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Canadas Best Mattress-in-a-Box
Canadas Best Mattress-in-a-Box

Canada's Best Mattress-in-a-Box

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Review by Claire
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In the past, buying a mattress meant shopping between bricks and mortar stores for the best price, feel, and features for your needs. Gone are the days of awkwardly lying on showroom beds, trailed by a salesman. The bed-in-a-box revolution comes with the ease of online shopping and, with so many resources available, there is little risk attached. Keep reading for our take on the best Canadian mattress in a box – with a range of helpful tips to guide you.

Canada’s best mattress in a Box

  • Editor’s Pick – Silk and Snow Hybrid
  • Best Mattress in a Box for Combination Sleepers – Endy
  • Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box in Canada – Novosbed
  • Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box in Canada – Brunswick
  • Best Soft Mattress in a Box in Canada – Polysleep
  • Best Cooling Mattress in a Box in Canada – Logan and Cove
  • Best Value Mattress in a Box in Canada – Douglas
  • Most Accommodating Mattress in a Box in Canada – Recore

Quick overview

Editor’s Pick

  • It has zoned spinal support built into its construction
  • It has an antimicrobial cover
  • Foams are CertiPUR-US certified – and this is a company who prides itself on transparency around the source of its mattress materials
  • It is suitable for sleepers of all sizes
  • 100-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

Best for Combination Sleepers

  • It is a bestselling online mattress brand in Canada
  • It hits the sweet spot for comfort, accommodating most sleepers
  • It has the pressure-relieving, contouring features of foam
  • It features some cooling properties
  • Endy does good through their social and environmental policies
  • 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty

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Best Memory Foam

  • It comes in three different firmness levels
  • It comes with the option of an adjustable comfort kit to fine-tune comfort
  • Novosbed values environmental policies
  • It’s easy to clean
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

Best Hybrid

  • It has excellent features for support
  • It is a match for all body types
  • It has cooling features to keep most sleepers at a comfortable sleep temperature
  • It has a luxurious Euro-top for plushness
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

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Free Mattress Protector

Best Soft

  • If you’re a side sleeper, it’s a fantastic option
  • It is affordably priced
  • It is made with antimicrobial foam
  • It’s a top choice for couples
  • 100-night sleep trial, 5-year warranty

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Best Cooling

  • It is affordably priced, with some great luxury features
  • You get a choice between two firmness levels
  • It is a super choice for anyone who sleeps hot
  • It has zoned back support as part of its construction
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

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Free mattress protector

Best Value

  • It ticks boxes around sustainability
  • It is an excellent bed for side sleepers
  • It has some active cooling properties
  • It is accommodating for most sleepers
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

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Free mattress cover

Most Accommodating

  • It’s made from responsive latex foam
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It’s a great mattress for couples
  • They have impressive environmental policies
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty

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Canada’s best mattress in a box reviewed

1. Editor’s Pick – Silk & Snow

Who is the Silk & Snow good for:
  • Couples sharing a smaller-sized bed
  • People of all shapes and sizes
  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Anyone who suffers with allergies
  • Sleepers looking for good lumbar support
The Silk and Snow Hybrid is made in Canada from locally-sourced materials and fabrics. This hybrid mattress combines contouring, certified memory foam with individually-encased coils – and the result is a supportive mattress for back and stomach sleepers. In addition, its hybrid construction makes it a good choice for sleepers of all sizes and, across all body types, is impressively durable. An added attraction for back sleepers is the zoned layout of the coils, designed to offer support around the needs of the body to keep you comfortable. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It has reinforced edge support for a secure feeling across the whole surface of the bed
  • It has zoned spinal support as part of the design of its coil layer
  • It offers good durability
  • It has an antimicrobial cover
  • It may be too firm for petite side sleepers or anyone with needs around pressure relief when sleeping on their sides


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2. Best Mattress in a Box in Canada for Combination Sleepers – Endy

