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Ecosa Mattress
Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa Mattress Review​

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Review by Kieron
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Today we’re going to review the Ecosa 3 in 1 adjustable mattress. There aren’t many adjustable mattresses available today, so I figured we’d take a look at one of the more popular ones on the market. In this Ecosa mattress review, we will investigate some of the design and construction concepts that go into manufacturing the Ecosa mattress. We’re also going to evaluate the mattress’s firmness and feel and help you understand which types of sleeper best fits the Ecosa mattress. Find out more about the Ecosa mattresses in the review below.

Who is the Ecosa mattress for? 

  • Sleepers who enjoy the feel of a memory foam mattress – Memory foam is possibly the most used component in mattress construction. It has a slow response time to body weight and makes the user feel like they sink into the mattress. The Ecosa is a very good representation of this type of mattress feel.
  • Anyone who wants an adjustable mattress – These types of mattresses are relatively uncommon, but there are some who enjoy its modular nature. The adjustments only affect the overall firmness levels and comfort levels.
  • Back and stomach sleepers – These mattresses are available in three firmness options, but we feel as though every firmness option caters consistently well to most people who sleep primarily on their backs or stomachs.
  • Anyone who wants/prefers a removable cover – Removable covers are great for keeping the bed surface feeling clean and fresh. Ecosa also offers customers a waterproof cover as an optional extra to help with moisture retention or any unexpected spills.
  • Anyone who needs strong-motion isolation – This mattress’s layering system is very efficient at diffusing any ripple effect caused by sleepers who may be restless or simply changing positions during sleep. Memory foam creates zero noise, and this mattress is exceptionally quiet.

Who won’t love the Ecosa mattress? 

  • Overly warm sleepers – Even though the Ecosa incorporates some cooling elements into its layering system, it only really compensates for the mattress’s potential to retain excess heat or moisture. Sleepers who tend to warm up may find this mattress a bit stuffy.
  • Anyone who is looking for a mattress with bounce – This mattress does not have any innerspring in its support core, nor does it have any foams that have any sort of tensility to them. This leaves the overall pressure response very stunted, and anyone who is looking for a mattress with a bit of bounce will have to find it in another mattress.

Ecosa company policy  

15 Year Warranty

100 Nights Trial

Free Shipping


Made in

Shipping:  The Ecosa mattress comes delivered to your door compressed in a box – at no extra cost to you – via ground courier.

Old mattress removal:  Ecosa do not offer any old mattress removal as part of their delivery package. If you’re looking to retire your old mattress, try utilizing a local city collection service or donation program.

Payment accepted, financing:  You can purchase an Ecosa mattress using most major credit cards via their online webs store. There are no financing options available for their products.

Returns and refund:  Should you wish to return your Ecosa mattress during your sleep trial you may do so for free and they will arrange a full refund.

Sleep trial period:  Every Ecosa mattress comes with a lengthy 100-night sleep trial. This is more than enough time for you to decide whether the mattress is right for you or not.

Warranties:  Ecosa mattresses have a 15-year warranty. This is slightly higher than the usual industry standard.

Packaging and unpacking:  Ecosa mattresses are delivered to your door rolled up and compressed in a box. It should be fairly easy to unbox and unravel your mattress, which will ten take around a day to fully expand. Installation should only require one or two people.

Smell (off-gassing), harmful chemicals:  Ecosa mattresses are CERTI-PUR certified, meaning they’re made using non-toxic chemicals and without any heavy metals or leads. Some users have remarked about minor off-gassing after unboxing.

Where are the mattresses made?  Ecosa mattresses are manufactured in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

Ecosa measurements and pricing

  • Ecosa
Ecosa Mattress
39″ × 75″
39″ × 80″
54″ × 75″
60″ × 80″
76″ × 80″
72″ × 84″

Ecosa mattress performance

The Ecosa mattress is one of Australia’s top-selling mattress-in-a-box models. Its main appeal is the adjustable layering system that allows its users to experiment with 3 firmness options by simply rearranging the order of each respective layer in its design. The overall feel of the mattress never shifts from the traditional sensations that memory foam creates. Most users between the body weights of 150-220lbs will slowly sink into the surface of this mattress, as opposed to laying on top of the surface area from textiles such as latex foam. There are a healthy number of sleeper types that should enjoy the simple comfort that the Ecosa mattress provides. In our next section, we’ll look at how the Ecosa mattress is designed and constructed.

