantastic bed. Its cooling properties are another feature which matter to heavier sleepers. The Celliant cover and breathability of materials keep most sleepers comfortable all night long. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.
  • Durable
  • You get great value for the price
  • Outstanding performance for motion isolation
  • It’s easy to move around on this bed
  • Certifications around eco-friendliness and chemical usage
  • The Celliant cover isn’t machine washable


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Mattress buying guide for 400 pound people and heavier

A good night’s sleep can be hard to find in high weight categories. There is both the challenge of long-term suitability of mattresses to consider, but the additional worry of aches and pains through lack of support and nightly sweats and temperature discomfort to consider too. The following are some mattress buying quick tips for people who weigh 400 pounds or more.

Support for 400 pound people and heavier

If you weigh more than 400 pounds, the danger in selecting any old bed is that it’s going to have a totally different feel once it arrives in your home from what you read on the internet. If you buy a bed manufactured for people in average weight categories, you can expect your experience to be quite different to what it says on these brands’ websites. The heavier you are, the softer a mattress feels to you. This means firmness is the order of the day to get the kind of support you need.

Construction of mattresses for heavy people

We don’t recommend all-foam and all-latex mattresses for heavyweight sleepers. Many heavy people sink straight through the comfort layers to the support layer – and this isn’t very comfortable. Our advice on buying a mattress if you are 400 pounds or over is twofold. Firstly, buy a mattress specifically made for heavy people. More and more brands are making mattresses for heavy weight categories (and they are simply awesome beds!). Secondly, get a bed with coils or springs. Plus-size beds usually feature tall or heavy-duty coils to give you the right kind of support.

Cooling mattresses for 400 pound people and heavier

Heavy sleepers often complain that they sleep hot. Materials like memory foam have the potential to trap heat and, in beds without adequate airflow, this then causes that muggy, clammy feeling. Keep an eye out for beds with cooling properties. While many mattress companies say their beds sleep cool, features like gel memory foam, graphite-infused foams, and cooling covers do wonders for regulating sleep temperature. Open-cell foams and latex layers also keep air moving through comfort layers, which helps with cooling.

The thicker the better

If you weigh 400 pounds or more, we recommend looking at a bed which is at least 12 to 14 inches thick. This usually means greater-density comfort layers to keep your body snug and comfortable, leaving the support layers to do their job in the background. As mentioned above, you don’t want to ‘bottom out’ to the support layers – and the chances of this are significantly higher on thinner mattresses.

Warranty worries

Most online mattress brands offer great warranties on their beds – anything from 15 to 25 years. Others go the extra mile, providing lifetime warranties. The heavier you are, the more you should give thought to the long-term durability of your bed, with recourse for unreasonable wear and tear. Familiarize yourself with the warranty policies of any mattress you choose to buy before adding it to your basket and find out all you can about things like replacement policies to ensure you get a deal you’re happy with.