Who is the Endy good for:
  • People of petite and average-sized stature
  • All sleep positions – and combination sleepers
  • Anyone looking for an affordably priced all-foam mattress
  • Ethical shoppers
  • Patriotic Canadian shoppers
200 000 Canadians can’t be wrong. The all-Canadian Endy is exceptionally popular amongst shoppers – sold exclusively in Canada. At a medium firmness, this mattress is really accommodating – a factor that’s highly attractive for combination sleepers or couples with different sleep preferences. It’s also affordably priced so, whether you are just starting out or just want a great bed on a budget, Endy delivers. Foam fans get all the best of foam, with a margin of responsiveness that most people appreciate when changing sleep position. Whether on your back, stomach, or side, the Endy achieves a great standard of spinal alignment and comfort to cater to most sleep types. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It is an excellent value buy
  • It’s got all the best features of foam – superb pressure relief and contouring
  • Its cooling features keep most sleepers at a comfortable temperature
  • Its open-cell foam is a tad more responsive than traditional foam, making it easy to change sleep and sex position
  • You’re helping Endy do good with every purchase
  • It’s not our top choice for heavy individuals
  • Anyone who wants a soft bed might find it errs a little on the firm side


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3. Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box in Canada – Novosbed

Who is the Novosbed good for:
  • Memory foam fans
  • People of petite and average stature
  • All sleep positions
  • Light sleepers
  • Shoppers who like options
The firmness of the bed you choose should be defined around your sleep preferences. The Novosbed mattress gives you three firmness options to choose from, which helps to get you closer to the ideal bed. Spanning from around medium-soft to medium-firm on the firmness spectrum, most people will find a match between the options. After the first 30 to 60 days, you also get the chance to add the Comfort+ topper – an extra layer to work towards the right feel. With options for all sleep preferences, this could be the best memory foam bed in a box, Canada. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • You get three firmness levels to choose from
  • You get the option of the Comfort+ topper within your trial period to ensure the most comfortable bed
  • It has a removable, easy-to-clean cover
  • It is ultra contouring and pressure-relieving
  • It isn’t the best option for heavier people
  • It has that slow, sinking foam feeling, which foam-lovers enjoy but some people find restricting for sex and switching sleep positions


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4. Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box in Canada – Brunswick

Who is the Brunswick good for:
  • All body types
  • Mattress shoppers looking for support
  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Anyone looking for cooling features
  • Couples
Proudly Canadian, the Brunswick mattress tops our mattress in a box reviews when it comes to hybrid construction. Hybrid mattresses are our first choice to cater for all body types – big and small. The Brunswick is one of our favorites for offering outstanding support and spinal alignment, balanced with great comfort features. The Euro-top has three foam layers for pressure relief, with one layer featuring gel-infused foam with cooling properties. It’s topped with a durable, natural hemp layer, which adds to the overall breathability of the bed. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It is accommodating across a broad range of sleepers
  • It is an excellent choice for support
  • The Euro-top gives the mattress a touch of softness and pressure relieving properties
  • It is breathable by construction, with cooling gel foams for temperature regulation
  • It is responsive for ease of motion
  • It is a little firm for some petite sleepers or anyone looking for a soft bed


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5. Best Soft Mattress in a Box in Canada – Polysleep

Who is the Polysleep good for:
  • Couples
  • Petite and average sized people
  • Side sleepers
  • Anyone shopping on a budget
  • Memory foam fans
If you’re a side sleeper, a soft bed is a great choice to ensure pressure points on your body are cradled to avoid pain in the long term. The Polysleep mattress is on the softer side of medium on the firmness scale – and a top performer for side sleepers, with all the benefits of memory foam to keep you comfortable night after night. At an entry level price, you can’t really go wrong if you are a side sleeper shopping on a budget. Its antimicrobial foam is a real perk for anyone who suffers with allergies – and the machine-washable cover is a less common feature which makes a lot of sense too. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • It is made using antimicrobial foam
  • It offers very good edge support for stability (and for couples sharing smaller-sized beds)
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is excellent for pressure relief and contouring
  • It effectively deadens motion for light sleepers
  • It does not offer adequate support for many back and stomach sleepers – and people in heavy weight categories
  • Its sinking foam feeling doesn’t make movement on the bed very easy for anyone who likes a responsive bed


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6. Best Cooling Bed in a Box in Canada – Logan & Cove