Construction layers and materials used

The design concept behind the Ecosa mattress is not an especially common one. It combines the usage of traditional mattress foams with a modern layering approach. Each layer is made up of varying densities of foam and these can differ in running order depending on the firmness preferences. This layering system is cocooned with two covers, one of which is machine washable so users can keep their mattress surface fresh and clean. Below we’ll do a break down of each layer in the Ecosa mattress design. This is modeled on their softest mattress option’s layering configuration.

Layering breakdown

  • Removable Polyester Cover – This cover is made up of light feeling polyester and comes in a white and charcoal grey finish. Ecosa has made this cover removable and it is completely machine washable. This is very beneficial to users who may be prone to excessive sweating during their sleep cycles and want to keep their bed feeling clean and fresh.
  • Micro-filament Inner Cover – Underneath the inner cover is a second cover that Ecosa has implemented to help aid moisture and dust retention. The cover is made up of a microfilament type fiber which was conceptualized in Germany and adapted to the design of this bed. This type of material really helps keep sleepers with intense allergies away from any sort of respiratory irritant. In between the two covers is a layer of silica used to keep the mattress fire resistant.
  • Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer – The initial layer in this configuration is made up of traditional memory foam constituents. While this layer consists primarily of memory foam it also has an infusion of gel particles that are geared towards helping the mattress regulate temperature. We could not quite decide just how active these cooling properties are, but we can only assume it does aid overall temperature regulation
  • Eco-Tex Foam Transitional Layer – This layer serves as a transitional layer when the bed is at its softest firmness option. It serves as the comfort layer when the bed is in its Medium configuration, and as the support base when the bed is at its firmest. The foam used in this layer is Ecosa’s version of latex foam and has a bit more bounce and pressure response than the gel memory foam used in the preceding layer.
  • High-Density Poly Foam Support Base – The final layer in the Ecosa mattress is also its thickest and most dense. It is made up of high-density support foam which is meant to be breathable to compensate for any excess heat retention in the body of the mattress. This layer sits at around 6.5 inches thick and makes up the majority of the Ecosamattress’s total height profile. In the mattress’s firmest state this layer will serve as the comfort layer as it is the thickest. Have a look at the table below to help you gain a better understanding of the Ecosa mattress’s layering system. These may be subject to change by the manufacturer over time.
  • Ecosa
  1. Removable Polyester Cover
  2. Microfilament Inner Cover
  3. 1.5’’ Gel-Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  4. 1.5’’ Eco-Tex Transitional Layer
  5. 6.5’’ High-Density Poly Foam Support Layer
Ecosa Mattress Layers

Ecosa mattress firmness 

Ecosa offers its customers a range of 4 firmness options to select from with their mattress. These options are Medium Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm. Each of these options all feels very similar to the next as they only differ in overall density and not in any sort of construction or design facet. We feel as if the softest model sits at around 3-4/10 on our personal firmness scale. This firmness option is best suited to more petite sleeper types under the 150lbs weight mark. On the opposite end of the line, we found the firmest option to feel like a 7/10 on our firmness chart. This option is considerably firmer but does not carry the same structural support that more traditional memory foam builds generally encompass. This firmness option should feel great to you if you’re between 150 and 220lbs and not looking for something that is exceptionally firm or hardy.

We’ve laid out this table below for you to use as a brief guideline to understanding how each Ecosa option scores on our firmness charts. These charts are not definitive stats and should just serve as a basic outline of each mattress’s firmness and feel.


Soft Medium Soft Medium Medium Firm Firm



Sleep position, pressure relief and body type

Because human beings have a wide range of body shapes, size, and sleeping requirements, it is a tall task to construct a mattress that is perfect for everyone simultaneously. Depending on your body mass index and sleeping habits, your mattress will need to deliver some level of pressure response in order for you to obtain a good night’s rest. We’ve highlighted some of the major sleeping types below to show you how we feel the Ecosa mattress performs under different pressure situations.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers require a mattress that will allow their bodies to lay as flat as possible without any sort of hindrance to their resting posture. When sleeping in this position most of the bodyweight is concentrated around the hips and lower back region. Stacked foam layers can be quite efficient at providing a level platform for these bodies to rest comfortably on and this mattress is a good example of that. Light through to mid-weight sleepers up to 250lbs should be able to rest on their back quite easily without any major strain on their lower back on all the firmness settings in this mattress.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers have a slightly more complex pressure relief mapping than that of back or stomach sleepers. Where back/stomach sleepers tend to concentrate their pressure in one specific area, side sleeper’s pressure points are dispersed over different parts of the body. These are generally in the region of the neck, shoulders, side, hips, and knees and pressure varies depending on the contours of the body. The Ecosa does not quite have the greatest contour support or pressure response, but it may be soft enough for heavier side sleepers over 150lbs to enjoy. Anyone under this body weight will find the mattress too dull or rigid for comfortable side sleeping.

