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Mattress Sizes

A Guide to Mattress Sizes and Dimensions in USA

Choosing the perfect bed is a slightly more complex process than you would think. Once you’ve found the right firmness, feel, and mattress type the final (and possibly most vital) step is to pick your mattress size. In this short guide, we’ll cover and compare the basic sizes and dimensions of commercial mattresses to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Mattress Sizes
Size in Inches Size in cms

Crib Size Bed

27 x 52
68.5 x 132

Twin Size Bed

38 x 75
96.5 x 190.5

Twin XL Size Bed

38 x 80
96.5 x 203

Full Size Bed

54 x 75
137 x 190.5

Queen Size Bed

60 x 80
152 x 203

King Size Bed

76 x 80
193 x 203

California King Size Bed

72 x 84
182 x 213

Which mattress/bed size is best for me?

When selecting your mattress size, there are some handy factors to take into consideration. The first and most obvious is the number of sleepers in the bed. Perhaps you are part of a couple or have a child that likes to spend some nights in your bed. You may have a dog or small pet that may need just an extra inch or two so you both can sleep comfortably. You’ll also want to consider your room size in conjunction with your mattress preference. It can be nice to spread out on a California King, but not if it takes up the entire room. Also if you are buying for a teen or someone younger, you’ll want to try and estimate their growth rate versus the mattress’s lifespan.

Crib Mattress Size

Crib size mattress dimensions

The crib size is the smallest of the mattress sizes. It’s designed to accommodate a child from birth size through to its toddler years. This will vary between children depending on their growth rate. These are usually quite light and come in at 27 x 52. These mattress models should ideally use textiles that are easier to clean as children tend to mess more frequently than adults. If your child is already growing into their toddler years (let’s say 2-3 years old) it might be wise to consider buying one size bigger so that the child doesn’t outgrow their mattress.

Twin Mattress Size

Twin size mattress dimensions

At around 39 x 75, this mattress is the average size that most children will use through most of their early schooling life. It should comfortably sleep a single child up to their teenage years. although some teens may need a few extra inches in height to allow for any growth spurts in early adolescence.  This size will also comfortably suit a small to medium height adult.

Twin XL Mattress Size

Twin XL size mattress dimensions

The only difference between a twin and a Twin XL is 5 inches in its length profile. While this may seem like a somewhat redundant concept, the extra bit of length comes in handy to a variety of needs that the regular twin can’t. It’s definitely the ideal size for taller adults and if your child is going into their college years, they will definitely appreciate the upgrade in size. This size will also be great if your child has a small pet that sleeps at the foot of the bed.

Full Mattress Size

Full size mattress dimensions

This is the standard size for most people that are single, but may need the extra width and height for certain aspects of their rest. They come built at 54 x 75’’. This is a great size if you’re one person that has a small child or animal that sleeps next to you. It’s also ideal if you’re prone to rolling around in your sleep and need the extra space. However, this mattress size is not quite big enough for fully grown adults to use in a couple. The mattress size will not give a sharing couple enough space to comfortably spread out or optimum rest.

Queen Mattress Size

Queen size mattress dimensions

This is the most popular mattress size at 60 x 80. These mattresses are designed for couples to be able to have enough space between each for comfortable sleep. They are still small enough to fit into most conventional modern bedrooms. This makes them a sensible size for most couples or single adults who have a casual sleeping partner. It’s not quite ideal for sharing the bed for any number bigger than a couple. If you’re a couple with children or animals (or both) you’ll want to invest in a King.

King Mattress Size

King size mattress dimensions 

A King size mattress is a wonderful investment for couples who want to want to get a bit more space between each other for sleep. There is enough room for each partner to comfortably roll around. The total surface area in this mattress size is the same as two twin mattresses combined. If you are looking into buying this size or upwards it’s best to ensure that your bedroom has enough space. These can also be really tricky to move or install into tighter living spaces, such as apartment blocks.

California King Mattress Size

California king size mattress dimensions

A common misconception about this mattress size is that it’s the largest of all the mattress sizes. This is only half true. While the California King is greater in length, it’s also actually 4 inches narrower than the King size. Its dimensions are 72’’ x 84’’ This is probably the most practical buy for really tall people as well as couples who have animals sleeping at the foot of the bed. If you’re part of a couple with two very active sleepers it may still be best to invest in a King to make use of the width. Due to the extra length, this mattress is really tricky to move in and out of tight living spaces.

Mattress size comparison

King vs California King

As mentioned above, the major deciding factor between these two is height vs length. If you’re a taller than average person you will definitely want to invest in a California King to accommodate your height. The King is a better option for couples that need some extra room between them or shifting positions or for a baby to share some bed space.

King vs Queen

The Kingsize is what most would consider the entry-level to the more luxury tier of the mattress sizes. Especially if you’re a single sleeper or a couple that isn’t taller or more active during sleep than most. If you’re part of a couple that isn’t very active during sleep, the Queen should be a great size for you. However, if you’re in a couple with a small child or baby who may need to spend the night with you, you will probably need the extra width of the King for optimal sleep.

Full vs Queen

There’s a good reason that the Queen is the more popular selling size in the US. Its dimensions give most couples just the right amount of space to share comfortably. It’s also designed to be moveable among most conventional living spaces. If you’re a single sleeper who wants the same level of space but with a smaller bed, you’ll want to invest in a full-size mattress. The full-size can fit couples who are not overly tall or active during sleep, but it will be a pretty tight fit.

Twin vs Twin XL

The extra few inches of height that come with a Twin XL can make quite a difference if you’re an adult or older teen that needs the extra legroom. The standard Twin is the perfect option for growing children, but if they are in their early teens it may be best to purchase a Twin XL in case they experience any growth spurts. The XL is also the standard mattress size for single sleepers who aren’t overly active and only need space for themselves (with minor space for a child or pet to share).

Twin vs Double

We would advise using the double bed if you are a single sleeper who is either quite active during sleep or shares the bed with a pet, child, or occasional partner.  Sharing the twin with another adult is not an option, as it is primarily designed to host children in their growing phases. The double is also a great option if you want to sleep two children, especially if they are prone to moving around during sleep, or want to share the bed a pet or parent.

Double Bed vs Queen

The main difference to consider between these two sizes is the number of adult sleepers on the bed. Couples will want to invest in the Queen size, as the double will fit both sleepers but not very comfortably. The double bed size is more ideal for the single sleeper looking to get extra room for their own movement or to share with a small child or pet. Both are pretty easy to navigate in tight living spaces. 


What is the size of a double bed mattress?

A double bed mattress’s standard dimensions are 54’’ x 75’’

What is the size of a queen bed?

A queen bed’s dimensions are 60’’ x 80‘’

How much bigger is a king to a queen?

A king mattress is the same length as a queen, but it 16 inches wider. 

Is queen bed bigger than double?

A queen bed is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a double bed mattress. 

Is a double bed big enough for 2?

A double bed is big enough for two adults if they are shorter, and don’t move around a lot during sleep. Even then, it will be a tight fit. 

Is a queen bed too small for a couple?

Quite the opposite. A queen bed is the ideal size for most couples. 


Do two single beds make a queen?

No, two single beds equate to what’s known as split king mattress.