Who is the Logan & Cove good for:
  • All body types
  • Value shoppers who appreciate a luxury touch
  • Sustainability-driven shoppers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Anyone who needs or wants specialized back support
If you sleep hot at night, your choice of mattress is the first place to look for relief. Logan and Cove has a range of active cooling features which make a difference to hot sleepers. From the top, the Tencal and silk cover effectively conducts heat away from the body, with cooling foams to carry on this process. Hybrid mattresses also tend to be better for cooling because of the easy ventilation around the bed – and the materials work together on this front. At an affordable price point, it also has some luxury features sleepers will love. Its pillowtop is soft and pressure relieving – and is made from sustainable, natural materials – for instant comfort the moment you lie down. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.
  • Its combination of cooling features really perform to make a difference around temperature regulation
  • Its pillowtop adds undeniable comfort and luxury
  • It is a great value buy
  • Its responsiveness makes it a great choice for combination sleepers or couples for sex
  • The choice of two firmness options makes it easier to find a match for your sleep preferences
  • We detected some motion transfer. Most sleepers shouldn’t be disturbed, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you are a light sleeper


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7. Best Value Mattress in a Box in Canada – Douglas

Who is the Douglas good for:
  • Eco-shoppers
  • Side sleepers – and all sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Memory foam fans
  • Petite and average-sized people
If you are a memory foam fan, the Douglas Mattress is one of our top choices for value. It’s also going to get the nod from a broad spectrum of sleepers. Its medium firmness works for most sleep preferences but, if you are a side sleeper, you can look forward to extra pressure relief and a margin of extra softness. You also get the benefits of memory foam without the trade-off of heating up. Its cooling features will help to regulate temperature, keeping most sleepers comfortable all night long. Environmental considerations seem to come at a cost, but not with the Douglas. Thye use sustainably sourced and some biodegradable materials and use renewable resources in the manufacture of their beds. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King
  • The cooling features will keep most people at a comfortable temperature
  • Douglas has some very attractive environmental and sustainable policies
  • The foam works to deaden motion
  • It is accommodating across all sleep preferences
  • Side sleepers will appreciate the high levels of pressure relief and contouring
  • The all-foam construction of this bed is not ideal for heavy sleepers
  • Back and stomach sleepers – or anyone looking for extra firmness or support – may find the Douglas too soft


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8. Most Accommodating Mattress in a Box in Canada – Recore

Who is the Recore good for:
  • Couples – even those with different sleep needs
  • Combination sleepers and all sleep preferences
  • Petite and average sized people
  • Anyone worried about sleeping hot
The Recore Mattress is an affordably priced mixed foam mattress, which is relatively low-risk when it comes to feel. Whether you are a foam fan or not, the responsiveness of the latex foam layer gives this bed a bit of bounce, which doesn’t go amiss with most people. That said, it still offers the great contouring and pressure relieving features of memory foam. Recore markets their mattress as providing recovery properties for athletes – something these foam benefits help with. Throughout the Recore Mattress are features for cooling, which is a big plus for anyone worried about overheating on foam. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, and Cal King, as well as adjustable options available.
  • It has an easy-to-clean, silver-infused, antimicrobial cover
  • It is easy to move around on this bed for shifting sleep and sex position
  • It has active cooling features
  • It isolates motion well, which is important for light sleepers
  • It offers great value
  • Anyone who wants a truly soft or firm mattress may find it too middle-of-the-road
  • It’s not the best choice for heavier sleepers


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Mattress-in-a-box buying guide for Canada

Every few years, the chance to update your mattress comes around. There’s usually a lot on the line here. Sleep quality has a bearing on health, mental acuity, and – for many of us – happiness, so it is worth taking the time to make the best choice. If you live in Canada and you’re shopping for an onlined bed-in-a-box mattress for the first time, read our guide for a few general rules to fine-tune your mattress selection. With so many American brands available, our guide will include some thinking points for Canadian shoppers for an enhanced shopping experience.