Stomach Sleepers

For most stomach sleepers, the ideal mattress has an identical set of specs that back sleepers need for comfortable rest. These sleepers need to be able to keep their body laying as level as possible without having any sinkage around the torso or pelvic area. Any sag in this situation will cause a lot of strain and discomfort in the lower back region. The Ecosa is a pretty good fit for back sleepers, and likewise with stomach sleepers. Thanks to its sturdy layering system, most stomach sleepers up to the weight of about 250lbs should be able to find a good resting position on this mattress for optimum sleep.

Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers have a similar set of sleeping requirements to side sleepers. Their mattress needs to have some essence of pressure relief in order to accommodate for their shifting positions during slumber. Again, this mattress is quite dull under any sort of pressure, which is great for motion isolation but might prove too stiff for the needs of any combination sleeper under the weight of 250lbs. Heavier body types that change position may find comfort in this mattress, but only if their sensitivity to pressure relief is quite low.

Heavy Sleepers

We find that the real issue with modular mattresses is that they can tend to lack some sort of solid support base that the rest of the layering can be arranged on top of. This is the case with the Ecosa mattress as well, and heavier sleepers may find it quite tricky to find the sense of added reinforcement they need to feel properly supported on this mattress. Body weights over 250lbs may cause dips or sags in the mattress, particularly in the case of back and stomach sleepers. However, we do think that some larger side sleepers may find this mattress comfortable if they aren’t looking for something with a bounce or quick pressure response.

Petite Sleepers

Most sleepers under the bodyweight of 150lbs can have a hard time sinking into the surface area of a mattress if it is too rigid. These sleepers need something that is softer to compensate for their lighter frames. At its softest, this mattress may only suit the sleeping needs of back and stomach sleepers under 150lbs. The Ecosa can’t quite accommodate the contours of more delicate body frames, which should make it tricky for smaller side sleepers to find a comfortable resting position.

Ecosa edge support

Regardless of the layering order and configuration, you choose for your Ecosa mattress, the edge support will stay the same. In its firmest setting, the mattress might have around a half-inch less sag than the other options. Edge support is a near crucial factor for couples to consider when buying a mattress, as it determines how much of the entire surface area they can use on the mattress without any discomfort.

This mattress doesn’t have the strongest edge support we’ve come across with these mattress types, but we don’t think it’s a deal-breaker either. There is only a minor roll-off when lying along the side of the mattress, and it supports your weight pretty evenly when sitting on the edge. Heavier sleepers above 250lbs will probably have to find a mattress that has a stronger base in order to find the optimum support they need for reliable edge support.

Perfect for Thickness Edge Support Discount

Ecosa Medium

Back/stomach sleepers up to 250lbs


Get $200 off


Ecosa Medium Firm

Back/stomach sleepers between 150-250lbs


Get $200 off


Ecosa Firm

Back/stomach sleepers between 150-250lbs, side sleepers over 250lbs


Get $200 off 


Ecosa mattress temperature regulation

This is probably where the Ecosa mattress might be the least appealing to consumers. This mattress is constructed using various layers of polyfoam ranging in densities. Memory foam can actually retain excess heat and moisture, especially if it’s used in a design with little to no ventilation. The other layers of poly foam actually aggravate this factor and regardless of the order of layering you choose for your mattress, the lack of airflow will remain constant.

This is problematic for large sleepers or sleepers who tend to warm up quite easily during rest. This will also be a problem if your general sleeping environment is warm and/or humid, and this may actually accelerate the mattress’s depreciation. If you fall into this category it may be best to seek a mattress that has sufficient airflow or active cooling elements.


Cool Medium Cool Medium Medium Warm Warm

Ecosa Medium


Ecosa Medium Firm


Ecosa Firm


Motion isolation and noise

Some people can tend to be quite sensitive sleepers that are woken by even the slightest noise or tremor. Likewise, some couples have partners who may move around a lot or be prone to getting up during the night. In order to accommodate these instances, mattresses should have some element of motion isolation in them.

Fortunately, memory foam is one of the best textiles to use to aid motion isolation, and this mattress does a great job of diffusing any vibrations caused by you or your partner shifting positions or moving during the night. Because there are no springs in this mattress, there is also virtually no noise generated by any motion across any part of the mattress, so light sleepers are much less likely to be woken by any minor disruptions during slumber.

Is Ecosa suitable for couples and sex?

We just covered the Ecosa mattress’s strong motion isolation capabilities. What we didn’t mention above is that this motion may be too dull for certain situations. This is especially prevalent for sexually active couples who want to remain frequently intimate. Because of the nature of this mattress’s slow response characteristics, most couples may find that this mattress is a bit too rigid for optimum sexual performance.

Mattresses require some bounce or elasticity to help support the movements of intimate couples and – if anything – we found the Ecosa to have nearly the opposite effect. However, if you’re part of a couple where this isn’t your primary (or secondary) concern, you may still enjoy the fair edge support and great motion isolation that this bed bids to prospective buying couples.

Durability and longevity

There are some interesting debate points in the area of this mattress’s durability and longevity. There are some that argue that a lot of the mattress’s durability will come down how well the customer sets up and then cares for the layering system in this mattress. There are also some that feel that the lifespan of this mattress will depend on the firmness option you select and utilize during usage, as well as whether or not you change the arrangement of the layering over time.

We can discern any major variables in this area, but we can advise to only buy this bed if your living or sleeping environment or climate is not overly warm or humid. As mentioned before, ventilation is not the Ecosa mattress’s strong suit, and using this mattress in stuffy conditions will only speed up its degradation. If you’re a single sleeper who sleeps in a space with decent airflow, your mattress should last around 5-7 years before you start to notice any major wear and tear.

Bed base 

There are no bed bases on offer through the Ecosa web store portal, so we thought to give a quick run through as to which bases may or may not work best with this mattress. A wooden slatted frame would probably be the ideal candidate for a base for this mattress. The slats would allow for a good balance of support and ventilation. In contrast, we advise keeping this base away from solid foundations or divan bases, as these bed frames don’t allow any sort of airflow in from underneath the mattress.

Box springs are a good option for anyone who is looking to give the overall feeling of this mattress some much-needed bounce. You can opt to use a metal frame for this mattress but think that the Ecosa would have to have a stronger support base to suit this frame type properly.  We’ve laid out a quick table below to show you which bed base fits best with the Ecosa mattress.


Box Spring


Ecosa mattress complaints

  • We’ve noticed a pattern in consumers who are unsatisfied with the temperature regulation properties in this mattress. Because the layering system is made up exclusively of mattress foams, there is not much one can do to remedy this issue. Sleepers who overheat easily will want to find the mattress elsewhere.
  • Some consumers have also complained about some off-gassing that occurs when they unbox their mattress. This should only be minor and we can’t see it as a huge dealbreaker, as this also subsidies after a few hours.

Our final verdict: Do we recommend the Ecosa mattress brand?



  • We really like the overall design of the Ecosa mattress. The modular firmness should be very appealing for sleepers who aren’t sure of what they need in a mattress.
  • While it may not be the most high-quality mattress we’ve encountered, we think it will serve it’s ideal sleeper types very reliably and for quite a healthy lifespan.
  • The Ecosa mattress is also pretty impressive in its motion isolation and noise diffusing capabilities. If this is a major concern for you for sleeping, this mattress should be high up on your shopping list.
  • We also really appreciate the detail that has gone into the covering system of this bed. It has a removable outer cover, a fireproofing barrier, and another microfilament based inner cover to aid moisture retention and allergy relief. Thanks again for reading through this Ecosa mattress review. We hope this helps you find your way to a good night’s rest.


The Ecosa mattress may not be the highest quality product in its price range, but we still feel it’s a good, reliable mattress.

Ecosa mattresses are manufactured using non-toxic chemicals and textiles and without any heavy metals or leads.

Ecosa mattresses are built in the U.S.A

Because the mattress is made using varying densities of foam components, it can be prone to excess heat retention if the circumstances allow for it.

Ecosa does not offer any old mattress removal service with your mattress delivery.

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