What to look for before buying a mattress

A lot of different considerations go into buying a mattress. Many shoppers look primarily at the following points:


Many mattress buyers shop by construction. Whether you opt for all-foam, hybrid, or natural mattresses, mattress materials are usually the first port of call when it comes to narrowing down the options.


Naturally, budget will have a bearing on your ultimate choice. There are some quite high-priced and luxury options out there, but the good news is that bed-in-a-box mattresses usually have the advantage of being well-priced for quality.

Company policies

It is not unusual for shoppers to worry about things like returns and warranties. There is always a risk to buying a mattress and it takes a bit of time to adjust to any new mattress – whether you’ve bought it online or tried-and-tested from a showroom. Many shoppers watch out for sleep trial periods, returns policies, and warranties to ensure they are protected if things go wrong.

Features to match preferences

This is where it gets a little more buyer specific. If you have special needs around cooling or support, for instance, you need to refine your search to beds which offer features to meet your needs. Keep reading for more on the general rules around matching mattresses to sleep preference.

What should couples think about when buying a bed-in-a-box?


If you are sharing a bed with another person, size always matters. This ultimately comes down to your unique sleep needs but, generally speaking, bigger beds give individuals more space to sleep in comfort.

Edge support

This is important for stability when getting in and out of bed or sitting on the side. Ideally, mattresses shouldn’t sag too much or bottom out when you’re on the edge, giving you a feeling of security. If you are a couple, the used surface area of your mattress becomes more important – especially if you are sharing beds of smaller models.


Again, what makes a bed good for sex usually comes down to preference. For the most part, however, couples like responsive mattresses for the ease of shifting position.

Motion isolation

The water bed feel isn’t for everyone. If you are a light sleeper or if you have been disturbed by motion transfer from your partner in the past, look for a mattress which performs well at motion isolation.


Similarly, read up about noise. Many beds in boxes are almost completely silent, with some hybrid models very normally developing a squeak here and there as time goes by, but consumer reports provide useful insights here.


If you and your partner have divergent sleep preferences, it may be more difficult to strike a compromise on the feel and firmness of the mattress you need. Some companies offer split options, which is the gold standard. If this isn’t an option for you, look for a mattress with a more accommodating feel and firmness to find a happy medium.

Which mattress is best for heavy people?

Many online mattress brands market their mattresses to petite and average sized people. If you are big and tall, this is worth keeping in mind. While some mattresses on the market are specifically made for heavy people, many mattresses will feel softer than it may say on the box.

The most important factors for heavy people are support and durability. All-foam mattresses aren’t our top choice for heavy people because they fall short on support for ongoing support – especially as they soften over time. Hybrid mattresses tend to be the best choice, with coils providing extra support and durability for long-term comfort.

The advantage of shopping for Canadian mattress-in-a-box brands

All the brands in this online mattress-in-a-box review are Canadian. Indeed, there are some exclusively Canadian brands out there, which offer superb value and advantages for shoppers.

The first big benefit is free shipping. Most territories attract free shipping while, conversely, if you opt for American brands, you can expect to pay for shipping (and, while many brands include customs duties in their fees, there may be an additional customs charge to watch out for). There are also environmental considerations around cross-border transport and so it is worth giving some thought to the distance your mattress needs to travel to reach your door. Shopping locally also simplifies things when it comes to returns and warranty claims.

Matching bed to sleep preference

Side sleepers

The softer the better is the general rule for side sleepers. Most people sleep on their sides and the reason for the rule around softness is the conforming and contouring that happens around hips and shoulders to keep them pain-free. That said, this pressure relief needs to take place with correct spine alignment in mind, which makes the move towards more medium varieties good practice.

Back and stomach sleepers

Support is the order of the day for back and stomach sleepers. Firmer mattresses often provide better support here, keeping the hips and trunk from sinking into the mattress and so keeping you in good alignment. If you suffer with pain, keep an eye out for beds with any additional chiropractic and ergonomic features, like zoned support, for a little extra help in this regard.

Combination sleepers

If you move between positions at night, you need to strike a balance between your needs. Identify whether you have a predominant sleep position which would make something softer or firmer more important. The ease of switching position is also going to be important – and more responsive foams and, in general, hybrid mattresses work better for simplicity of motion.